Monday, December 27, 2010

A Life in the Day...or is it the other way around??

Boy, it's been an off day. A good one, just off.

Stayed the night with Emily and Ison, stayed up til midnight gabbing with my prego sister, took FOREVER to fall asleep, and then was woken up 5 1/2 hours later by the cats and an hour or so after that by the sister. Which means the rest of the day was off. Not complaining, I would rather be semi-awake and get to actually see, talk, visit, enjoy my sister in all her pregnant glory than not since I only get to see her off and on for a week before I head back up to Utah. I miss her terribly. Whether she or I thinks so or not, we are each others best friends (minus of course her husband on her end). She and I went through a lot together and we still love each other, so that counts as best friends. :)

We went shopping, ate the wonderfulness that is Dion's, went shopping again, and despite the activity and the food I felt like I was going to fall asleep on my feet. I felt bad, I think it was quite obvious how off I was.

Came home, helped Dad move some very large boards and thought for the umpteenth time how they should've had a boy for Dad's sake, and went and saw Tangled for the third time, this time with my Mommy. It was her first time, and my first time watching it in 3D. It was great, although I really think they could've done a better job with the 3D during the lantern scene. My Mom of course loved it. :)

I begged my Mom to not wake me up in the morning. I hope the parents don't, I need the sleep in a bad way. I want to be all there, not part there when with my family, and sleep is becoming more and more essential as time marches right across my face. BUT I would rather be half-awake and be with my parents than sleep through the whole hopefully I fall asleep right away and wake up after 8 hours and all will be well!

Anyways. Merry 27th of December all. Hope your day was 'on' and not 'off'. :) Much love to you and yours!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm home. It's a good place to be, at least for a short while. It's the only place I can really call 'home'. I am such a transient, that no other place has ever really become a home. Plus, it's hard to call a place 'home' when it's not full of family love. Don't get me wrong, many of my roommates have been wonderful, and I love them dearly, but they aren't my family. One that I can be with forever.

Christmas was very nice this year. Got in Christmas Eve, took a nice long shower in MY bathroom, and we all went down to Old Town,. Nearly took off the head of the guy who claimed my parking spot but I decided to be Christian and let him have it...I ended up getting a better parking spot anyways. :) Had hot cocoa, got Christmas Tamales, and it was warm enough outside to actually sit down on the quad and talk. That was probably the best part.

Went over to Emily and Ison's Christmas day, opened presents, put together a puzzle and had prime rib with mashed potatoes, squash and salad. Ended it all with ice cream. It was a very nice and relaxed day, which is how it should be. We enjoyed visiting with each other and I monopolized Emily's baby bump for a while. I think I even felt the baby move in there, which was a wonderful highlight. We all went to bed a little early since we stayed up half the night.

Got some nice gifts, one of which is a new digital camera which I am very happy about. I am going to buy a case and a small tripod for it so that I can use it well and use it for a while. :)

So grateful that the weather dealt a nice hand for me, and it looks like I will be going back up to Utah in nice weather as well. Looking forward to seeing all my family on my Mom's side this week.

I've been brought near to tears a number of times while here....Sometimes it was because I was happy, sometimes it was because I realized how lonely I am, sometimes I think it was me being retarded and hormonal. :) It's been good though. Recharging my batteries. :)

Hope everyone had a successful and lovely Christmas. It's been a pretty good one so far. :) Much love to all of you!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I will try... make up for the complete lack of posts on here over Christmas, as I will be staying at my parents who actually have wireless internet access at home...unlike me who has yet to get that set up. I keep saying I need to do it, and it just never happens.

What's up? Not much. Been to see Tangled twice (LOVED IT both times). Roommate is deathly ill with bronchitis. Out of money, but what's new in that department?

Just the same old same old.

Love all of you. SO excited to see a number of you soon!!! Best part of the holidays is getting to see my family and friends.  And eats lots of AMAZING food. :) Woot!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Whirlwind of a Weekend

Here below is a brief synopsis of the crazy weekend my roommate and I just experienced:

Thursday: Harry Potter midnight showing...the preshow was great! A guy dressed up as though he came from the house of Slytherin and challenged the audience to a duel. A few people got up, and then one guy in our theater who was dressed as Voldemort stood up and took him on...he did a great job acting it. And a guy dressed as Hagrid got up and sat on the original guy. Pretty hilarious.

The movie was great! I left it hardly believing 2 1/2 hours had passed by and definitely wanting more. Hope the last one is amazing.

Friday: Traveled to California. Pretty uneventful except for a dust storm and rain once we got into California.

Saturday: It was pretty fantastic. :) I love Disneyland. No Becky, I didn't get a caramel apple. I still wouldn't have eaten it. It rained for a good portion of the day, so the lines were amazing! The longest line by 15 minutes was Space Mountain, and it was 35 min. Totally unheard of for Disneyland on a Saturday.

We hit all the rides I wanted to go on, went on Thunder Mountain twice and Splash Mountain three times in a row since there wasn't a line. They did a good job with the update on the Submarine ride, which is now Finding Nemo. Loved the Buzz Lightyear Astro's an interactive ride where you shoot at things and get points for it. :)

I was being really intense while Kaylee was in it for the fun of it. :)

They've updated the Nightmare Before Christmas decorations for the Haunted Mansion, so that was interesting to see...Pirates was good, but I miss the old Pirates...not such a fan of the new stuff they've added for the movies. The movies were based off of the ride, so why should they change the ride??? Gah!

Got a picture with Minnie and Mickey...will upload eventually...

Ate at the Blue Bayou...mmmmm, Monte Cristo's!!!

The fireworks were canceled due to high winds, but Fantasmic was on and it was Fantastic! Went on Splash Mountain three times in a row on the same log because there wasn't a line...the second time we came up and there was Ariel and Prince Eric on their boat about to start performing for Fantasmic...we screamed and they heard us and waved! It was awesome...

So yeah. 9AM-11:30PM...with a 50 minute drive back to Aunt Linda's house.

Sunday: Oh. My. Gosh. Well, the weather was great until just after we passed through St. George. Then the heavens opened and it was snow. Heavy thick snow and it was heading right toward us. That is the most trippy thing to have to stare into for 1 1/2 hours. My eyes are still tired from that. Then of course it was sticking to the road (we had heard it wasn't). Then we were driving on pure ice. We must have passed more than 10 incidents on the side of the road, 3 of them had obviously rolled. I was kinda freaking out.

We get to Beaver and they shut down the freeway....

We hear they are going to reopen the freeway. But I am NOT about to go drive on that again. So we pull into a Best Western and get on a waiting list. There are some cancellations, so everyone but the couple above us on the list get a room. The freeway reopens, and they decide to drive it.

Then an angel of mercy dropped down and a miracle happened.

So by this time, we have been sitting in the lobby of the hotel for at least 1 1/2 hours. I am in shock from driving and seeing all those accidents. Then this guy who had been on the waiting list pops his head in the door and asks if we are still wanting a room. He explains that he and his partner are thinking about trying out the freeway and may give up their room. And hour later, he comes in and hands us the keys. He GAVE us the room. Didn't ask for any money in return. I about dropped to the floor and started crying when he did that. We go in the room, and they turned up the temp to nice and toasty so we could thaw out.

The amazing thing is the lady at the front desk offered to take us to her house if we couldn't get anything. She asked us if we had money...was really taking care of us.

We are too wired from the shock of the drive to fall asleep right away, so we watch a movie and I tossed and turned until about 1:30, 2:00AM. Finally fall asleep, wake up at 7:30, and are on the road by 8:00AM. The roads were by far and away SO much better this morning, but there was still ice on the roads. We passed another roll over accident. But we were able to travel at the speed limit most of the way, thank goodness. I missed work this morning because I was still exhausted and such from the trip overall, but am at work right now.

So hopefully tonight I will get a full night sleep and be totally perky tomorrow.

And there you have my wild adventure. The End.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

And the Craziness Begins...

Harry Potter tonight, California tomorrow, Disneyland the day after...

I wonder when I am going to be too old for this much excitement...

Peace, y'all!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Apologies...

It's been a while. I will blame it on the lack of internet at my house. Yes, I am still without internet. Yes, it sucks. I can check my facebook on my phone, but beyond that most of my internetting consists of using the office computer in the afternoons that is running on Windows 98 (I kid you not) and my few intermittent runs over to Barnes and Noble to rip off of their internet.

So to make up for the fairly certain lack of posts in the near future, let me fill you in on what I will be doing over the next week or two:

  • Harry Potter midnight showing
  • Drive to California
  • Go to Disneyland from 8AM to 12AM (and be deliriously happy)
  • Drive back to Utah
  • Drive to New Mexico
  • Eat lots and lots and lots of food
  • Coo and faun over the ultrasounds of my future niece/nephew (and be deliriously happy)
  • Watch the Iron Bowl (and hopefully be deliriously happy)
  • Shop until I can't stand it anymore
  • Drive back to Utah
Hopefully I will get a camera somewhere in there so I can show y'all the fun times that are sure to be had. :)

The driving parts (and of course the parts in between) will be slightly determined by the weather. If there is snow falling AND it is sticking to the ground, I will not be driving. Nor will I be riding with someone else who is trying to drive in the black ice patched, snowy weather.

