Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Talk

Spent at least an hour on the phone with one of my best friends this evening.

That automatically made it a good day.

She has had quite the month (or so)...gave birth after years of frustration and disappointment to her first baby, 3 days later her husband reported to deploy to Iraq, and in the last week experienced her first earthquake (9 miles from the epicenter) and a hurricane for icing on the cake.

And yet she still pushes through.

Her little man is getting chunky and is responding to her playing. She's looking to the future. She's concerned about her friends. And with all that's on her plate, she still thought to ask about how I am.

Grateful she grabbed me that day in college on the stairs of Gammage and asked me to be her friend. She was the answer to years of prayers on my part and to her own prayers at that time. I am very blessed she is in my life. Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he insisted I go to ASU. :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Little Shopping Therapy

I came SOOOOO close to buying a Coach bag. A real, useful, everyday purse. It was baby blue. And with all the discounts (clearance + 30% off) $55.00 or so...which is about $15 more than what I have paid for a purse in the past. It was roomy, one strap, totally useful.

Could not bring myself to buy it. I couldn't justify it. Not until after I make my next trip home to see my rapidly growing nephew.

I spent the summer barely surviving. Yep. Made just enough to pay the essential-to-pay bills, and left the other ones to wait until a little extra money showed up on my doorstep.

I haven't been to Sonic for a couple of weeks, and before that it had been about 3 weeks. I think I may swear Sonic off all together until after Christmas...well, except for tots...and maybe an occasional Sundae Shake (they are kind of amazing). I spent SO much money there, it's ridiculous.

Anyways. Got my first paycheck since May where I am truly making more money than I need to survive. So I paid a BUNCH of not-so-essential-to-pay bills, paid rent early, and am figuring out the best weekend to head home. Unfortunately not Labor Day Weekend due to a recital and some Church stuff that needs to be taken care of that weekend. So the first or second weekend after that.

Now, with all that, and another paycheck or two that are expected, I will have some money to spare.


Oh, it's been SOOOO long (ok, 3 months) since I really had money to spend on not-so-essential-but-totally-useful-and-nice-to-wear-clothing and other items of similar importance. :)

AND apparently this entire year I have lived here in Utah, a FABULOUS outlet mall has been within an hour drive...I even passed it on a couple of fun occasions.

This Outlet includes a Coach Factory Outlet (if you couldn't guess), Ann Taylor (3 tops, less that $50.00, thank you VERY much), a candy store for adults (forgot the name of it, but we bought goodies...), and other such lovely places.

I really could've bought that bag. The money is in the account.

BUT it is not as essential as new shirts (some bug ate holes through a bunch of my brand spanking new as of the Spring work shirts...I hope I get to reprimand that bug in the hereafter), measuring cups, and some really good chocolate. Moose bites and Belgian Chocolate with Sea Salt and Almonds...d.i.v.i.n.e.

Or as essential as making sure I really can afford a trip home to Mom, Dad, Sister, Bro-in-law, and Icee (I am sticking with that name for now, even though his nickname with everyone else is becoming Ike).

All this was experienced with my friend Melissa from my ward. I have since discovered after our ventures through World Market that she has never been to a Whole Foods, which I about had a heart attack when I saw it as we were pulling away. We are planning another trip to have lunch there and another shopping venture.

Maybe Coach will leave that bag for me...and there will be an even BETTER sale! (understand...this bag was originally $200.00 or some really ridiculous amount...and VERY pretty...)

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Nope, this isn't a quip about Obama's 'change' campaign, linking it to the lowering of the US credit rating. (That was a project in the making for the last however many years we've doubled and tripled our national debt and keep printing more paper money to keep the country afloat. Time to actually pay it and lower it. A. LOT. By half and triple. I understand the economics and political aspects of having some debt with other countries, but seriously??)

Nope, this is about me. Just changing a few things in my lifestyle. Little things, but things that make a big difference I think.

