Sunday, January 6, 2013

Yeah, So...

NaBloPoMo did not happen. I am sorry about that. There are good reasons why it didn't, but I won't bother you with them here.

Christmas Break was lovely. The few weeks before that were not. Why? Well, this I will explain in a little detail.

One week into December my landlady announces the rent is going up and I have to pay for the entire apartment. A $400 difference in cost. Yeah, not happening.

a) I am poor
b) The apartment is SOOOO not worth that amount
c) well, I am poor.

So, the journey began looking for a place. Lucky me, there were lots of options. Yay insane number of girls going on missions from Mormon Mecca (aka Provo).

But the apartments/rooms were small, I couldn't handle the cost of downpayments (hello, Christmas!), and other little problems were popping up.

Biggest problem: I would need to move by December 23rd. Why? Because I was flying home for Christmas and flying back on the 1st of January!!

The weekend of the 23rd became the weekend from you know was awful. Too many things. Packing, moving (I found a place), recital, End of the World Party (at moments I wish it really had been), and many other little things.

Tell you what, I was soooo glad to be on the plane finally.

It was so stressful. And it was so nice to have a 9 day break to recoop and to enjoy the loves, hugs and kisses of my adorable nephew.