Even if I have to stay here in Utah, I will be happy. I have people here to spend the holidays with (cousins and such). It will be fabulously wonderful.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

On Family...

I was on the phone tonight with my Mom when she passed it over to my Dad so she could finish up something. He got on the phone and was in one of his super chipper moods. It was good to hear him talking in such a happy tone. My Mom doesn't really have what I call 'super chipper' moods...she is for the most part pretty mellow in a happy way. Usually. But she was obviously happy as I was talking with her as well. My sister, as I was talking with her the other day, was also in a good mood, despite the morning sickness and first trimester stuff she is dealing with right now. I don't really hold phone conversations with my bro-in-law, but I am sure that he was pretty dang happy too, being back home with Emily and a soon to be Dad.

I am just really grateful right now to be a part of this family. And am super excited that it is soon going to grow. I look forward to meeting my niece/nephew, and I am really excited to spoil him/her rotten...well, not rotten, but enough. But more importantly I look forward to adding my testimony to that of his/her parents and grandparents of the Gospel and of the doctrine that families can be together forever. I look forward to adding to the happy atmosphere he/she will be brought up in within this family.

Wow. I am going to be an aunt...:) Heart is full.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Right or Wrong

Last night I went to Barnes and Noble with my laptop to take advantage of the free wifi they offer. It was the second time I went there to use their internet without purchasing something, whether a book or a hot chocolate from the cafe. I feel kinda guilty as I leave knowing that they didn't make any money off of me that day, I just bummed off their wifi.

As I was sitting there, I heard someone's phone camera going off over and over again. I look around, and there was this lady sitting across with me with one of those 'The Biggest Loser' books in hand, taking picture after picture after picture of quite a few pages in the book. She wasn't making any attempt to hide what she was doing. There were plenty of other people sitting there who could see exactly what she was doing. She kept clicking away.

Did I turn her in? No. I probably should've told someone. But then again, I was stealing their internet...

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010: Nightmare Before Christmas

Have I mentioned how much I love Halloween? I really truly love Halloween. It mostly stems from the chance to try out stage makeup for myself. I think I first became a bit obsessed with stage makeup when we bought a book that was all about the Phantom of the showed a stage by stage process of how they make the Phantom look the way he does. I was mesmerized. Absolutely loved it. 

First, the costume. I was so lucky to find the costume here in Orem. There is a small costume store that makes it's residence in the mall here called Taylor Maid Costumes. There were two problems though. The wig had barely any yarn on it, so you could see the underside of the wig easily, and the back of the dress was a solid panel of pink. I can't believe Disney let them get away with that (this was a licensed costume). So I went to the packed fabric store full of people doing last minute fabric shopping to make costumes, grabbed a bunch of pre-cut quilting squares, and using fabric glue, patched the back. My roommate and I then went to town adding the stitching you see in the movie. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately), I didn't get a picture of my costume from the back:

IF I had had more time both Friday and Saturday, I would've tried my hand at molding wax to my face to make it really look like I was a stitched together rag doll. But the makeup looked pretty awesome, even if I do say so myself. And yes, I put makeup on my legs too, with the stitching. I am still trying to get the eyeliner off the back of my knees...

I was a big hit in Wal-Mart...2 people asked for my picture. I felt like I was a character at Disneyland. :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

I would like to announce...

...that I am going to be an AUNT!!!

I got a picture mail today while at work this evening, and after looking at it for a while wondering what the heck it was, I realized it was a positive pregnancy test.

It was from my sister. :)

I called her immediately. Being at work, and there being a recital going on upstairs and all, I couldn't squeal and scream like I normally would. Don't worry, I did it later on as I was driving away from work.

I think I am going to start shopping for Emily/Ison Jr. tomorrow. :) This baby is being SPOILED.

Super super super excited!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

He Lived Great, and He Died Great

Now that I finally have my laptop back, I wanted to post about a friend of mine. I am admittedly not a great writer, and I will jump around a bit, but I feel like I should say something. I am not sure that I can add much to the many wonderful tributes that have already been written about my friend Mark, but I would like to take some time to add a little light about what a great person Mark Forester was during his time on this Earth for the years that I knew him.

He and I were not especially close friends, but with us both being YSA in Tuscaloosa, Alabama we were thrown together quite often. Between FHE, Institute, Flag Football, Ultimate Frisbee, temple trips, and of course Church itself, we saw a lot of each other, let alone the get togethers that the YSA hosted every once in a while. After being in Alabama for 2 years, I decided to get a part time job and started working at Tuscaloosa Lung and Sleep, a wonderful doctor’s office where Chase (another YSA) and Mark were also working as additional part time staff. Through that, I got to see him nearly every day.

My first impression of Mark was that he was extremely good looking, quite tall and he was obviously a good member of the LDS Church. After a short time, I learned how much he loved three things: God, Alabama Football, and his Mom. Those were the main topics he would talk about when I was privy on the conversation. He loved the Gospel, he raved about Alabama Football, and he never had enough to say about his Mom and her cooking. I had the opportunity once to try out a bit of her cooking, and from that little bit of heaven I would say his compliments were right on target. 

At the office, Jason (the office manager) has a snow globe beside his desk, but instead of snow it has a golf ball and a tee. I can’t tell you how many times I tried to get that darn ball onto that tee. All of us at the office tried at some point. Only two people I knew could actually do it, and do it on the first try at that, and one of them was Mark. One time, after he had been away training for the Air Force, he stopped by the office, picked up that globe, (mind you, this is probably at least a year after he last picked the thing up) and first try he got that golf ball back on that tee.

He was extremely athletic, and was truly put out when he was injured. I remember when he had shoulder surgery to take care of a problem how much he looked forward to being well again. At that time he was talking about joining the Air Force and about whether this would keep him from being able to join by a certain deadline. Many have already mentioned how much he felt that fighting terrorists was what he was meant to do. I remember him having a conversation with me one day at the office about how he felt it was something he was supposed to do on this Earth. His conviction was so strong, I didn’t doubt that that was exactly what he was supposed to do. 

His love for Alabama football seemingly had no end, as far as I could tell. Even while in Afghanistan, he found a way to let his love for the Crimson Tide so many pictures, you see him in his gear, wearing one of his Alabama hats. He had plans to attend the upcoming Iron Bowl, after his original return date. Saturday, at the game where Alabama played Florida at home, the Air Force did a flyover in the missing man formation in honor of Mark. The amount of honor and respect he has been afforded returning his body to his hometown is wonderful to see. If any soldier ever deserved it, he did. After reading many accounts of how he acted as a soldier, he was absolutely willing to give his life if necessary.

My brother-in-law, who is in the Air Force, asked me what was up with my profile picture on Facebook. After telling him briefly who he was and what happened, he told me this (I hope you don't mind me sharing this):

Those Combat Controllers are some hard core guys, and they have a very difficult job. But you can bet that because of his actions over there that there are a lot of people alive right now that wouldn't be alive otherwise. Your friend is one of our fallen heroes.

I have no doubt that he did save a lot of people. He truly is a hero in every sense of the word.

It’s amazing how something like a birth or a death can totally change your perspective on things seemingly insignificant. I find it a mark of a singularly special person when someone is willing to stand up for what they believe, whatever it is. Mark was one of those people. In any Church setting, you expect all members, whether YSA or not, to act like good Mormon kids. Once outside of that world, however, you really get to see where someone’s standards lie. I cannot tell you the countless times I saw Mark stand up for the Church, stand up for his moral convictions, and stand up for what he knew to be true. His testimony was as thick as they come. And he did so when it would have been so easy for him to let certain things go. He took advantage of good opportunities to let people know in an easy manner where his convictions stood. I heard him advocate fidelity in marriage, abstinence before marriage, keeping one’s body clean from harmful substances such as alcohol, drugs, and other such things. He stood up for good men and women. There was even a time where he stood up for me. He probably never thought twice about it afterwards, but I did, and I appreciate it now more than ever.

The ladies at the office loved Mark, and he loved all of them right back. The office is very much like one big extended family, where we were all brothers and sisters (emphasis on the sisters side, since most of us were female), sometimes getting on each other’s nerves, but we all really do care for each other very deeply. We all keep very close tabs on one another and are involved in each other’s lives. I think it’s quite significant that I first heard of Mark’s death from the ladies at the office. They wanted to make sure I knew what had happened. 

The shock of it didn’t really hit me until after I got off the phone with them. I was driving, called my roommate and informed her she had to drive that night because I just wouldn’t be physically able to, somehow got myself home, got down the stairs and let it all out. I have been amazed at my reaction to the news. I think Debbie put it exactly right though…while in Alabama, (with the exception of two cousins who moved out to the South a year after I moved, one of whom was especially close to Mark, and my friend who moved to Atlanta at the same time I did,) I didn’t have any real family or friends out there. And yet the YSA and many of the people I am still lucky enough to know there truly became my family away from my own family. They are all my brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, grandparents, etc., and Mark was one of them. I have lived in many places, and never have I experienced anything like that except with my own real family on such a global basis.

