Saturday, May 31, 2008

Attn: Avid Shoppers and Tax Return

Would ya'll mind keeping an eye out for Night at the Museum, wide screen version, for under $15. The full screen goes anywhere between $7.50 and $12.00 at Walmart, but either the wide screen is never in stock or they have it at the insane price of $23.95...which I of course am NOT going to pay. I just REALLY like that movie and would like to add it to my collection.



So, I am trying to decide what to do with my tax return and economic stimulus monies (so far this is the biggest return I have ever gotten and I am kinda excited about it...believe me, it really isn't that much, but I am still excited about it). Most will go into savings, some into my other bank account where I have automatic payments coming out for my car loan so that I have an extra 2 payments in there (2 week payments, not monthly payments...), some to pay off recent credit card charge for dental work...but I want to use a small chunk for something fun. K, yes, brand new car= fun, but something an ipod classic (the 80 gig, don't need 160 gigs...I mean, come on)...or a new bike.

New bike, can you believe it, would be cheaper (don't need something expensive, saw a decent lookin' one at Walmart for $76 today actually). I don't have a bike, but I also don't have a working mp3 player. Mp3 player would help pass the time at work, but being that I have gotten used to not listening to music at work and still get a lot of work, it would truly be for the purpose of entertainment...and for passing the time when traveling...but now that I have a CD player, I still have music playing...BUT I wouldn't be able to ride the bike much over summer (110 degree Fahrenheit + bike ride = dead Elizabeth) except in the early morning (when Elizabeth is sleeping) or in the evenings (when Elizabeth should be partying, dating, dancing...which never happens (I swear, I haven't heard of one dance except the country dances in two months, I think they killed them), so I guess that would work out and would give me something to look forward to everyday after work...hmm...

But I REALLY want an ipod...maybe I should ask for that for Christmas and get the bike...then I can put more money towards the credit card...hmm...

There are of course other things I could buy, but those are the preeminent ones on my mind at the moment. What do you think, ipod vs. bike...thoughts???

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Miracle of the Day

Remember last...oh, October, I said I got reading about I pull up a picture of me wearing them:

(me in October)

Pretty cute, huh? Okay, so I was giving a ride to a girl in my ward who is in a wheelchair and another girl, and it was taking me a while to fold up the chair, put it into the car, etc., so I was a little exasperated by the time I got over to my car door to get it...lo and behold, it was locked...because my snazzy new car only opens by key entry, NOT by nifty-difty remote-control-clicker-thing-a-ma-giggers. So I have to go digging through what I lovingly call the bottomless pit:

...for my car keys...pull out some stuff, wallet, glasses, phone, finally find the key to the car. I get into said car and start driving down the road when...

"BOMP, BOMP, Pheww!!!"

I conveniently left something (wasn't sure what) out on the front of my car when I went looking through my purse. Whatever it was (just in case you don't know what "BOMP BOMP Pheww means) fell off of my car and onto the road. I pull the next parking lot and discover my reading glasses and the case were not in my purse. "Yeah, it didn't sound like my wallet, it was too hollow" said slightly frantic heroine of our story (NO, I am not rich, my wallet is full of moneyless cards like Safeway card, Sam's Club, Costco, United Blood Services, you know, normal cards...oh, and pennies).

Our Heroine left the car lights on and the car running while she went running back to the point where the glasses fell, and there it was, her glasses case on the side of the road!!!

"Oh good" she thought when she picked up the case, which looked slightly smooshed...but not from a car running over it. But when she opened the case:

"OH NO!!!" she said, quite loudly to the nothingness that was listening to her (btw, the nothingness was quite amused by the unexpected drama that was playing out on this 88 degree Fahrenheit, clear as a bell, already dark evening). She looked and looked, they were no where around where the case had laid to rest...she look farther and farther away. And then, out of the corner of her eye she spotted them! the middle lane of the southbound traffic, just about 5 inches from the stripe. Our Heroine watched as car after car after car went running swiftly by. "No, no don't, MOVE away, no you are NOT going to change lanes!, Please don't let them be destroyed, please!". She couldn't tell for sure, but they actually looked okay from where she was standing, a lane, a stripe and five inches from the reading glasses...

