Saturday, November 24, 2012


Did you see??! Did you see?!

Alabama was beating Auburn 42 to 0 at HALFTIME!! Which is when I left with my cousin to do some shopping...

I only missed one touchdown. I'm betting the second or third strings came on to have the lovely experience of playing football during the regular season. Or Auburn's defense got a clue. It's a toss up!

Ahem...ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Here Turkey Turkey Turkey...

This is the post where you get to hear the rest of my cooking a turkey for the first time story, but lucky you, now you get PICTURES!

The first part was already covered, so here are the pictures that go along with the previous post. Above is the mixture pre-boiling over...

And obviously, this is AFTER boiling over. The nice this is that I didn't have to skim anything off the top of the mixture...

These are the ingredients that went into the brine.

This is the turkey post brining...and thoroughly defrosted, slightly covered in butter and almost put into the pan at the left.

Oh, and here is a picture of the bucket with what's left of the brining mixture...

...and another picture of the bucket. Apparently I was attached to it and it was very important to document.

And here is the lovely turkey in the oven bag which is in the pan which is in the oven which is preheated...

Let me tell you, putting a buttered raw turkey into a great big plastic bag is no easy task. And I had to do it TWICE! I forgot to follow the instructions on the Reynolds oven bag box to put a tablespoon of flour into the bag and shake it around to keep it from bursting...did you know flour can keep a bag from bursting? Yeah, neither did I. 350 degrees...

For 3 1/2 hours. I made the clock, oven and even the turkey nervous watching and looking at it...

And here is the finished product!! Now, don't let the somewhat blackened skin turn's the butter that time I am going to listen to my Daddy and use oil.

I'll tell you what, nothing made me happier than seeing the little red thingy on the bird popped means the turkey was done! Man, it was SOOOOOOOO yummy!

And this is a bowl full of turkey drippings!! And there was at least another 2-3 cups in the oven bag after I pulled this out...I still need to figure out what to do with all of this lovely juice...

And here is the gravy I made, not from the drippings, but from the broth from the giblets. I took pictures of the giblets, but I decided they really are gross, so I am not showing you.

Here is the carved bird...

And the table we sat at to enjoy all our lovely food. The turkey was SOOOOO good and juicy. We (my cousin and I) had to make a Walmart run, so I'm glad I started the turkey when I was still nice and warm by the time we got to my other cousin's in-laws home.

It was so fun to have Thanksgiving with so many of my Madsen cousins! And to steal a thought from a friend on Facebook, I am so glad I didn't kill anyone from food poisoning.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ghost of Thanksgivings Past...

Been pondering where and who I was with for past Thanksgivings. Most obviously were with my immediate family. But there have been quite a few I have spent away from home.

While in Alabama, I spent 5 Thanksgivings there. One was with the Hutchison's, one of my FAVORITE families out there. Jan whipped up a marvelous feast. One was with my roommate Lindsey. That Thanksgiving was memorable...her sister-in-law gave birth while we were up there. I felt terribly intrusive being there during this momentous occassion! It slightly messed up the main meal, but it was fixed. I also lost my driver's license and credit cards while I was there...the insert to my wallet fell out of my purse/bag and none of us could find it.

Another was with my boyfriend at the time Mark. It was a grand family affair. It was neat to do a Thanksgiving with such a large family. I had a great time! And the food was amazing.

Another I spent with the Willis family...that was probably the BEST Thanksgiving I spent away from home. Stephanie was the second counselor in the YW presidency, and I was the secretary. Her birthday was the day before, I believe, so not only did we have a feast but there was birthday goodies as well! And we all went Black Friday shopping together, we watched movies, I fell down the stairs...good times!

I believe, if I remember correctly, I spent Thanksgiving once in Atlanta with Reva and her family! One of my favorite people, we had a blasty blast of a time!

I also think I spent one Thanksgiving with my extended family in Arizona one year instead of making the drive home.

This is my second Thanksgiving in Utah. I did head home one Thanksgiving since moving here, but I decided it would be far better to stay here this weekend and not have to stress about driving and weather and such.

One Thanksgiving was spent with my cousin John, his family and his Uncle's family. We had a lovely time that year.

The best Thanksgivings though are the ones when I get to be home with my parents and sister, and now with her family. My Dad usually smokes the turkey, which makes it super flavorful. It's quite yummy...