On Facebook I made an error stating that he was a Marine. I knew he was Air Force, but I think Marine came out of my fingers because I have another friend who is a Marine who is serving in Afghanistan right now. My thoughts turned to him as I was writing that tribute to Mark, and I prayed that he would be watched over and protected as he finishes his time there in that ghastly, war-torn country and that he would be able to return home to his wife and children. I apologize for not correcting that mistake immediately on Facebook. I have many ties to the Air Force, including my Brother-in Law, my Grandfather who was in the Army Air Corps, the precursor to the Air Force, and a few other connections. I feel grateful that I have had the opportunity on this Earth to know these good, honest, faithful, noble and courageous men, and that I was brought up to have a deep respect for those who serve our country. I really count myself blessed to have them as an example to me, and that they are the ones protecting us, our family, our friends, our country, our liberty, our ability to worship how we see fit, and our way of life…

Mark, in my mind, is very much like Captain Moroni in the Book of Mormon. As I have read the tributes, seen the pictures, and read the quotes friends have posted concerning his passing, I kept being drawn to the Title of Liberty that Moroni lifted up, reminding his people what it was that they were fighting for: 

“And it came to pass that he rent his coat; and he took a piece thereof, and wrote upon it   -In memory of our God, our religion, and freedom, and our peace, our wives, and our children- and he fastened it upon the end of a pole.”
Mark lived, fought and died for these things. We too should strive to have the strength of mind and body to live, fight and die for these noble and sacred causes.

This tribute is nothing compared to the others that have already been written, nor is what he really deserves as I am not great with words…but I do know this, that Mark was a man of real integrity, courage and strength. Like another great man, 'He lived great, and he died great in the eyes of God and his people' and I am grateful that I had the chance to know him on this Earth as a friend, and I know without a doubt he is still fighting a good fight on the other side. I look forward to the day when we will all see him and each other again. I am grateful for the knowledge of the Gospel that I have…that through the Atonement we will all rise again. That through the sealing power, Mark and his family will be joined again and know each other as they did here as a family unit. And we too can see him there.

Thank you, Mark. You won’t be forgotten.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bless Your Beautiful Hide!

Took my laptop in again...and guess what!? They are going to cover it!!! SO happy. I am without the lappy for about 3 weeks, but seriously...3 weeks of going to the library and using the last few minutes of work to update my blog vs. shelling out hundreds of dollars that I don't have? I'll take the 3 weeks. Here's to hoping it will be shorter than that! :)

(I didn't even have to resort to my furiously faulty flirting skills...phew!)

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Apologies...

I am without a working laptop at the moment. Actually, I am without a laptop that will charge at the moment. I am going to be working my magic on one of the Geek Squadians at Best Buy in my attempt to get them to change their mind about whether the $200 warranty I bought less that one year ago will cover what has occurred to my laptop.

Wish me luck! I am going to need flirting skills are not so great...

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Once upon a time ago, I couldn't give a hoot about football, let alone college football. I did take pride in that my Uncle Kent taught me how to throw and catch a football correctly, but my joy in football didn't go beyond that. I went to football games in high school and even at Arizona State just to support my friends in the marching band and to watch their show (in high school one year, I was a part of the marching band).

That takes us up to 2004 when I first moved to Alabama. My first year there I was in absolute shock at how people could wrap their entire existence around college football. I mean, it's COLLEGE football. It's not like it's a professional sport or anything...and yet the RV's came out on Monday for the game that was on Saturday. I didn't go to one game that first year. I don't think I even watched a game that first year. I couldn't care less about football.

Second year, one of my fellow graduate students in the music school thought it was absolutely necessary that I go to a game (and he had acquired two tickets) so I could really get the feel for what Alabama football was like. I went, and again I just was baffled...and a bit impressed...the entire stadium sang songs in near perfect rhythm...pitch was another matter, but still! They new the Alabama fight song better than our national anthem, which is a SEVERE tragedy, but nevertheless I was still amazed. The game was alright. I think we left early so that we could avoid traffic.

Then I don't know what happened. Perhaps it was the amazing BBQ you could get on the Strip before the game. Or the fact that everywhere you went around town you could hear the fight song, and it was pounded into me. Or maybe it was listening to Jason, Cody, and pretty much everyone else go over play after play or stats or the radio station at Jason's desk at work constantly talking about Alabama football...even in MARCH. Or maybe I just really learned to care for Alabama, but it finally seeped into my blood. I bleed crimson. :) I am not as fanatical as most Alabama fans seem to be, but I definitely cheer for them. Last year was just absolutely an amazing ride to take. I hope this year is just as wonderful.

Now, being that I went to Arizona State, I do still cheer for them. And I now live in Cougar country, and it's my Dad's Alma Mater, so I will cheer for BYU as well. But there will be a special place for Alabama football with me for a long time coming...


Friday, September 3, 2010


My goodness...I have been dreaming like CRAZY over the last week. Everything from defending the Church to a Catholic Monk to kissing a guy (don't know the guy, but I did know him in my dream)...and it wasn't just a peck, it was some good kissing...

Utah is making me dream some interesting dreams...I hope the one about the guy comes true!!! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Halloween on a budget...

Alright, so it's that time of year again. Well, it's just around the corner at least. That's right, Halloween! The best holiday of the year! Where it is ok to dress up as something absolutely ridiculous.

K, so I am on a budget. Like, a SERIOUS budget. BUT I do have some great makeup, including my fancy dancy green makeup that I used last year for my oh so fabulous Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West/Glumda the Depressed Witch from Oz costume, and I even have that costume with me...but I don't want to be a witch.

So, suggestions, anyone? I need something that is cool, that will challenge my makeup skills (because whatever I am it MUST include some crazy face makeup because it is the only time of year I can get away with it without being too strange), and that won't break the bank.

(Nothing that involves open sores or anything disgusting like that...I am not into gore...)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Life in Utah

Two full days of living in Utah doesn't really qualify the title or the subject of this post, but still, I figured since I haven't posted ANYTHING since the announcement of my move, I should give something of a report concerning post-move things:

Since I didn't think I had internet access at my temporary address, I went to Church with the lady who lives upstairs. It was of course a family ward. Not a single single person in sight...Church was at 2PM. So I did some serious sleeping in, had a nice long chat with the lady upstairs, got ready for Church, and went. Church was the same as any other place. It's fun to note the differences in how the Aaronic Priesthood line up for their return to the Sacrament table...someone always screws up, and for some reason I find this very entertaining. I think it remarkable that these young men, mostly 12 and 13 years old, are really acting on behalf of the Savior in passing the Sacrament to us.

Anyways, after Church I enjoyed homemade gourmet pizza made by my lovely cousin John, whom I have been reunited with after years of not seeing each other (Madsen side, I have a cousin John on both sides so I thought I should clarify a bit...). I got to hang out with his wonderful wife Lora with whom I have great hopes of becoming amazing friends with and their darling baby daughter Maya!!! I am getting my baby fix! Woot. The pizza was of them had squash and chicken with BBQ sauce...amazingly fantastic! For dessert we had homemade chocolate chip cookies and I seriously need to get her recipe because they were PERFECT.

Monday...went into work, and after 1 1/2 hours of training he said 'come back tomorrow' was 12:00pm. So I took myself up to Temple Square. It was FREEZING cold for a summer day, but I didn't let that get me down. I visited all the buildings I have always wanted to visit and never have, including the Relief Society Building in which I saw Sister Dibb, the General YW 2nd Counselor (also Pres. Monson's daughter)...didn't say hi to her, but I know for a fact she is about 4 inches shorter than me now. Anyways, I digress. The Relief Society Building is absolutely beautiful. This lovely hostess took me on a personal tour, and I just loved it. I even saw where the general RS, YW and Primary presidencies have their offices. Totally cool! I went into the Church Office Building and went up to the Observation Deck. Now THAT is an amazing view...I also check out the Beehive house and had linner (or dunch...what ever you feel like calling a meal between lunch and dinner) at the Lionhouse. Saw an organ recital in the Conference Center...and unfortunately I wasn't all that impressed...he isn't my favorite organist, so...his rendition of Come, Come Ye Saints was interesting though. And he ended well, so that was good. I poked around the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, and discovered there are stake offices in that building...I just love that lobby in there though...such a beautiful room. I sat there for quite a while just taking in the detailing and listening to the pianist perform. She was pretty good. When she made a mistake, she made it sound like she did it on purpose. Good musician...

Drove around a bit. Enjoyed I-15 rush hour traffic all the way down to Orem and decided I would NEVER drive in that again. Tried to figure out my way around the Provo area. Will take a bit, I can already tell. The grid is great and all, but I like Arizona's style of addresses a bit more, to be perfectly honest.