Finally an opening!!! She would have to run for it, and like a professional basketball player running his drills, she ran, touched (in this case grabbed the glasses) and ran back.

A huge smile planted on her face, she began to inspect the glasses as she made her short trip back to the still running with lights on car (incidentally, the AC was also on, which if she had been driving by herself would be turned off to save gas). 'They look fine...could they really be fine? doesn't look like anyone ran over them, can you believe that? Not even a scratch on the lenses!!! How lucky they landed lenses up when they were forced from the case!'

Our Heroine got back into the car and proudly showed off her glasses and relayed the story of their rescue. She returned the glassed to their case:

And they all lived happily ever after.


Monday, May 26, 2008

The Fruits of my Labors

So it rained for three days here in Arizona. I know, craziness! So I didn't even worry about my garden, didn't even give it a second thought. I walk out Saturday afternoon when it started clearing up and I had FOUR zucchini's ready to be picked AND some yellow pear tomatoes!!! EMILY, as if I wasn't a good enough reason for you to come visit, COME for the tomatoes!!!

So, I just wanted to show them off:

The only reason why I have two is because I gave two away to BF Julie. Seriously, these babies were TINY four days ago!

Yeah, they taste as good as they look! I ate every single one of them. They were a lot smaller than I remember them being before though...

K, so I had THE most amazing dinner tonight. I was bumming around, and I realized that I had spaghetti sauce which I just bought from the store, meatballs in the freezer, spaghetti in the pantry, zucchini from the garden, eggs (borrowed from roomie...we have an understanding about food, so she will be cool with it), bread crumbs that Amber left me, olive oil above the stove, all kinds of spices...I had spaghetti with meatballs and fried zucchini!!!


...and I have LEFTOVERS!!! WOOT WOOT...:)

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Another temple in Arizona!!! This one in Phoenix!!!

Official news report HERE!

Wow, we are being overrun with temples. The news report says that the Mesa, Arizona temple is attended by more people than all the other temples in the world besides the Utah temples. COOLNESS!!!

Gosh I need to go to the temple. Hmm...I am thinking...Tuesday! After teaching my lesson. That will be a good thing to do I would think!

Wow, I can't believe this!!! This will bring the number of temples in the state of Arizona to FIVE! I wonder if we will keep getting more and more announcements...Seriously, I am SO stoked!!! Woot woot woot!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Citizenship Test...and random thoughts...

Can you pass this test? Now, BE HONEST!!! The answers will be at the end of the test:

Citizenship Test:

(DON'T cheat, answer what you can, then skip down to the bottom of this post)

1. Who is in charge of the executive branch?

2. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

3. Name one of the two longest rivers in the United States.

4. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?

5. What is the name of the Speaker of the House of Representatives now?

6. Name the U.S. war between the north and the south.

7. Why does the flag have 13 stripes?

8. Name one U.S. territory.

9. What did Susan B. Anthony do?

10. Who was president during WWI?


Another rainy day. We have had a storm system over our skies for the third straight day. I feel like I am back in Alabama!! :) Okay, not quite, but still, this is an odd thing to happen here. I heard one forecaster say that we haven't had anything like this for 100 years. NO, it's not global warming.

My roommate and I are going to deep clean the house today. I am looking forward to being finished. It will be a great feeling I think. And it will be a good thing to do when you can't go out and do stuff like BBQ/Grill Out.

Gas is just way too expensive. I mean, I don't go out nearly at all, even to the grocery store. It is hard to save money when AMPM/Shell/Chevron/Exxon/etc. keep stealing it from me. Did any of you see that news article about the congressional hearing taking place with the 5 exec's from the leading oil companies in the US. They are taking place because their profits have something like quadrupled in the last five years. And can you believe that the oil company exec's are saying that that is just the way it goes...they are defending the profits!!! Gah, it just boils me to no end. What I like is that the members of congress and the senate are absolutely grilling them. They are recognizing that if they are going to win the next election, they need to do something about these gas prices...

