Monday, May 19, 2014

I was going to...

...write an entire blog post complaining about my non-functioning knee and all the things I can't do with it. Instead, I am going to write about something good.

This whole time I've been down and out, I have had a running joke that keeps on keeping on...and it hasn't been pushed by me.

I got my toenails done a week before the fateful accident. I decided to get gel-nails done, so that they would last and last. It was an extremely smart decision on my part.

Fast forward to 30 minutes after the accident. Sister missionary shows up, is helping, comforting, etc. She looks down at my toes and says: At least your nails look good!

Folks, that was the first time I stopped crying. I laughed.

The mission nurse shows up: At least your nails look good!

Nurse at the ER: Your nails look great!

Friend who took care of me for 72 hours straight: At least your nails look good!

A few more times, especially after I got home: At least your nails look good!!

So folks. The lesson learned is: I am forever and always going to get my toes done with gel nails.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

So This is a Story...

All about how my life got turned upside down.

Once upon a time I was living in paradise. Well, paradise with potholes and people who persistently disobey traffic laws.

THEN: the unthinkable happened. The job disappeared.

Yes, that is all the detail you will get on the disappearance. I wasn't fired. The job just ended quite suddenly.

THEN: the even more unthinkable happened. I dislocated my knee.

No, not the one I've dislocated about 15 times (honestly, that probably isn't an exaggeration) and had surgery on. THE OTHER ONE. While I was still in paradise. Paradise with great doctors and service but terrible supplies.

And that went down one day before the job ended and two days before I was flying back to the states.

That was May 1st. I am still waiting to find out whether I need surgery on that knee or if I can start torture physical therapy right away.

So. There you have it.

It's been quite the emotional roller coaster. I loved the family I worked for...the kids, the parents, and all the other people I worked with/hung out with. I loved the beaches. I loved being warm all the time. I loved my skin and my hair in paradise. I loved finding new things to do. I loved all the new things I did do.

And it's all gone.

So, my mental status has been a little totally all over the place.

Anywho. I might be posting more. Not sure about much in my life at the moment, so we'll see if blogging will really make a huge reappearance.