Called Mom. Called sister. That constitutes FHE. :) Actually, I still didn't think I had internet access, and I have bugged certain friends of mine who are single and live in the area enough over the last few days, so I decided to sit this one out. Next week, though...:)

The best news of all: There is an In-N-Out not 10 minutes from where I am. I know where I am going for lunch tomorrow...:) happy happy joy joy...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Moving AGAIN...but this time to:


Yes, you read that correctly. Utah.

Thursday I get a call asking if I would come up to Provo for an interview. I say sure! It's only a 8-9 hour drive. Why not.

Emily and I make it to Price at 3AM after we left after work Friday and just couldn't make it any further. We took advantage of her military discount and got a hook up on a room, took off the next morning and got to my interview. It went LOOOONG.

I will be working for a music academy in the Provo area that offers private lessons for many instruments. They have been around for over 20 years, and in addition to the music lessons they have a music theory lab and a dance studio they have begun. They are adding cello to their curriculum, and that's where I will be filling in. I will teach, I will assist with the lab, and I will help out in their least until I get a full studio or I am able to convince the local community college to use me as an adjunct for music theory or really any of their general music courses to teach.

I am a bit nervous, but it's a start. I found out I have a cousin who is likely starting her masters degree at BYU, and I have a few other cousins on my Dad's side who live in the Provo area, so I will have a good group of family. Plus I have a few friends attending BYU as well, so I won't be without people I already know, unlike when I first moved to Alabama.

I am feeling pretty good about it, despite being nervous. It's a start. It's something to put on my resume. It may turn out to be something that I will keep doing for a while...or it may turn out that Utah and I really don't get along. :) It will be cool to live there and check out all the temples, for sure. And I will be able to attend conference at the conference center for the first time in my life. I am really looking forward with hanging out with my cousins...I haven't been around the Madsen clan in a LONG while...last time I saw most of them was at Grandma's funeral.

So. There you have it. Emily and I were SO glad to get back. I now have to figure out how I am getting all my stuff up there, where I am going to live, and all kinds of logistics along those lines. Going to be Goodwill-ing a few things, I think...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

You know you have a good group of friends when...

...they will watch Seven Brides for Seven Brothers with you...and they already love it and know all the words to the songs...

...after you suggest a practical restaurant, they suggest one of your favorite restaurants instead and you have a fabulous time NOT counting calories... can talk about boys, past, present or future (you know, what you want in a guy) and they will just sit there and listen...and then sympathize/empathize/emote the emotion that is required...

Grateful to have good friends. Feeling blessed in that category, for SURE...

Monday, August 2, 2010

My Day Stranded in Santa Fe

So a couple of weeks ago a group of us adventurous young single adults thought it would be a lot of fun to take the train from Albuquerque to Santa Fe for the day. The reason why we thought of this in the first place was we were informed that the drama department from UNM performs a Shakespeare play on the first car of the train on Saturdays during the summer. We thought that was such a wonderful thing that we had to see it for ourselves. Our plans went into effect this last Saturday. However, they didn't exactly go as planned...

We decided that we would go up to Santa Fe early, get lunch, walk around the Plaza and the state capitol building and then head back on the 4:4something train and force our way into the first car to watch the play.

We get up there, have lunch, walk around the Plaza and the state capitol, consider going to the Miraculous Staircase but decide against it due to the fact that it wasn't free, and head back towards the train station. By this point the clouds have gathered strength and were lovely shades of dark gray.

Get to the train station, notice an oddly large line of people waiting for a shuttle, and plant ourselves where we think the first car will be.

This is when the fun began.

A man in overalls and an old-timey train cap pulls out a speaker phone and informs us that they 4:4something train has been cancelled, and that there are shuttle buses waiting to take us to another train stop where we will board buses that will take us back to Albuquerque.

The moment he gets off the speaker phone, the heavens opened.

Just a little at first, but it slowly gained momentum. We had ONE umbrella between the 4 of us. We got very close during this ordeal...and despite the umbrella, oh so very wet...

We were shuttled. To a place where we had even less shelter and NO official looking train office with employees we could harass.

We were rained on. It rained even harder at the place where we were shuttled. We met a group of people who were in NM for a family reunion...and we made it into their scrapbook evidently...and it rained and rained and rained.

We were NOT bused. We passed the time creating masterpieces out of doodles another one of us made on a square of paper. We made friends with a young couple from the South who met in Albuquerque. We took advantage (once the heavens clogged) of the travel savvy one of us who brought his iPad and looked for nearby restaurants...with no luck. We contemplated checking out a cool looking cemetery nearby, but decided it wasn't worth the risk of missing our ride home.

We were starving. Luckily I brought 3 granola bars...I went without, telling myself that I am on super-diet mode anyways, even though I was super-starving...and I totally lied to my companions, saying I wasn't hungry...

The buses that were coming were a grand total of TWO. For 500 people. Ha! Luckily, by the time they showed up, we found out that the tracks had been reopened and a train was coming. We waiting 2 1/2 hours to board our train. Luckily, the heavens were plugged up for a good bit, so we were mostly dry by the time we claimed our seats on the train. Halfway home I did state the fact that I was starving.

No Shakespeare. We did spot some amazingly steady lightning/radio towers though...(inside had to be there)

We are thinking about going next Saturday...

Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, it's been a loooooong time since I could say this: it's not even 10pm, and I am tired.

Crazy? Yes, I know. I think this job is draining me a bit. For those not in the know, I am temping at an architects office until they get a permanent replacement...they offered me the job, but I am determined to find one that has SOMETHING to do with music.

I go for a 30 minute 'brisk' walk at lunch and then grab something to eat...I am walking in the sun (the farmer's tan is starting to least it's not blindingly white!) which might be part of the cause of this tiredness...but I think it's the fact that I have SO much to architects office is not an easy-peasy (that is my new favorite word) job...

It's amazing the difference between the two architects I work for. One tells me in general terms what to do and he expects me to figure it out. I LOVE that. The other one micro-manages a LOT. It's not so much that he is bugging me, but I do prefer the other method by far. If I have a question about something, I have no problem asking it. But seriously? You tell me to do something, and 99.999999% of the time I will get it done right away.

Anyways. I am tired. I am going to attempt sleep at 10:00pm Mountain Time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Mom...

Today is my Mom's birthday!!!! She has been the center of nearly everything that has ever made me happy. She was a joy to have as a mother growing up with, and still is today. She was so happy when Emily and I came along, and we were happy to be lucky enough to come to her as her children. She is the best Mom anyone could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!! I love you!!!

(I will edit this later with more pictures and stuff...)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Too many things...

I have too many things going on this week. Mom's birthday, a billion YSA things, two jobs, of which both are wanting me to stay on, two callings...busy busy busy...gonna have to start saying no at some point...

Tomorrow, hair cut (just a trim!) and institute
Wednesday, birthday stuff with Mom
Thursday (her actual birthday) dinner with Mom and Dad (and Emily and Ison if they want to come) which I may leave early for a YSA activity if we aren't done in time (we are watching Singing in the Rain...I am so excited about this) and then Burn Notice at the Hardy's
Friday...gosh, I have a day off, I am sure there was something going on...
Saturday, Santa Fe trip with a group of friends
Sunday (day of rest), Panorama Heights Ward, Eubank Ward, Eubank Ward Break the Fast, birthday dinner/cake/ice cream for Mom with the whole family, movie night at the Hardy's (notice Sunday is the busiest of them all...yeah, so did I...I am not sure I will be making it back to the Hardy's that night, even though this night has been in the works for forever...we shall see how Sunday plays out)

Glad my life is busy. But man it got busy fast!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shopping...and DIET!!!

I was FINALLY able to go shopping today after being on an extremely tight budget for a LOOOOOONG time....and I totally hit the jackpot on a business-wear outfit!!! New York & Company, brown dress pants (TALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!) AND a light blue button down shirt...$8 each. $16 and I have a professional outfit. Heck yes!!!

I have needed dress pants in the worst way...I don't have ANY because I wore out my old pairs. And these make my butt look GREAT. I'm serious! And I am not exactly at a weight where it looks good. I have NEVER been able to say that about a pair of pants, but these do. Sorry, I don't have any pictures to prove it. :)

On another note, I have officially lost 7 pounds! I am SO keeping this up...I weighed myself a while ago (sometime after July 4th) and was just absolutely mortified at how much I let myself go. I am only really able to diet, since my stupid feet are so messed up at the moment (although I did play soccer last night...and some frisbee...don't tell Nichee!!!), but it's working. I am holding back on every meal. Not too much, of course. And I am keeping track of every single little thing I eat on, along with any exercise that I shouldn't be doing but am doing anyways some days (sometimes it's for work, since I have to walk to a number of places for one of my jobs)...I am going to beat this battle. The weight gain is probably the reason for my right foot problems in the first place...well, part of the problem at least...the other part is probably that it's had to make up for my left leg so often that it's just worn out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Work work work...

Last week: worked for a very BUSY office. Busiest job I've had pretty much....the boss offered me the job full time...that makes job offer number three for jobs I haven't even applied for. Too bad none of them have anything to do with music. I would be the office manager essentially. They need someone that is far more organized than I am though. Don't get me wrong, Tamica trained me up well in needing to be organized, but this place needs someone that is anal about it, and I sure am not. Nevertheless, the boss and pretty much everyone else there really wants me to stay. Seems I am a wanted person.