I think I am going to wash my car, even though it is raining. Seems pointless, I know, but I need to clean off some dirt that won't come off with rain water and it is bothering me.

I should go to Sam's Club,'s Saturday, it's Memorial weekend, and do you know how crowded it is going to be?? Gah!

I LOVE sleeping in.

I think THIS is just SOOOO cool!



1. The President of the United States of America

2. Thomas Jefferson

3. Mississippi or Missouri

4. Nine

5. Nancy Pelosi

6. The Civil War

7. Because there were 13 original colonies

8. Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, American Samoa, North Mariana Islands, Guam

9. Fought for women's rights, civil rights

10. Woodrow Wilson (who, funny enough, I get his name mixed up with Wilford Woodruff)

I was totally certain of 7 of them, and guessed right one of them. I didn't know two (Number 5 and number 10).

So how many did you get correct?

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow...and some other time

Today is a pj's, popcorn, Slipper and the Rose day. :) I love rainy days! And tomorrow is going to be another rainy day. Woot woot!


So, it's been a while. For those of you family members who couldn't be here, here are some pictures:

I think it was just yesterday we were all kids, and Bradley was the baby of us all. And now, he's home from his mission! Where did the time go???

Just some of the family who turned out at the airport. On the right you can see Bethany who was due the next day to give birth. We had a great family party, I spent the night and went swimming and hot tubbing with some of the a girl...yes, Bradley will not be one of THOSE missionaries who is weird for forever, he is quite comfy around girls.

The five brothers together again! :)

So, no the baby wasn't born Saturday. HE was born Monday, May 19th! Yes, he is a he! (Nick and Bethany decided to be surprised). 8 lbs, 7.8 ozs, 20 inches long...I think. I know the weight, not sure about the height...born at the same hospital both Nick and I were born at. (I was 8lbs 8ozs when I was born) This is the proud daddy sporting one of the baby hats and the new baby.

Nicholas Tiberius VanVleet
(PLEASE correct me if I spelled it wrong, that's what edit buttons are for!)

A video, starring Ty, with supporting actresses Aunt Alice and the nurse, with voice over by yours truly.


K, so I am SO happy that David Cook won. I haven't been this into American Idol since Season One, and I started voting for David Cook the first night I watched this season. I just LOVED what he did. So, yeah. Congratulations David Cook!

Now, did any of you see the commercials during American Idol? Some of them were just wonderful. Now, understand, I don't watch TV. I watch The Office online. This was an exception for me to actually sit down and watch American Idol this year. And not watching TV equals not seeing commercials...which may or may not have been out for quite a while...

Back to the commercials. The ones that did their job (made me want to purchase the product because they were just that good) were:

The Coldplay Commercial-because it was just cool and I like Coldplay

The Guitar Hero commercials-yes, there were two. One with David Cook as the star, the other as David Archuleta as the star. They did the exact same thing...except Archuleta was much more modest. They reenacted the part in Risky Business where Tom Cruise is just in a shirt (Archuleta wore boxers, Cook not so much...) and goes sliding across the floor and is singing and stuff. Except they are holding the Guitar Hero guitar and playing and singing...yeah, I loved those commercials.

And last but not least...

The Coca-Cola commercial:

Thursday, May 15, 2008


If you have ever lived in Arizona, you know that this: a rare site. But I love it when that produces:

...because then I don't have to water:

Yes, that is my veggie garden. I probably planted everything too close together, but oh well. Next time I will plant them further apart. I have already fertilized quite a few zucchini so I should have some squash before I move away. The tomatoes and the green peppers are starting to produce fruit, sooooo excited about that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Dentist and ABC me

Went to the dentist get FIVE fillings (it's been just over a year since I went to the dentist, and 4 of them were for old fillings that had broken down...only one new cavity). Yeah, I could have split them up, but I would rather feel miserable once rather than twice. Well, I feel extra-specially miserable. I came home, marveled at the fact that I could not move my lips (at one point they put that sucker thing to my mouth and said for me to close my lips...five tries later I gave up) and how ridiculous I looked and how difficult it was for me to drink a cup of water.