Like finding ways to be more productive at home. I am very productive at work. Need to be better about that at home.

I also need to make more time for calling my besties. I've been bad about that. Had a great little talk with Julie tonight. Made me miss hanging out with her and her cute family so bad. I've really missed having regular talks. Definitely needs to be fixed.

Little things. But they make a big deal.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

No Good, Very Bad

I get to work.

Very RUDE lady calls minutes later.

Pushy customers.

Thankfully patient patients.


Two patients walk in, phone rings, other employee totally occupied.

All that and more in 3 hours.

Then the afternoon.

Printing, phone calls, sorting, replacing, more printing, teachers, more printing, replacing, running reports, printing, organizing.

Ready for another weekend.

My word, but it was a Monday Monday.

BUT...things are looking a bit cheery for the rest of the week!

I got a Spotify invite FINALLY thanks to my friend Clint! Yay Clint, thanks so much!! They really do have everything on there. INCLUDING a bad recording of the 2000 National High School Honor Orchestra, which I was a member of way back when. The Ravel sounds good, but the Straus and Copland leave much to be desired recording wise...if you look up the CD, listen just to the last track. Not sure how it happened, but it is clearly a terrible recording. We played decent...there are quite a few spots where you cringe it's so out of tune, BUT you can't even appreciate that because the recording itself is just so bad. I find it funny that the recording made it on there, badness and all.

I am going to see the Sound of Music, the musical I tried out for at the beginning of the summer, with a cousin and her friends. Yay!

I also received an invite to attend a masquerade ball. Kind of super excited about this. I have to get a mask. Absolutely required for attendance. :) Yay...good time shall be had by Elizabeth. Need to figure out what to wear, as I really can hardly fit into anything formal I own. We'll see. :) Maybe I'll rent something for the night. I really want something with loads of black lace...I think it would be so much fun!

So despite the Monday of the week, the rest of the week is looking up!

So, for your listening pleasure, and because the rest of this week should be 'some kind of wonderful' please enjoy:

Oh. And the very rude lady? She got a no nonsense talking to by my boss. I was championed! :D Totally made that hour SO much better.

Friday, August 5, 2011

When You Wish...

I wish I might have the means to go to Arizona tomorrow...or even Saturday.


K, I guess that's a no? :( (imagine the frowny smiley as a pitiful look with a little lower lip action going)


Well, it was worth a shot.

Mini family reunion going on this weekend in Arizona. AND there will be 5 new cute baby boys involved in this reunion. One of which being my nephew.

Might be throwing a pity party up here. My own fault. Need to make more money. And learned too late that eating out at Sonic every other day is a bit of a strain on the bank account...and on the body...and learned that bills suck. big. time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Love Institute

I hope I never grow too old for Institute. But I also don't want to be a creepy old person who shows up to Institute and, well, you know, is creepy around the younger people. So I hope they expand the Institute program as I grow older. And I avoid being creepy.

Every Tuesday night I usually go to Institute. But the moment I first get home from work, the thoughts start pouncing on me...'oh, it's so nice to be home...I don't want to leave until morning.' 'You won't miss much by missing a class, just go next week.' 'There is SO much stuff to do that you haven't done and you have no excuse not to do it. Tuesday night is the night to do it.' 'Seriously Elizabeth, you are 29, you are NOT going to meet Prince Charming tonight.' (that one is my FAVORITE)


'But it's Institute!'

Yes, that is my battle cry against all the other ones. I just love it. Part of the reason my 4 years at Arizona State were the best of my life was because of that glorious building on campus and the classes I took and the people I met.

The summer class I currently am attending has been team taught; one of the teachers I had during the fall semester last year. Love him, and have come to love the new teacher. Glad I made the decision to attend this summer.

It's amazing when the lesson is just for me. Tonight it was. Made me realize a new perspective on a few things. I am making a turn on a few Gospel related things. It's a great thing.

Just wanted to voice my love for it. Go if you can!!