I have a another gig I am doing for a week, but then this last office wants me to come back until they fill the position. The funny thing is that this job was supposed to be a one day deal.

With all this working and such, which is good news since for a while the jobs were VERY sporadic, I have some more good news: I lost 5, that is FIVE, pounds. :) Woot. I am seriously watching what I eat and am taking long walks...although I am not supposed to be doing that due to a new complication...but more on that some other time...(haven't verified the complication yet, and it's not serious, it's just annoying as all get out).

I feel like I am rambling, so this will be the end of this post. Night, ya'll.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I do believe that I might have lost about half of my picture collection...and how or where I lost them is totally baffling me. I moved everything from my old laptop onto my external hard drive. Well, the external hard drive is missing quite a few pictures...

Thankfully I still have my old laptop, but the monster is a pain in the neck, quite temperamental and on top of that is very difficult to start up in the first place. I may have a project on my hands tomorrow...and I am seriously praying that my pictures still exist on there...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Monday through Friday...worked all's been a while since I did a true 40 hour work week, so I had some growing pains...

Friday night...carpool to NM Tech for YSA conference...barely make it to the carpool meet up in time to ride with them...stay the night at NM Tech, YSA dance...

Saturday...Service project, 4 workshops (FABULOUS of them gave an amazing presentation on the media...he is the screenwriter for the Mormon Messages videos on Youtube...has done a number of movie...incredible), drive back, temple at 6 (we got back at 5:45 and I had to drive home to change, so an hour later I showed up at the temple), and then as I am about to drive home the three people I carpooled with wanted to keep on hanging we went over to this family's house and watched an old Danny Kaye movie...and I actually was falling asleep during it, which N.E.V.E.R. happens.

I am BEAT. Good night. Yay for sleeping in!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Injury Report...

Thank goodness I didn't break anything's just a toe. But it's totally broken. It matches my fingers now...completely crooked.

It's also a rather interesting shade of purple. The entire thing. It was progressive, but it got there.

I was due for an injury. I've had a pretty good run. I am redecorating my toe attacking desks any longer!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am being blessed, although I have no idea why. I haven't done anything particularly fabulous of which I can recall.

I am working for a temp agency right now (just until I get a REAL job), and had a one day job last Friday...which, by the end of Friday, turned into a two day job...the bossman asked if I could come back on Monday...I said YES...the job has now turned in a three day job. I swear, I fly through most of what they have given me. They just keep giving me more things to do. I know for a fact that my morning is pretty much packed.

Hooray for the extra pay! And hooray for unexpected blessings.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I made an executive decision about a month ago. I turned the sound OFF for incoming text messages on my phone. I decided to review my decision a month later to see if I still thought it was a good decision.

My decision? Heaven. Seriously. For one, when a friend (or the bank) sends me a text too early in the morning, I can still sleep. If it's an emergency, the friend or family member will CALL. When I am driving, if I receive a text, I usually don't notice and am able to continue driving without being distracted.

Now, the bad thing is that sometimes it takes a while for me to notice that I have a text in the first place. AND it sometimes take me a long time to reply to a text (or I forget to reply) due to the fact that I don't have an alert for my texts now. But the benefits far outweigh the detractors by far.

When I'm available I leave my phone out where I will visually notice that I received a text. The red light still flashes when I get any message or call, and of course the screen lights up. So it's not like I am completely ignoring texts. I am just treating them more like emails. I will get to it when I have time.

The bank for a while was sending me a text at 4:00am with my account balance. I didn't really appreciate that. I have a hard enough time sleeping, but usually I can get myself to fall asleep by 4:00am...I am NOT a morning person. So instead of turning off the bank alerts, I turned off the text message sound.

Try it. It's a little taste of freedom, in my opinion.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About TIME!!!

I know...I am finally getting used to Facebook being a part of my life, so I will return to my posting on a regular basis on here.

4th of July weekend was AMAZING. Went to Pinetop and stayed in a cabin with Aunt Nancy, Uncle Kent, Barron, Jessica, Bradley and Lisa...oh, and Little Bear. Had a great time. We even did our nails all patriotic. Well, actually, I didn't do nails because I am the worst at doing nails. Jessica did mine, fireworks on the fingers, flags on the toes. I have NEVER had something quite so ostentatious (ha, spelled it correctly on the FIRST TRY!) on either set of's fun. The fingernail design had to come off today though...didn't think it would be appropriate to do sealings with fireworks on my fingernails...

Sorry, no pictures...I don't have a working camera at the moment. I keep hoping someone will post pictures on Facebook so I can show you what they looked like. Digital camera is on my Christmas list this year!

The Fireworks show was SOOOOO long...mostly because there were about 8 grand pauses during it, with a minute long pause before the grand finale started...oh, and another pause DURING the finale. We were getting a bit miffed that there wasn't a finale when suddenly it went off. Good finale. 

Baby Jacob was blessed on the 4th by a bunch of tall, goodlooking priesthood holders (I really have a good looking family!), and then we proceeded to have a rather entertaining sacrament meeting. Between LB, the twins and Tiberius (all babies that were crawling around or passed around 3 rows during the meeting) and the testimonies made by the kids in Josh and Kayla's ward, it would've been hard to get sleepy.

Then we ate to our hearts content (taco salad, yum!), did pictures, and I drove back to Albuquerque. Got in town just as all the fireworks were going off. Albuquerque evidently is very lenient on their fireworks laws, because it looked like there was an aerial display ALL OVER THE CITY...if you know Albuquerque, you know that when you are driving in from the West on I-40 you suddenly can see the entire city below you as you come over this hill. Well, imagine that with fireworks going on all over the city. It was an AWESOME site. I got my Mom to put some shoes on and come out with me to watch some of them. Pretty fun.

That's all for now. More later...loves!!!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The YSA FHE lesson tonight was taught by the missionaries assigned to that YSA ward. No surprise, the lesson was on missionary work. They started out talking about member missionaries are far more effective than cold contacts done by the missionaries themselves, about fellowshipping new members and those investigating the Church...

...and then they talked about the Holy Spirit and its role in converting members to the Church. The Elder asked if anyone could quote Moroni 10:5...and I belted it out automatically: "And by the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth of all things." He had me repeat it so that everyone heard it, and after giving me a compliment, I said "We learned it in primary yesterday." :)

It was true, we had to put the words of that scripture in the correct order during sharing time. But considering the fact that I said it in front of a bunch of YSA, this was quite amusing and I got a good roar of laughter...:)

Friday, June 25, 2010

First Impressions on my Grand Return to Facebook...

Good: getting back in touch with old friends, obviously, and being in closer contact with family, such as a number of my cousins. I am pretty close with nearly all of my Raisor cousins, but the Madsen cousins it's about half and half or a little less. And getting in touch with a colleague of mine who may end up being a big help with my future career, so there are some bonus points for that.

Bad: learning things/seeing things about people that I did not want to know in the first place. This is one of the myriad of reasons why I got off of Facebook in the first place. It's been 2 days, and already I go back and forth about whether this was a wise decision or not. I was just fine without it in the first place. Ah me...

If I haven't found you yet on Facebook, I profusely apologize...I am trying to go through my lists of people (family, friends, etc.) and if you know me at all you know that I forget names easily...even family names. So PLEASE forgive me.

Happy Facebooking...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I'm on it. Find me. Don't be offended if I don't find you's been YEARS since I have been on here...will take me a bit to get back into 'I know everything I need to know mode' on it...

Don't have a picture up yet...just look up my email...most of you have hasn't changed since high many of you can say that? :)

GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wait a minute, what!?!?!?!

Anybody else a bit miffed with the refs down in South Africa, or is it just me? I didn't even watch the game, just the highlights, and the USA almost didn't make it into the next round yet again due to a major reffing blunder...


Anyways, we won, and we made it into the next round along with England. Yay for another 2 weeks (at least) of USA soccer...World Cup Fever certainly has arrived.

You know, I bet the World Series would be a much bigger deal if it only came around every 4 the World Cup and the Olympics...just a thought...

Monday, June 21, 2010

A few things...

I have discovered that the scanner on my printer is pretty dang good. Not perfect, but it does a very decent job. I have also recently discovered Walmart's photo print website...and I am loving it. I have been scanning pictures of Emily and I when we were kiddos, my parents when they got married, etc....and then I get onto, upload some pictures (for example, a bunch of pictures of my Dad and Emily and I), put them into a collage, hit 'shuffle' a couple of times until the pictures are all in spots that I like, pick a background color, and for $2.84 I have a personalized Father's Day gift. I just have to get a frame to go with it. I did the same for my parents anniversary of their wedding pictures, and again for Emily's birthday, except for her I only did a picture of her and I when we were little. Eventually I will scan in all of the pictures that we can find and put them onto a disk for Emily and I to keep. It's my way of doing genealogy at the moment. :)

On another note, I think I was inspired to visit the YSA ward that I am visiting. I went in the first place because I ran into a girl I know at the store and she put the thought in my head. I am glad she did, I should probably mention it to her at some point. Anyways, I won't be able to go on Sundays now because I just got a couple of callings in my family ward, but I will be able to attend activities during the week, which is great. I have already made a really good group of friends, and we are swapping numbers now and hopefully we will get to hang out while we are here for the summer. Most of us are summer dwellers in NM. In fact, pretty much all of them attend BYU and are doing internships (NOT bug or security or what-have-you sellers) here in NM. Anyways, it's nice.