Now it just hurts.

So for your entertaining pleasure, here is one of my favorite comedy routines:


K, so I think about all of you have tagged me on this thing, so here I am finally doing it:

A- Attached or single: oh so very totally and completely single
B- Best Friend: hmm...split between Becky and Julie
C-Cake or Pie: Cake, hands down
D- Day of Choice: Thursday
E- Essential Item: temple recommend...always have it with me...that and my cell phone
F- Favorite Color: White and Green
G- Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Gummy Bears
H- Hometown: Um...good question. We moved so many times...Rio Rancho, NM is where Mom and Dad and sister reside, so I will use that
I- Indulgence(s): In-N-Out Burger, fries and chocolate shake or anything from Whole Foods Market
J- January or July: July
K- Kids: None, although I like to borrow my cousins kids :)
L- Life is incomplete without: Oxygen
M- Marriage date: about June 16th, Two Thousand Something
N- Number of Siblings: One sister, 2 best friends who might as well be sisters
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges
P- Phobias or Fears: Semi and cement trucks
Q- Quote:
funny one:Prince Edward: Giselle!
[leaps off a bridge, begins to sing]
Prince Edward: I've been dreaming of a...
[a group of cyclists collide with Prince Edward, everyone collapses]
spiritual one:
“This is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent” (John 17:3).
R- Reason to Smile: No more dentist for 6 months
S - Sappy or Adventure Movies: Sappy :) I like me an adventure every once in a while, but if you saw my movie collection, you would know my true love...
T- Tag: You're it!
U- Unknown Fact About Me: I like the cereal Grape Nuts...seriously, I do! Oh, and I have the worst gag reflex ever.
V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Beef, it's what's for dinner!!! (name that tune!)
W- Worst Habit: Sometimes I don't reply to text messages or voicemails...and I tend to be late.
X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Never had an ultrasound, although they sound pretty cool...saw my Mom getting one for her thyroid a couple of times...but I guess I should go with xray
Y- Your Favorite Food: zucchini casserole. Best food EVER!
Z- Zodiac: Aries

Monday, May 12, 2008

Suprise!!! Happy Mother's Day...Daddy...and Emily's Boy...

So I decided that since I am in Arizona that there really wasn't much of an excuse for me to not go and see my Mom for Mother's Day. So I told my sister and Dad I was coming, (first time I have EVER kept a secret from my Mom which my Dad knew about besides gifts) got in at 1:00am New Mexico (mountain time) Saturday morning...and Dad was up. I chatted with him for a bit and then went to bed (Mom still didn't know I was there). Mom woke up, went into the bathroom and noticed my makeup bag was there and actually thought 'I better call Elizabeth and tell her she left this here'...that is something that gets overnighted to me, I MUST have my make-up bag.

I am still asleep. I wake up and find her napping, so I go back to sleep for probably another hour. Then I wake up smelling toast, which means she is officially awake for the day. I sneak out and find her on the computer. I jump up and say "Surprise!!!"

At first she thought I was Emily, but recognition kicked right in and her expression was worth the 1 1/2 tanks of gas it took me to get there.

Emily and I gave her a painting of a brunette mother with two blond-headed young children who looked like they were about 3 and 1 years old, and the mother is teaching the older daughter to pray. My Mom taught me so many things on the master bed, including the Plan of Salvation (very vivid memory using the felt board and the pictures). We would play, giggle, jump (sorry for breaking the springs, Mommy), etc. Silly, but my sister and I would put our ears to Mom's tummy and she would make it gurgle and we would giggle and giggle. Wonderful, lovely memories.