And now I am making my own turkey. We are having a Madsen cousin Thanksgiving (plus a few from John's in-laws family...)! I feel so grown up!! Praying that the gravy and turkey and everything turn out!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Adventures in Brining...

So, I think I am soooooo smart, and so besides actually purchasing the needed ingredients for preparing the turkey did I give one slight thought that I should start making the brine BEFORE lunch today? Oh, NO! (HEAVY SARCASM FONT) I will have PLENTY of time to make it and get the turkey into it over my lunch break.

HA! (very loud...)

I get home after leaving work late, going to the bank to deposit a check, AND going to Wendy's to grab a burger and a frosty. Still, PLENTY of time.

HA HA HA! (think My Fair Lady)

Apple juice, brown sugar, salt. Bring to boil. Then let it get cold. It boiled over (thankfully I beat the fire alarm) and do you know how long it takes something that boiled to get cold? Think jello people...


Cut, slice, measure and smash the rest of the ingredients.

Then I pull out the turkey.

It's pretty much ROCK SOLID. Ugh! So I put it in the 5 gallon bucket with too much cold water in it (have to wash my kitchen floor...double UGH!) to help it defrost enough so I can retrieve the neck and giblets.

40 minutes later, I force the legs to separate enough to get said items.

And the boiled mixture is still warm. Even after I put it in the fridge. Next time, it's going in the FREEZER!!

In the mean time, I have a lesson to teach at 3:45. It's now 3:15. I add the cold water and other cut up ingredients, and that makes it cool enough to add the turkey. Thank HEAVEN.

I was able to, during my luxurious off minutes, figure out how to remove the shelves in the fridge (that is a handy thing to know) and put the bucket with the brining mixture and turkey onto the second shelf.

I leave the house at 3:24ish. Make it to the studio at 3:41. Grateful for no more construction zones on the freeway and the lovely fact that I was able to elude all state highway patrolmen/women.

As I'm on my way, I have a lovely vision of the second shelf in my fridge not being able to hold a load of a 5 gallon bucket with a turkey and brining mixture in it. The shelf gave way, the door of the fridge (being incredible old and weak) opens, out bursts the bucket, the lid of course pops off, and there is brining mixture and a lovely 20 pound only halfway frozen turkey in the middle of my kitchen floor. It smells divine.

Gratefully, it was only a vision. A quick pleading prayer, a few lessons (1 cancelled and 1 no showed) and a car ride later and I discovered my second shelf is still in tact.

Oh happy day. I am somewhat documenting this experience with the hopes of putting pictures up so you can enjoy the experience along with meself. Oh, I hope it turns out well!!!!........

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Shopping, Shopping, Singing!! and...Petite??

The turkey is in hand people! And it's...big...and frozen...and kinda scary to be honest with you. My Daddy always handled this part of the program...ack!

I was able to remember most of the ingredients for the brine on the first go around, but I discovered I needed WHOLE cloves, not ground ones, and I forgot the Reynold's Oven Bag (which is God's gift to Thanksgiving Turkey cookers apparently) and a few other things. Thankfully I have a routine on Tuesday evenings which allowed me to take care of acquiring these artifacts.

Most Tuesday evenings I have my singing class. It's my favorite night of the week. I have an excellent teacher and an excellent (and I have to admit fairly good looking...yes, a 'he') classmate. I am doing things with my voice I have never been able to do.

Before said class, I travel to the small local grocery and purchase a water bottle. I also sometimes purchase cookies from their bakery. And if there is a need for other grocery items, I may also get them at the same time.

Now, for the funny part of this post. After getting these items and traveling to my class, we talked a lot, warmed up, sang, and when the next class showed we were about to start the group song when the other teacher asked a student what part she was singing. My teacher mocked her and asked how she could ask; that just by looking at her, you could tell she was a soprano. She screamed soprano in her looks.

So, I took the bait. I asked him if I looked like a soprano.

The girl they were talking about is maybe 5 feet and skinny and petite as heck.

I am not.

After a few moments of reflection, my teacher said yes. Then we rehearsed the song. After the group song, we traveled into another room to finish our class. As we were walking over there, my teacher said the following: 'Now, this may seem strange to you, but I really do mean it. You really are petite.'


I laughed. and laughed and laughed and laughed.

And then he went on to explain that the parts of me made of cartilage were in actuality very small. He points to my ear and asks my classmate if my ear looked like a soprano's ear (now he was making jest...I think) and I proceeded to go red in the face and hide all my 'petite' features from the world.