Thursday we are doing a night hike. Pray for me. The elevation here is killing me...I went for a walk this morning...a walk, not a run, not the elliptical, not anything truly intense, and I was having a hard time breathing. In Alabama, I was averaging 650 ft above sea in NM, I am at 5200 feet above sea level...that is a HUGE difference. No wonder girls camp in Alabama was so much more enjoyable...the hikes were NOTHING compared to what I had to do when I was a young woman here in NM...I am having to work really hard to suck O2 out of the air here. If I take an oxygen mask with me Thursday, I bet I would do much better...but then I would look like an hopefully after doing a couple more 'intense' walks, I (I mean, my poor lungs) will be up for the night hike.

On yet another note, my wonderful bro-in-law gave me his projector! I mentioned to my sister a week or so ago that when they decide to upgrade their projector, that I want their old one...well guess what! They upgraded to a very large HDTV, and after Emily passed along the info to her hubby, I get a text from Ison asking if I wanted the projector. Hello! Yes, of course! So I have my own personal movie theater in my room right now. :) I LOVE IT!!! The only thing I don't like is that it runs really hot and so it's like have a space heater in the room. But other than that, it is awesome. It even has a speaker on it, and since the speakers on my laptop suck, it's even more awesome! :)

That's all folks...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Papa's Day

Happy Father's Day to all of you wonderful menfolk out there! I hope you all take your roles as father/husband/son/brother/etc. seriously. And I hope you know how much I appreciate all of you, whether you are family or not. You are my examples for me of what to look for in my future act your best! :)

Thanks for all that you do...and to my daddy...I love you...thanks for taking care of me all these years. :)

(that picture is of me on my Dad's first day as a Daddy...yep, that's me on my actual birthday in the hospital...pretty sweet picture, I think).

Yes I did, No I didn't...

I never followed up on the singles ward attendance thing...I have visited the 'older' YSA ward twice for Church, and went to a couple of their activities and already made a good group of friends. The dance last night was pretty fun for a change, mostly due to the fact that the group I knew were people who actually danced at the dance. YSA dances are strange things...some people go, but don't dance, complain about people who do dance or laugh about how they dance and then leave unhappy. Not my crowd of people, for sure. I even Viennese Waltzed! That was almost the highlight of the night!!! My Dad taught me a long time ago how to do that, and this guy happened to be a ballroom dancer at BYU, so voila. Very fun.

I am glad I decided to visit that ward. I won't be attending every Sunday, though. Tomorrow being Father's Day will be spent at my ward with my Daddy, so no singles ward for me this weekend. Also the YSA unit meets on the other side of gas tank is kinda feeling it...

One of the presidency for the YSA branch that I could move my records to called me today and invited me to move my records to the branch...but I kindly said no. I have gotten used to belonging to a family ward, and attending YSA stuff on the side. I like being a part of a family ward...the callings I get in a family ward are FAR more rewarding. Singles wards are so transient, and I like the stability that comes from a family ward. Unless the Bishop or someone with authority tells me to move my records, I am sticking with the family ward. I can visit the singles ward or this YSA branch whenever time allows for it. I won't go every Sunday of course, since my records are in this ward...I hope I get a calling that will allow me to attend the singles ward at times though.

As for the blind date, I stuck with my guns and said no thank you. I think I disappointed my brother-in-law...evidently he was excited about setting it up, but I am pretty sure I had a much better time that night having dinner with my sister, bro-in-law and another couple than I would've with some other guy there. And I went to the dance right after and met a bunch of people, including some guys.

And there is your update on the life and times of Elizabeth.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Shall I, Shall I Not...

My sister called me today and invited me to dinner Friday...and to set me up on a blind date. I haven't said yes to the invitation yet.

I really hate blind dates. I mean really really hate them. It doesn't matter whether the guy is all right or not. 15 minutes into it I can't wait to be home, and when I get home every time I have sworn that I will never go on another blind date again. I haven't been on one in a LONG time...I think the last one was when I was doing my undergrad...I don't know who set me up, but we went to a Diamondbacks game, and poor guy, I was more interested in the game and the other couple than him...and it was SOOOO awkward. Probably my fault...I become an idiot around any guy in that kind of a situation. Ask any former date...or any guy I have ever liked...

The guy sounds decent enough. Tall, funny, good enough that my sister thinks to set me up with him, which I hope means he meets my high standards, but still...I would rather be invited to a party this guy was also invited to it and meet there. If we hit it off, great. If not, there are other people there, I won't leave the party feeling awful, and neither of us will be any worse for the wear.

I think I am going to stick with my guns and say no. I hate to hurt her feelings, but many people actually hit it off on a blind date? Besides, Friday night there is a YSA dance. I don't remember the last time I actually attended one...

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Birthday and Anniversary...

June is a busy month in this family. Emily's birthday was yesterday, my parent's anniversary is today, and then there is Father's Day on the 20th. Busy busy. I will talk about Father's day later on, but I will talk about my sister and my parents.

First of all, Emily. She is my baby sister. I refuse to really believe that she is 26 because I still see her as my little baby sister...even though she's married and has a career going for her and such, she is still my little baby sister. She inherited the organized gene and the keep it clean gene. I am still working on those talents...but to her, they came pretty much naturally. She loves me no matter what, she knows more about me than most people, she is an expert at pushing my buttons (which I am as well to her), but she knows exactly what I need to hear and isn't afraid to say it to me, which I really love and appreciate. She is incredibly talented...anything she draws looks like a professional's work (you can see her deviantart profile and some of her work HERE). She is very thoughtful about her gifts. She was my best friend growing up, and she still is one of my best friends. I love her so much. Happy Birthday, little sister. I am so glad I was able to be here for your birthday!

Now for my parents. I found a photo album with a bunch of their wedding's fun to see what my parents looked like back then. It's easy for me to figure out how many years they have been married...I was born a little less than 10 months after they were married, so I just add 1 to my age. 29 years of marriage and still going strong.

I am so glad my parents have kept their covenants and stayed faithful to each other and the gospel. It's a great example to show Emily and I. I feel really lucky that they married in the temple and that I was born in the covenant. I am not sure what I did to deserve that, but I am glad that Heavenly Father sent me to a family where I would have the gospel in my life. They taught my sister and I the gospel, took us to Church every Sunday, taught me to love reading, and taught and encouraged me to continue with music. I couldn't have asked for more than that.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Since I am without a working digital camera...

...I am taking advantage of being home and around photo albums and collections of photographs popping up in random places...AND having a wonderful scanner on hand...

For your viewing pleasure (only two, sorry!)

 Above is a picture of me that I had never seen before until today. I am sitting on my Grandpa Raisor's lap. The man on the left is my Great-Uncle Lloyd, and on the right is Barron being held by Aunt Dianne (at least, we are pretty sure it's Aunt Dianne...). I instantly fell in love with this picture. I lived with Grandpa for 1 1/2 years before he died, and so any picture which included me and him I would probably have the same reaction too. Anyways. So that was me before I grew up.

Now this is a great example of what it was like for me growing up. Obviously, I am the one a full head and neck taller than the other two standing. We are ALL the same fact, I know Regina (on the left) was older than me, and I believe Sara (on the right) was as well. Letitia I believe was a little taller than the two of them. We were on a science camp out in 4th grade. 4th grade, and I was a giant. The funny thing is that I was the one that was picked in elementary school and even in middle school, although after looking at this picture I easily could've been the bully. I was SOOOO passive aggressive back then, and very much an introvert. My how things can change.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of 'The Past-Times of Elizabeth'.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Continuing with the Nightmare Theme...

...I am thinking about attending one of the local YSA units tomorrow.

But I feel as though I am between a rock and a hard place...I really don't want to go to a YSA unit. They were great...when I was younger. But I am 28. Attending a unit for the 18-30 year old crowd just doesn't thrill me like it used to. Well, maybe 'thrill' isn't exactly the right word for it...anyways. And seriously, I would love to not have to date anymore...the idea of starting over again, getting my hopes up just to get them dashed, finding someone who I am interested in who isn't in me, having the 'weird' one stand within my bubble, finding someone who I am interested in and who is interested in me but won't do anything about it, OR who does do something about it and turns out to be a player, OR who does do something about it, it goes great for a while, and then he totally flakes out on me...not exactly a positive outlook. Perhaps I am shooting myself in the foot for thinking that way, but I mean...that's been my life so far, so what other personal experience do I have to base it on?