Thank you Mom for being the angelic Mother you have been to Emily and I for so many years.


I just had to post this picture of Daddy n Me. Isn't he cute???


And yes, I met Emily's boy. As you can see, he is quite tall. He really is as good-looking as this and Emily's pictures make him out to be. Yes, he reminds me some of Barron...and he seems to have his head screwed on right. He can sing in tune, he knows most of the Disney songs and the musicals I will let Emily continue to see him. :)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another one...and undecidedness...

So I very nearly was asked out again.

How do you get almost asked out again, you ask?

I think the real question should be, why the heck is it happening now? When I am leaving?

But to answer the first question: I already have unbreakable plans for this weekend, so I couldn't go. And then we got off subject.

And then the conversation ended: yeah, so, we should 'hang out' sometime.

May I give some constructive criticism? (and yes, he really was asking me out on a date, it was very obvious that was what was going on from what he was saying). Don't ask a girl to 'hang out'. That is buddy buddy talk. Getting to know you talk is "hey, would you like to go out (optional: on a date) sometime?"

Oh, and it was the 'other' angel guy, not THE angel guy.



I went to the store today (ULTA) determined to buy a really nice curling iron that gets really really really really hot because that is what limp, fine, oily hair needs to keep any sort of shape. I stood, stared, read, walked, picked up, put down, got distracted...

...and walked out with nothing.

Someone, would you PLEASE tell me what curling iron is a good one to get. I don't want a sucky one, I really need a good one. The one I have is good for about nothing. Hairdressers and people 'in the know', HELP!!!


Oh, and to explain the last bit in my last blog entry, last night very late when I updated, all of a sudden all of my blog entries had a rating bar on there, where you could vote for whether you like the blog post or not. It wasn't just me, one of my cousins also noticed it and mentioned it in her blog as well. Perhaps they were doing a test and assumed no one would notice. I thought that was what BetaBlogger was for...hmmm...anyways.


Off to clean room and do laundry...yay for a free Thursday night! I miss institute, but I also miss free evenings.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I love edit buttons...speaking of reflections...and good news

I love edit buttons. As you can see from my last blog, especially if you read my blog regularly and memorize what I write, I edited it. The date really wasn't that bad, and I was unfair in a few judgment calls, and I really would go on another date with him. There are things I should have left out. I probably should edit out more things just because they are boring details, but if you know me I wouldn't be anything without my boring details...

So...note, the music section didn't change. I stand by what I said there. :)


I discovered that the Reflections of Christ display is still up at the Mesa Temple Visitors Center. GO SEE IT!!! It is awesome!!!


Okay, so since I was evidently in a bad mood when I wrote the last blog post the first time, and I think I have been in a bad mood for a while, and it may be due in part to the fact that I read bad news (I mean, go looking for good news...I don't mean the Gospel, just news articles about good things happening...there are some, but most news makers or at least -eye- catchers are bad) on breaks and just whenever. So, I am now officially on the search for good news articles. And lo and behold, I found one in the music section of the NYTimes:


It involves a cab driver, a Stradivarius violin (worth FOUR million $$$$'s) and retirement. Yeah, you should be itching to know the story. I love it. And you have to read the WHOLE thing. Go. Read it. Now! :)


WHOA, where did this rating stuff come from??? Hey, give me a 5 star rating! Do it! PLEEEEEEEEEEESE!!?? :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Date Number Two and Fireside Musical Numbers and Ironman

After some reflection, I decided to edit the first portion of this sounded like the date really wasn't good. It actually was a good date overall...

I just discovered that I didn't actually say what I did on the second date, I only posted on his pros and cons. So, this is what happened on date number two:

He picked me up later than I thought he said he was picking me up, but I realized that he may have told me a later time, so I was probably mistaken about the time...

Drove me in his very nice, recently detailed Honda Accent (the REALLY nice one)...and had to ask me to grab his planner to get the flier for the stake guy ask girl activity which we were going to. I didn't really mind, he tried to grab it and the light turned green, so he asked if I wouldn't mind...

