Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shall I update?

Probably should take the time to update this blog, huh? Being that it's been just over 2 months since I last updated.

Let's see, what has happened in my life since the tornado hit my town in Alabama?

Someone hit my car in a Target parking lot. He left a note with his name and insurance info. It about floored me. It's 'fixed' now, but there is something rattling, so it will go back into the shop Tuesday.

OH!!! I'm an AUNT!!! Little Ison (heretofore to be known as Icee) Clarence Tenney was born at 3:00AM May 21st!!! Yay for Aunthood! Well, official Aunthood. I am Aunt or Auntie Elizabeth to many many children, both related and unrelated to me. But this is bona fide Aunthood. No questioning this.

AND he's such a cutie. AND I'm already his favorite. :) dates, no boyfriends, no new or former jobs to report...

I've gained some weight, but who wants to hear about anyone gaining weight? Unless of course you are my baby nephew. Then every ounce is interesting.

It's not winter any more!! The snow is melting, and that just makes my day every day. Been up into the mountains a couple of times on my own. Hoping to drag a person or two along with me this weekend up into the mountains for a leisurely hike.

K, you are now pretty much totally up to date in the life and times of this Elizabeth. Hope to have more interesting things to share in the near future.