On the other hand, it would be nice to meet someone close to my age that I could be friends with, even if it is just for the summer, that doesn't have a husband plus kids plus whatever that entails their time away. Yes, a summer romance would be lovely too, I am HUMAN, but I am really not looking for anything to tie me down here, so why even bother? I am planning on finally giving my music teaching career a jump start...just as soon as a job offer comes in. And it will not be in the Land of Enchantment.

I need to go see a doctor and get of shot of optimism...what do you think? 

Evidently one of the units in the area is an 'older' YSA that for whatever reason the age level gravitated more towards the 30...that would be lovely if it turns out to be true. I attended one for a few years in Arizona and LOVED it, just for the sake of the slightly higher level of maturity in the ward.

Anyways...pray for me. I will report, I promise.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nightmare after nightmare... would think that I would have happy dreams coming home, but I sure am not...nightmare after nightmare. I haven't had this many nightmares in a row since I was a kid and was tormented by 3 witches in my dreams...

Not all of them are nightmares, but most of them are, or they turn into them. They are bad enough that I am not going to share them on here...

Wish I could find the off switch...ideas anyone?

Speaking of nightmares, I am pretty put off about this oil spill...I mean, are they all idiots over there? Did they think to hire a plumber, or someone who actually specializes in leaks?!? I was pretty forgiving for the first week, because it sounds like the equipment they were depending on malfunctioned, so it's not exactly BP's fault...but now I am peeved. The oil is hitting those beautiful Florida beaches, is killing off those beautiful pelicans that live down there, along with all the rest of the wildlife over there, and is now headed straight for the east coast and out into the Atlantic. Come on people! There are experts on this sort of thing. Get rid of the loopholes that are holding off the real fix and get it done! And then get anyone who has a boat out there, hire them, and clean up the freaking mess. It's their recreation and jobs that are on the line, and I am sure they would be willing to do whatever they need to to help.

They should've hired me. I would've gotten the job done quickly.

I have no idea what to do with pipes, but I know how to find someone who does. I mean, clog the freaking pipe! They are trying to put a cap on it...put some freaking cement down in there to clog it, put the cap on, get it so that you can filter the oil, and then get the cement out. It is not hard to break up cement, and it would be a temporary fix.

I can't drive a boat (although I know it isn't difficult), but I would be amazing at getting people who have shrimp boats, fishing boats, tour boats, personally owned boats fired up about the massive clean up job that HAS to be done...get the national guard and the coast guard down there and get moving!!

Yeah, I am a bit heated about this.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Summer Line-Up

Well, my summer shows are back! So You Think You Can Dance, which has already gotten to the Vegas portion of the show, and I tell you what there are some AMAZING dancers!! Luckily my Mom also likes this show, so we will be owning the TV while it is on. :)

And then there is Royal Pains. It's a USA Network show that started last year. It's about a doctor who is basically an on call doctor to the rich in the Hamptons, although he does take care of others in the area who just can't afford medical attention. I really liked it last year, and it has started the year with a decent season opener. Although I am upset with USA for advertising the wrong time for the show...all this time it advertised it was coming on at 10/9 came on at 11PM...So I had to wait an entire hour...I watched bits and pieces of Burn Notice...I like that show sometimes, but all the guns and explosions and back-stabbing and, not my cup of tea. Happily, 27 Dresses was on another channel so I watched that instead, and it ended a few minutes before 11! Hoorah.

That is my summer line up. Looking forward to the upcoming months of SYTYCD...I just love to see what the choreographers come up with...I still remember some of the dance numbers from last season...they were wonderful!!


I moved into my old bedroom...and I believe I have removed pretty much everything my parents decided to store in here, minus one desk that there really isn't a home for elsewhere in this house...yet. I mean, this is still my room! At the very least, it should be kept as a guest bedroom in my opinion. But I digress. In this process, I decided to move the room around to make more wall space. It makes more sense. And it feels better. I definitely needed a change...

I am not done yet...the closet will officially be tackled tomorrow, and I am not looking forward to it. I put it off for last. But I have dusted, washed, swept, sterilized, stain-removed everything that I have touched so far, including the floorboards. Now to figure out where to put all these blasted clothes I own. I did toss some of my old shoes before moving back here, which is great! (It's partially an excuse to go buy new shoes, but that won't happen for a few weeks...also gives me a chance to wear my sexy red heels that I usually only pull out for special occasions...they need some exercise).

I think I am finally going to get rid of some pieces of my, cards, things like that. Important things, like trophies, heirlooms and such I will keep. I had a good time throwing away old high school assignments. (wasn't hanging on to those, I am surprised they didn't hit the dumpster the day of graduation!) I looked at my old math assignments and there is NO way I could ever do those assignments today. Good thing I went with music...

Found some pictures of me as a toddler...once I get my printer out and set up, I will scan them and show y'all a few...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Feeling Out of Place...

Went to Church yesterday. In the ward I attended when I was in Young Womens. And it was very odd. For starters, they have a new building. A stake center actually. Since I moved away when I was 18, they created a new stake...and the stake center is across the street from my old high school. Very least, for me it was.

Then there is the ward. About 1/3 of the families in the ward were there when I moved away...but what's weird is that some of them are people that were youth with me, and they are now married, have different last names, and have KIDS...not just one, but many!

Yeah...weird. At least my old YW President is Relief Society President. Gives me a little feeling of normalcy...

And then I don't know anyone else in the ward...I know one member of the bishopric from when I lived here least I know one member of the stake presidency...he used to be my Bishop. :)

The new building is HUGE...biggest stake center I have been in, and I thought nothing could top the Birmingham stake center...I of course am not counting the tri-stake center in Mesa...

Anyways...strange to be home. But nice too. Dad made me my favorite meal that he makes...spaghetti and meatballs, using Grandma Madsen's meatball recipe (SO GOOD). And I had me a tuna sandwich using Dad's relish for lunch today...yummers...and we've already had Mom's cheese toast...I am fully expecting zucchini casserole next. :) And homemade root beer. YUM!!!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Made it...

Made good time today, even with stopping at the Big Texan (that tourist trap in Amarillo where they give you a 72 oz steak for free if you can eat it and the baked potato, salad and 3 giant shrimp in under 1 hour...a bunch of my friends have gone there as they were passing through, so I decided I needed to check it out...9 guys were all trying that 72 oz deal when I left...crazy people) for nearly 1 hour. It was nice to get a steak...I think I am low on iron, cause it tasted REALLY good and I wanted another one...

As soon as I got home, my sister calls me and asks if I would like to go to a friends wedding reception. He went to our ward and was in the cello section with me in high school, so of COURSE I wanted to go! :) It was kinda fun seeing everyone there.

I am living amongst the car halfway's amazing how much easier unpacking my car is...but then again, I don't have 2 flights of stairs to walk up and down between my room and my car...nor do I have 99% humidity outside here in NM. Anyways, I am already getting things moved out (Dad's old computers) and am thinking about moving the room around a bit...I suppose I better get the rest of the stuff out of my car first...but that can wait til Monday.

SO excited about sleeping in MY bed...I hope I sleep better tonight than I did last night...I had some wacko dreams last night, and had the hardest time staying asleep...but I am writing off the extra ounce of sleeplessness to be due to the Dr. Peppers I drank (I had a LOT of caffeine in my system) and being in a strange room...

Anyways...night ya'll.

Friday, May 28, 2010


I am OK and am in OK...haha...I just came up with that all on my own.

I know, I should stay as far away from comedy as a profession as possible.

Got a late start, but being a night owl, it didn't make a difference to me. The drive has been pretty much totally uneventful. I still hate Memphis with a passion, and try to spend as little time as possible there, but of course I hit rush hour traffic the Friday of a holiday weekend...yeah, I was fuming after a bit...

I got the hook up on a hotel room! I didn't even ask for it, but it has a microwave AND a fridge...too bad I don't have anything to put into either...and there is this ginormous bed in it! I really think it's a California King...too firm for my taste, but I am really looking forward to sprawling...I have been sleeping on a twin which is SO not long enough for me...

So...I've been expecting gas prices to go up, due to the oil spill AND being that this is Memorial Day weekend...has anyone noticed that they have gone down? I noticed that in 'Bama...

And then I get into Oklahoma. I seriously need to consider moving here. Gas is $2.23 where I filled up last. That's 35 cents cheaper than it was in Alabama...the lady who was filling up next to me said that last week they were 50 cents higher...Seriously, why are gas prices going down? Is the economy finally leveling out or something? Do we have a surplus of gasoline?

I thought of one more thing I am going to miss as I was driving along. This car was up beside me for a bit, and I looked over right when the front passenger looked at me, and he smiled and nodded his head, and so did I. I LOVE Southern manners and hospitality. There is nothing like it in any other part of the country that I have been to. I will miss that. I won't miss false know when someone is being polite when they really are angry and want to say something else entirely...I think people should be honest, but in a respectful way...anyways, I will miss true Southern hospitality a lot...

Anyways...I am safe. I had a good dinner, there are cops EVERYWHERE, so even if I wanted to speed I wouldn't, but I have kept within 5 mph of the speed limit the entire time (which is something close to a miracle for me), and am staying far away from scary drivers.

