Monday, April 30, 2007


We broke up. I did it. I have tried to go back to him, but he...well, it's complicated. So he will go his way and I will go mine. Oh, but it hurts so much! So much. You know what I hate though? The fact that he seems to have moved on so quickly and easily. That really does bother me. When I am having the time of my life trying to get over him. Oh well. I guess that is life. Oh, I miss him so. You know, that feeling, when your heart gets broken. It really feels broken. It hurts so much.

I went to Alabama this last week, set up all the utilities so that they will turn off at the end of May at my house out there, went down to the school, and hung out with a bunch of my friends out there. I passed my comprehensive examinations, and am SO happy about that! :) I will actually be able to graduate! YAY!! :)

I am going to AZ this week for my cousin Kent's wedding. I am so happy for him! I will be glad to be with friends and family. I get to hang out with Franchesca, which will be great. We will be treating each other to dinner, or lunch or something. It will be fabulous, whatever we do.

That's all from me. Love to all of you!