So...I'm petite?

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday, Monday...

Considering this is the Monday of a 3 day work week, it really felt more Wednesdayish to me...although rather Mondayish things happened...such as the computer system we use at the morning gig failing big time. I could look at it all I wanted, I just couldn't add, edit, enter, etc. VERY ANNOYING.

But really, this is going to be a lovely week no matter what. Pay day is tomorrow, I get to have a big meal with a bunch of people I love, shopping, and the Iron Bowl. Who could complain, huh?

Who wants to take bets on how many of my students end up cancelling on me this week (or no showing, like student #1 did tonight?)? I bet at least one more doesn't come. I mean, it is a holiday weekend...I am actually surprised I was able to reschedule them all.

Hoping I can get all my shopping done before the stores get shopping, not the other shopping. Have a list of things I need to get to brine my turkey! Oh, and I need a turkey. Eeps, the thing will need to defrost...hope the salt in the brine will help it along...


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Cooking a Turkey

Yes, me. I'm cooking a turkey. All by my lonesome. Well, I suppose I could ask someone to come over and cheer me on, but, yeah, you know...that pride thing...yeah.

Thankfully I have a Facebook with friends and family who have all kinds of experience in such things, so that I CAN figure a turkey out. Apparently Reynold's turkey bags are a must! Who knew? Well, apparently most of my facebook friends did...

Anywho, going to brine it the night before somehow. Need a bucket...that will fit in my fridge. Need to finish up a few yogurts and other things that are in my fridge.

Man, this is going to be fun! At least I can say I've cooked a turkey all by my lonesome after this weekend! Go me!

And...good Sabbath all.

Dream Wedding

No, not mine. I dreamt about a friends wedding. Well, a former friend of mine.

Once upon a time ago, we were really close friends. Best friends. But twice she cut me out of her life, and she got married mere months after the second time.

I haven't thought about her in a very long time. And this dream, it was so real. I was really hurt that she didn't invite me to her wedding. I mean, we were such close friends! In my dream, I think I was a bridesmaid or even her maid of honor. I don't think she would've invited me to be either, she had so many sisters and she was close with them all. But the dress she chose for me to wear was gorgeous, and her dress was absolutely breathtaking. She looked so happy and we chatted it up during my dream. It was really fun, actually!

Maybe this dream was a gift from Heavenly Father. I finally got to attend her wedding.

I decided a long time ago that if she were to re-enter my life that I wouldn't allow us to become close like we once were. I just couldn't handle a third time being shut out of someone's life whom I truly cared about. But really, I imagine if somehow (however unlikely) we were to ever meet up again, we would probably pick up where ever we left off. Maybe. I don't know, really.

Listening to Rachmaninoff this morning in honor of her memory. Can't listen to it without thinking about her. Can't tell you how many times I listened to her practice his amazing works.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Have you ever been to a mall opening? They are wonderful things to attend.

But an OUTLET Mall opening? EVEN BETTER.

The nice thing about Outlet Malls is that pretty much everything is on sale. The amazing thing about when they open is that a) everything is on even more of a sale than usual and b) they have drawings, free giveaways, and other opening day wonderfulness...

I only bought one thing. A long sleeved shirt from Banana Republic. I never buy things from there unless they really do fit and they are on sale. Well, this really did fit and it really was on sale.

It was a good day. And tomorrow will be too. But not for worldly reasons.

Friday, November 16, 2012


To round off the work week well, I decided to make dinner for a change. As in, actually cook a meal rather than snack on whatever doesn't involve me having to work much...

On the menu for tonight: Meatloaf. 

I have gotten in the very interesting habit of not exactly following a recipe when I cook. I have cooked for long enough now that I don't really need to follow a least for the basic stuff. Baking, I still follow most recipes with exactness, but cooking, nah. I will browse around a bunch of recipes and then do what sounds good to me...or rather, do what works with what I have on hand.

And with that, I just remembered I didn't stick any carrots in there. Dangit. I could've even Magic Bulleted them into a puree...oh well, that can be a side dish I guess.

And this is an example of most of my high school writing examples. All. Over. The. Place.

Good smells...smiling at me...nothing but good :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Work Out

First time going to the gym in at least a month. Went and just walked for 30 minutes. Was a little winded at the pace I was going, but my legs feel pretty good.