Night ya'll...(yep, already missing Alabama...)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye Sweet Home Alabama

Things I will/won't miss about Alabama:

Will: Lightning Bugs...they are just so fun!
Won't: Any other kind of bug that grows to ginormous sizes here.

Will: GREAT BBQ, GREAT Fried Chicken, GREAT Fried Fish.
Won't: Most other Southern cuisine due to the fact that pretty much all of it is either fried or dripping with fat...

Will: Green grass that grows everywhere without watering it. And all the beautiful flowers...the hydrangea bushes are astoundingly beautiful right now. And in the fall, the turning of the leaves!
Won't: Allergies.

Will: Having FOUR seasons (as opposed to Arizona...which has Summer One, Summer Two, and the short period that falls under spring-like weather).
Won't: Winter.

Will: The rivers that are actually rivers (not creeks like we have in AZ and NM) and the natural lakes (unlike all the man made lakes back west).
Won't: Massive amounts of rainfall that cause flooding that the South is prone to...

Will: Trees...massive trees, and they are everywhere...and they just grow, you don't have to plant or water them!
Won't: Hurricanes, tornados, and thunderstorms...they are scary enough on their own, but the idea of the wind and rain knocking over one of these massive trees onto me, my house or my car scares me A LOT. The sound of a falling tree is one that still haunts me whenever it is stormy outside...

Will: Alabama Football and tailgating. Rolllllllll Tide Roll!!!
Won't: The traffic that goes with Alabama Football.

Will: Driving with my windows down during the spring and fall.
Won't: Walking outside or opening the door to get out of the car and my sunglasses fogging up due to the humidity that just slammed me in the face.

Will: The Gulf Coast beaches...beautiful beautiful beaches...
Won't: Oil spills.

Will: The beautiful Southern accents. Love them.
Won't: Not being able to understand certain Southern accents.

Will: All my friends that I have made here...I am truly going to miss them. Today was tough for me, saying goodbye to a bunch of my Tuscaloosa friends. I seriously was given two honest to goodness job offers today so that I would stay. Both by good friends.
Won't: Being so far away from my family. And not having a date in...well, let's just say it has been a very long time.

I will be on my way to Oklahoma City tomorrow morning, and then Saturday will get to my parents home in NM. Goodbye Alabama. Hello new chapter in my life.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ah Lee...

Well, I can't say I am surprised about Lee winning, however much I wanted Crystal to win. I tried calling both lines just to see how busy things were with the voting last night, and all of Lee's lines were constantly giving me a busy signal, whereas Crystal's I got through 4 out of 5 times...I called about 30 times for her before I got tired of hitting the buttons on my phone.

I thought he was good and deserved the win. I took a listen to the demo of his single on itunes, and I liked it even better than his live performance. I guess they got rid of having them sing a new song as the hit single they first put out, since he did a cover of U2's 'Beautiful Day'. Like the song, and he sounds good on it.

One of my favorite things about the two finalists was that they were both very humble. For some people, this is the thing that they hated most about this one was out for blood, no one was trying to win this no matter what the cost. There was no controversy stirring up ratings. But this is exactly what I loved the most about the contestants this year. It really was refreshing, as opposed to other 'reality' shows where the contestants don't get along, back bite each other, and even try to sabotage one another. American Idol, for the most part, isn't like that. The contestants didn't forget where they came from, and it's obvious that they will stay that way. That's one thing I really like about David Cook (American Idol winner 2 years ago)...I voted for him, he won, and he has not forgotten where he came from. He does tons of charity work for cancer research, due to losing his brother to it. He has stayed close to his family, and far away from controversy. And here he is, still recording and doing very well. Love it. It is too bad that he wasn't able to attend would think that the charity event could've been rescheduled to a day or two later so that he could attend tonight...he was the only American Idol winner that wasn't there tonight.

But Lee. Lee is a funny one. One thing that did bug me about him was that he didn't move comfortably around the the weeks went on, he got better and better at it though. I really hope now that he has won this that he will be coached up on stage presence by an experienced teacher. The 'deer in headlights' look still comes back every once in a while. And the man needs to learn how to smile! He hardly ever smiled, and when he did, there usually weren't any teeth showing.

I do like his voice, and I think he will do well. I think Crystal will become a bigger star, but who knows. I have been wrong before.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crystal vs Lee

Yes, I am still moving, but I took time to watch the essentials on TV tonight. Is there anyone else in the world that isn't happy that American Idol and NCIS are on at the exact same time Tuesday nights?

I watched NCIS live...didn't really feel like a season finale, felt like a normal show. I was expecting a LOT more intensity, but after that Grey's Anatomy finale I don't think any show will be catching up for a long time...yes, I watch entirely too much TV in the evenings.

Anyways, I got online and watched Crystal and Lee perform all three of their songs. Thank you youtubers...

After last week, I was leaning towards Lee winning, but Crystal hands down was the best tonight. She totally blew Lee out of the water. Black Velvet was AMAZING. And like Simon said, that one is difficult to really pull off. She really pulled out all the stops tonight.

I think I am the only one voting. Right at midnight, all of a sudden every call I make goes through. Ryan Seacrest said the lines were open for 4 hours, and I always wait an hour at the least before I cast a vote...either everyone got the wrong message, or Lee is going to win. I won't mind if he does, but based on tonight's performance, Crystal won. Hands down.

Ok, back to packing. least it's easier this time...half my stuff was still in boxes when I started Monday. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010


I am moving to Albuquerque, NM for a few months until I land a teaching position in the fall.

The move will be sometime next week. Not sure what day yet...

I would prefer to get a job in AZ, but anywhere within a hours drive of at least one family member would work...yes, I am even looking at Utah. Ugh.

No I have not graduated, but there is still a chance for that.

I have discovered that I already have the credentials to teach at a community college with all the graduate courses I have taken, and I really think that it is a MUCH better fit for me than teaching at a university anyways. At least, for right now it is.

Yes, I am extremely happy to finally be moving on with my life. More like relieved. It's been a long time coming.

Ta dah!

So...what book on tape should I get for the trip back? It will be a 2 day trip, and YES, I am a big girl and am driving solo. I will probably stop in Oklahoma City and then finish out the trip the next day.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Carpul Tunnel

I believe that my carpul tunnel problem has resurfaced. Why? I have absolutely NO idea. I have been practicing my cello lately, but not that much. The area just underneath my left thumb is seriously hurting though, and my thumb started going numb within the last hour...


So, the black hand brace has made his glorious return. I will be sleeping with him tonight. (gosh, that sounds a bit scandalous, doesn't it?) Perhaps I am sleeping weirdly or something...anyways.

Announcement coming soon. Don't hold your breath, cause it's not that soon. And it's not all that big.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Spent the entire evening yesterday at the movie theater. I got the hook up! It was's been a LONG time since I've drunk that much soda!

K, my reviews:

Letters to Juliet

I liked it. The movie joked about this story (Amanda Seyfried plays a writer who chronicles the journey she makes with the lady looking for her true love) making people want to go to Italy. Well, I too want to go to Verona, Italy now. I could've used a letter from Juliet a time or two. The one thing that I did NOT like was the very end. The lines were over the top cheesy, and the song they used at the end just didn't feel right...I really was expecting it to go back into the Taylor Swift song, but oh well...too bad I wasn't the music producer on this film. ;)

I loved the woman playing the grandmother, Vanessa Redgrave. She looked SO much like the late Natasha Richardson, and even sounded like her with the exact same English accent...I was astonished to find out that Vanessa was not only her mother, but also Joely Richardson's mother. Talk about an acting family. Their grandfather also was a renowned actor (Goodbye, Mr. Chips was one movie he was in that I recognized) and was even knighted! Anyways, I loved her performance, and after reading up on her I appreciated it even more so. This movie had a good bit of tragedy in it, which Vanessa in her real life has had recently, losing Natasha last year, and then two siblings within the last month or about relating to your character...I believe her love life even somewhat resembles the story in this movie, but I am not too sure about that.

There were parts of the movie where it felt quite awkward, but it made the situation more realistic, which I really liked...of course, until the very end...not so much that it ruins the movie, but it seems like that ending should be a lot better, and that their test audiences would've clued them into it...anyways, go see it...the story overall is lovely.

K, now for Robin Hood...

I liked it. The story line of the tale is changed up a bit, which I found interesting. And they left it open for a sequel at the end, which totally surprised me.

I loved that Robin Hood wasn't this young, know it all, totally sure of himself character. They really humanized the character in this film, made him seem believable.

I don't mind telling you this, cause we all know the story of Robin Hood: they didn't bring King Richard back at the end...pretty much all versions of the Robin Hood story have King Richard making his triumphal entry, throwing down his petty brother John back to the pig sty where he belongs, and they all live happily ever after. At least, the 'fairytale' ones that I have read and seen. This movie was an explanation of how Robin Hood became 'Robin Hood', the outlaw, and how he and his group of merry men came together and how he and Marian met and fell in love. I liked it. Of course, John did succeed Richard in reality, but not before Richard returned to England after the crusades, so...who knows if they will do a sequel or not to this movie.