Parked in the Church parking lot right next to the stake presidents house and walked over (he conveniently parked on the complete opposite side of the parking lot so that it would be easier to get out...which ended up being useless because we left earlier than most of the crowd did anyways...oh well, good idea...) to the stake presidents house (more like a mansion with a backyard that I thought was a park originally). It was all outdoors. The guys had to pay $20 for the ticket (1 ticket per couple), it was catered by some really nice Mexican restaurant in Phoenix (I find it very hard to believe that I have never even heard of this place, let alone eaten there...I thought I had eaten at every worthwhile Mexican place here). The tortillas were 18 inches in diameter...he had to teach me how to make a burrito, which was fun. Yes, in all my Mexican food experience I have never actually made a burrito until that night. It's funny, cause since then I have made two more.

Anyways, we sat at a table with seating for eight of which none had been filled yet. We were about halfway through our meal when three couples from out ward filled up the other seats. Three of the guys, including my date, were the ward clerks...yes, we have three. Why, I don't know...(duh, after re-reading this, I realized one is the financial, one the membership and one overall, I knew that!)

They had two places where you could get your picture taken with your date...we got in the shorter-but-the-photographer-takes-forever-line...and were going to do a group picture, but ended up being a him-and-me picture by the time we got up there. The theme for this dinner/activity was Fiesta de T A U S (tempe arizona university stake), so they had all kinds of dress up stuff to wear for the picture.

Mariachi band came in for entertainment...that was cool until they decided to do Karaoke Mariachi me, it was painful. Hilarious only once. Painful the rest of the time (musician).

Then we left with a ton of people from my ward and headed to one of the Bishopric's house (we went into the backyard cause we have activities at his place quite often, I saw the Brother who is in the Bishopric in the living room, I sneaked up to the window and scared the pants off of him-not literally, figuratively-It was AWESOME!!!) to watch Nacho Libre (to keep up with the theme of the dinner of course). My date had never seen it, and he didn't like School of Rock, so...wasn't sure he was going to like this one. I have to admit, I don't care for some of the Jack Black movies I have seen, but I LOVE Nacho Libre. Anyways, the DVD was all screwed up, so most of us left and he took me home.

The end.


WARNING: I am a professional musician, and as such, I have high standards for anything that involves music, so please understand that this is a vent.

I LOVE CES firesides. I do not LOVE the choirs that perform for them.

Perhaps I am a bad person for saying this, but being that they are held at the Marriott Center on BYU campus and they have a good music program there and there are lots of members of the Church who are fabulous musicians ...WHY CAN'T there be fabulous musical numbers for these firesides? I am sorry, but no matter how hard I try, I have a really tough time feeling the Spirit when the musical number is just plain horrible. I would rather listen to silence.

My argument is that something that is unorganized, unpracticed, etc. and does not sound beautiful is not inviting to the Spirit.

Most musical numbers I hear in Church are not perfect, but they are for the most part beautiful. A missed note hear and there won't throw me. It's when it's consistent. Like the Easter program in my family ward where the flautist (who was late!) was a semi-tone flat...excruciatingly painful. The choir was good though.

Be together, be in tune. That is all I want.

Children singing out of tune, well, they are children and they abound in inviting the Spirit a lot of the time. But even children can be taught to be together and be in tune, I learned that first hand in Tuscaloosa when I was the primary chorister.

Kicker: the fireside topic tonight was music. I kid you not. I know, CES fireside not on marriage, who would've thunk? Seriously, I don't remember the last fireside that didn't even mention marriage once (excepting of course the introduction of his wife).

The musical number with Elder Nelson's daughters and granddaughters in the middle of his talk was wonderful. I loved it. I loved the talk. Really fabulous points made in his talk, and I loved how he talked about the effects of long term exposure to loud music on the ear drums...don't you just love doctors?