Alright, I suppose it's time to let out a secret. (NO Emily, it's not the one you keep bugging me about)

I have talked a friend...maybe two...into running a half marathon with me. But not just ANY half marathon...

Yep. The Disneyland Half Marathon. I have until the end of August to get all these pounds across a finish line after 13.1 miles of running/walking at a 16min/mile pace. Yeah.

I am officially starting a training program on Tuesday, but a brisk walk is a good way to warm up to the actual training. I actually need to figure out how to implement my training program at the gym...

But, there you have it. By my birthday I should be able to actually do the 16 minute pacing, so then I can start slightly improving it. But I'll keep pace with a friend who is going to do the impossible with me.

NOTE: There IS a chance we may do the Tower of Terror 10 miler instead at Disneyworld...but I am going to push for the Disneyland one this year. :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Song

Well, I think I have chosen THE song for my Christmas Recital.

Drumroll Please:

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Maria Wiegenlied::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

What, haven't heard of it? How about the Virgin's Lullaby? Still haven't heard it?? Yeah, not surprised. Not a very popular Christmas song, however beautiful it is. Sissel performed it at the Christmas MoTab thing she participated in. Dame Joan Sutherland also performed it rather beautifully. I am going to do something in between the two. Not as fast as Joan, but with the same arrangement...not as slow as Sissel, but with a sound that more closely follows her.

AND the duet for me and my classmate will be Walking In The Air.

I'm still a bit bitter about the whole Once Upon A December thing. Did I mention it? The teachers sons girlfriend hijacked it from me. (sorry if I seem to be complaining about this a just bugs me...this isn't the first time it has happened...)

And scene.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The E-Flat

A self analysis of my performance for the Halloween Recital.

First of all, go to my facebook page and watch the first 7 minutes of the can skip ahead about 30 seconds actually. I really need to edit the thing somehow.

Alright. So, considering this was the first actual coloratura soprano piece, it was pretty good I think. The high note placement, while not consistently in tune, was in a good spot. I got through the whole thing. And I semi-acted the part.

Things that need improving: I need to put those dang hands AWAY!! They move all OVER the place, and most of the time make absolutely no sense

I need to sing in tune ALL the time.

Needed better phrasing. And acting.

Need to not forget the notes. BUT I remembered every single word! Improvement!

And I could really keep going, but I don't want to feel bad about what really was a good performance. And it will get better with time. I may be doing a competition with the piece. So a few more months of it and ta dah! It will be awesome...right?

Oh, and I nailed that E-flat! Although when I ended the pitch, I ended it high...

So, what did you think?

Monday, November 12, 2012


A few weeks ago I did one of my favorite things to do.

I asked the facebooks what book I should read next.

Really, you ought to try it. It's an amazing thing to do. I have a list of 40 books, plus 5 authors and a few goodreads booklists to now devour. It totally made my month.

(If you are interested, check out the status update from October 16th on my facebook'll love it too, I promise)

To stave off insane loneliness and depression, I read. Read and read and read. I am a much healthier person when I do this. Really, I am. I read about women with gumption (looooooooove that word) and I want to soak in the best of their characters and become more like them. I read about men with heart, or men who lack it, and wonder about Mr. Right out there, which one he is...

I read about adventures. I read about pain. I read about wonderous things. I just love it.

I do believe historical fiction is my favorite type of fiction. Although I love a good science fiction, as long as it isn't too techie...

And I LOOOOOOOOVE memoirs and biographies. Real people. Real experiences. They really are wonderful.

So I am off again reading. I am off to India tonight. :) Night.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Warbling (and an FYI)

The choir sang today for Sacrament. They did an excellent job. It was a super easy song though.

BUT the song we are (hopefully) singing in two weeks is incredibly difficult. I hope they are up for it. Considering what I have put them up to over the last 6 months, they totally have got it. We just need to run a lot more times...

And then we have Christmas to start. We have been asked to do three songs.

At first I was thinking of doing all three atypical songs for Christmas Sunday service. But then I thought better of it. If we were going to do that, they would all be in minor and it would be the most depressing Sacrament service ever known to man.

So, we are only going to one that is in minor: Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel. There is a lovely arrangement of it in those Hymnplicity books. I am hoping the other two I can purchase a good version of a carol...gotta get the monies approved for it first though...:)

Whatever we do, the closing hymn will be Silent Night. It's too good and too inspired a song to NOT sing it as the closing hymn. I think the choir will do the first two verses and then the congregation will come in on the last...cause the congregation needs to be involved.

