Sunday, March 2, 2014

Small Small World

Stake conference. In Puerto Rico. And my cousin's cousin shows up, on vacation, with his family. Who goes to a stake conference on vacation?
He wouldn't have picked me out of a field, but he is rather recognizable with his very red hair. Took him a while to place me.
I love small world moments. They happen every once in a while.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Fork

Tonight after the adult session of stake conference I decided to treat myself and got a slice of cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. (I got the Hershey Chocolate Bar Cheesecake if you were wondering...not my usual, but very good) When I got home, I emptied the bag and discovered the server had put two forks in my bag.
So what, right? Well, I got all kinds of introspect-y on those two forks. The server might have thought I would go home and share the slice with someone. (Anyone who knows me well would know that that would never happen...they can get their own slice ;) ) Or she might have grabbed two by accident. Whichever it was, I kept thinking that there really should be someone else that I could share a piece of cheesecake with. (Emphasis on could).
A member of the Seventy spoke at stake conference tonight. Even through being translated from Spanish to English, the messages I was supposed to get came through loud and clear.
After the session ended I went up and chatted with him. He asked me how I was doing, how I was handling things here in Puerto Rico (we've met before). I was honest and said that I wasn't so sure I should stay here three years, being that the dating scene is non-existent and I'm not getting any younger. He gave me a few bits of advice on that front, but the main bit of wisdom was that I needed to do what the Lord wanted me to do. That things could come together in the most extraordinary ways, as long as I do what the Lord wants me to do.
So. Going to make a checklist and get right on that. :)
And seek inspiration and make sure that I am where He wants me to be, and doing what He wants me to be doing.
And hopefully, by some miracle, I'll find the man that this fork belongs to.