And then the choir sang again. WHY!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!???!!?!?!?!!

This is what the real problem is: the songs they sang were difficult, unfamiliar songs. The institute choir that sang isn't a professional choir. It is a bunch of students getting together who love to sing, some with better voices than others, with a director who doesn't know how to direct most of the time.

Now, from what I was able to gather, Elder Nelson requested those songs. Point blank, if an apostle asks you to perform those songs as an institute choir, you do it, whether you sound like a donkey braying or not. And really, it wasn't horrible all the time. They actually, to my complete and utter surprise and delight, ended the last song very well. Goodness, though, I wish they had taken 8 good strong voices out of the choir and sang the two hymns as a double quartet.

Sorry, I am just a professional musician that needed to vent. I will be better now.


Go see Ironman. It was good, it was worth it.

And sorry, I missed the memo, Robert Downey Jr. was cast as the main man? I thought he was in rehab or jail or both still...anyways, he did a good job I thought. I will buy it. (funny, I think I mentioned this once before, but there is a VERY good looking guy at work...his name actually is Robert Downey Jr...seriously, I checked, I found him in my Outlook mail, that is his real name).

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good and Bad...that about covers it

The company I work for recently put in a new policy where we can't access our personal email accounts. I was ready for that. Not happy, but ready.

Then I tried to get to my blog...and guess what?! Yep, they blocked that too. In fact, the Google search page was blocked for a while too, but I actually need that to do my job, and so do a number of other people who happen to work for the company as well.

Anyways, not happy.

The bad that is coming from this: I don't get to check my email during the day, which was rather convenient, ya know! And I don't read all of your blogs everyday now. Not that I always checked all of your blogs everyday, cause I didn't, cause I would actually blogstalk too...K, really, I am not that obsessed with blogs, trust me. I just like to check up on all of you. I really think these things are wonderful.

The good that is coming from this: I don't spend my whole break checking out every moment of all ya'lls lives. :) I actually take a break.

Also, I am reading news articles, bio's and other such stuff and its been fabulously interesting. I find cool stories, sad stories, etc, but it's fascinating! And sometimes really fun. For example, here are a few of the stories/websites/searches I found/did today:

Fun story in the NYtimes (wedding section, usually I am in the music section, but I felt inspired to click on wedding for some reason and I am glad I did!)

The food crisis -this link will take you to the news search I did...they are flinging blame everywhere...stop flinging it, start fixing it!!!

The Santa Fe Opera -seriously one of the coolest venues you could ever perform in or go to, it is a covered outdoor stage, gets seriously cold if you go too early, late in the year, but the performance will be worth it, it is world class stuff. GO!

Oh, and I found an article somewhere, and don't feel like finding it now, where in California they are planting half a million acres of rice because of said food shortage. Pray for good weather/no big earthquakes in Cali until we get this crop in.


That's all. I am tired. Still don't feel good. If you want to get in touch with me, you will have to come and knock down my window or just wait for me to wake up. This girl is sleeping in, the phone is being put on silence, ear plugs are being put in!!! Woot!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Hair!!! and forgetting...

I have a new hair do. Picture will come. I LOVE IT! My cousin Janel did it for me. Blonde and red highlights, and a layered bob. Love it! I fixed it when I got home. LOVE IT!!!


So Tuesday night I spent a very enjoyable evening at my friends house, playing with her daughter, trying to get baby boy to stop crying (that boy eats and eats and eats and THEN finally sleeps)...and then I proceeded to leave my phone there. SO mad. I had a hard time getting to sleep. I was so worried about where it was, wasn't sure if I had REALLY left it there, looked under the seats of my car probably 8 times. SO worried about all the people that might need to get in touch with me. Couldn't remember anyones number except Mom and sister...

Finally get to my phone: a missed call from sister to call her back and a text from a friend letting me know her phone number changed. No emergencies...what-so-ever.

K, I exaggerate.

But still

WHY am I so dependent on this stupid little thing!?