Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Magical Evening

Ever have an evening where you feel quite satisfied with how it turned out?

Mine was tonight...

I made it through a 2 week challenge of sorts that was stressing me out a bit...no, you don't get to know what it was, but let us just say it's quite wonderful that I made it through it with fairly few battle scars...

Being that I did make it through, tonight was going to be a good night anyways.

Then little tiny events made it even better

I did a little grocery shopping, splurged a little on some of those little laughing cow cheeses...I never tried one before, but I like cheese, so I thought what the heck. I also got another container of blueberries, milk, bread, frosted shredded wheat and chicken stock.

I drove home, and decided to break into the bag of cheese, and very glad I did...little ray of sunshine in a little red weird waxy packet...yum!

Made it into the driveway, and was having a serious debate about whether I should drive up to Jordan Commons to see The Artist (apparently it's the ONLY place in Utah that is showing that movie) at the 10:00 showing or to just stay home.

I compromised.

Before taking the groceries in, I drove to the closest Redbox and rented Midnight in Paris and Moneyball, two movies I have been eying for a VERY long time.

Got home, and decided to make a little feast for myself. Grilled cheese sandwich, a large plateful of just perfectly steamed green beans, 1/3 cup blueberries, 4 Dove dark chocolates, some of my amazing lightly buttered/salted popcorn, MILK, and Midnight in Paris. Oh, and a Healthy Choice Chocolate Fudge bar (they are amazing and only 100 calories!!!)

(sidenote: why is this the first Woody Allen movie I have seen? Seriously?? Are they all this beautiful?)

I enjoyed every second of my evening. The food was divine. I am seriously stuffed! The movie was beautiful. Totally buying it.

Seriously a romantic night of sorts. It would've been nicer to share it with someone, but being that for the foreseeable future I will be single, I will take a lovely evening like tonight.

Now to do a little reading, prayers, and hopefully a nice long sleep.

Friday, February 17, 2012

You Were There...

You were there. You were there when I first truly discovered what it was to play music. You were there when Ms. Dollahon told me I could do better than I was with the cello. You were there during many a lunch outside the orchestra room. You were there when we won a National Championship. You were there when I decided music was going to be my thing. You were there when I learned how to drive. You were there when I used the word 'ironic' correctly in a sentence and went a little ballistic about it. You were there on the one and only day I ditched school and I loved every moment of it. You were there for 1 1/2 days of detention that we had to serve for ditching, and then you got out of the rest of it somehow, you punk. You were there during some of the roughest years for me, but ones where I grew so much. You were not the only one who did, but you made me want to be better, smarter, kinder, less judgmental and more open to people...

We were not the best of friends, but you were there. I considered you one of my better friends. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you have passed on. David, you truly had an effect on my life. When I think of those years, it's hard to find memories that don't involve you somehow. Orchestra, orchestra trips, high school, AP, AYS, All-State, you were everywhere.

Thanks for having such a wonderful impact on my life. You will be missed my old friend. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How was my Valentine's?

Well, let's see.

Yeah, it was a bad day.

Got to work late.

I am sick.

Mother Nature came early...again...

My flirting skills...well, attempts, really, go completely unnoticed, even on Valentine's.

I am STILL single and haven't been on a date since dinosaur's walked the Earth.

And a good friend from high school died today, and no one seems to know why. I feel dearly for his parents and brother who are all good friends of mine from high school as well as his wife whom I have never met. I can only imagine what they are feeling at this time. Nothing like something like this to remind you that this really is a mortal world.


I still think Valentine's can be a really wonderful day. That little girlish hope is in there somewhere. I even poked it out to try and cheer someone else up.

But yeah, it officially turned into a crappy day this evening. At least I was able to use the excuse of being sick to head home early and my roommate gave me a sweet little Valentine and decided for me what I should make for dinner because I was at a loss staring at the innards of our fridge. Small silver linings to my crappy day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Apparently since I discovered Pinterest, I have found no interest in updating this blog.

Well...here is a short update.

I LOVE Pinterest. Enough said.

I LOVE my family. I attended my Great-Aunt Margaret's funeral yesterday, and was able to see 3 of my Aunts, 2 of my Uncles and 6 cousins! (I count their kids and spouses). LOVE MY FAMILY. Wish I could get all of them together at the same time. If I get married, I am doing save the date cards and making sure the party will be EPIC but affordable so the family can all come!!

I LOVE Las Vegas. No, didn't gamble once. Didn't even pay for a show. I went SHOPPING. At 11PM. In a mall. Where every store was still open and bustling. Like, seriously. It really was epic. And I even got to see family while I was there.

I LOVE make-up. I have decided to one day attend cosmetology school for make up artistry. Would really love to be good at doing normal everyday where along with super awesome Halloween/Movie makeup.

I LOVE having a couple of crushes. On guys that are my age and taller than me. One is even a ginger. I've missed this. Now I just need one to ask me out and my life would be complete.

I LOVE my singing classes. We are doing a romantic/Anti-romantic recital at the end of the month. My song is 'I Hate Men' from Kiss Me, Kate'. I don't...usually, but the song is challenging and fun to sing.

And that's a wrap. Good night y'all!