(FYI, apparently none of my blog posts for the last three days were posted...not sure how that happened, but they are there now. Feel free to peruse them at will...)

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I had a gig today!! It was sooooo nice to get to play in a string's been WAAAAY too long.

The gig was a fantastic idea too...

It was a Royal King and Queen Etiquette Ball...or something like that.

The local Home-Schooling super-group came up with an idea to teach all their kids good manners and dancing techniques. The kids were 14-18 years old. Apparently it was a multi-day experience for them. They learned how to speak, eat, treat ladies and gentlemen, etc. Then the night of the big event, they dressed in their very best finery, adorned themselves with crowns and tiaras, and the young men escorted the ladies to their seats, ate a lovely 3 course meal which was served by the kids fathers, and then danced.

The dinner was amazing (they fed the poor starving musicians afterwards, soooo yummy, it was catered), and the kids danced to our waltzes and tangos. Would be a great thing to do for a youth conference I think.

In a moment of self-realization, I discovered my sight-reading skills have gone the way of the world. Need to do something about that. Hooray for a paying gig! AND I got a free meal AND a tiara out of it. Yes, the musicians were given tiaras to wear for the event. I love it!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Wreck-It Ralph

Watched it. Loved it. Will buy it.

Super cute. Catchy lines. Clever interactions between various retro arcade games and more up to date ones.

Yeah, go see it. Good for everyone.

Went with my friend Karee. She is on a working out binge at the moment. Which is good, it's kinda rubbing off on me in that we are going to work out together at least some days during the week.

Well, she was SUUUUUPER sore and so sitting down to watch a movie sounded perfect.

We first hit up a healthy dinner at Zupa's (LOVE this place...if you visit Utah, check it out).

Then we discovered that we would either get really not so awesome seats for James Bond or we could get foot on rail seats for Wreck-It Ralph. It was a good decision.

It was a fun night! Glad to have a friend to go with to movies!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Oh Blessed Thursday

I look forward to Thursdays. I work 5 hours at one place and 4 at the other. I am off at 7. Which is the first evening I get to myself for the week.

Mondays there is FHE. Not that I really go to FHE. But if I don't have anything else I need to do, I will go to FHE. Which doesn't exactly happen very often. My name is Elizabeth, and I am in inactive FHE goer. I usually call my Mom to have an over the phone FHE. :) Yes, it counts. I am only sealed to my Mom and Dad, so they are the only real 'family' I have FHE with anyways.

Tuesdays I have voice class. Which usually goes until 9:30. Even though it is supposed to get done at 9. I am not complaining.

Wednesdays I teach until 8:15.

So Thursdays are a relief to say the least. And BONUS: the next day is Friday. It means I survived the week.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Christmas Songs...and Scene!

Ugh...can't find a Christmas song to sing for the LIFE of me!! It shouldn't be this difficult...seriously...

I need a unique Christmas song. Not your typical song that you hear. Yes, I am asking a lot apparently. I was originally going to do Once Upon a December, but that was confiscated by the teacher's son's girlfriend. (Follow? Some girl who may not even be around for the Christmas concert if things go south before then) UGH!!

The backup option is Walking in the Air (from the Snowman, you know, the cartoon...if you haven't seen it, youtube it and watch it...great one for families and individuals alike). It's pretty,'m looking for something a little awesomer...

You suggest Rudolph, and I am defriending you. In every way possible.

PAGE BREAK OF SOME AWESOME SORT...(yes I am too lazy to actually put one in...pathetic...)

Today I perused the Facebooks and saw that my lovely friend Reva was in need of some assistance. She discovered a fabulous phenomenon that when eating saltine crackers and drinking apple cider you get a vanilla aftertaste.

OBVIOUSLY she needed someone to test this out to make sure she wasn't going crazy.

Enter ME: I go to Target, call her and ask her all kinds of lovely questions about the cider, crackers, and life in general. I buy the necessities to test the theory, set the pot on the boiler and do my own testing. The method via Reva was: drink, cracker, let the cracker soak in the cider, THEN swallow...7 seconds later, vanilla aftertaste.

Well, she was right. :)

Hooray for fun little experiments. I really need a boyfriend or something...although, even if I had a distraction like a boyfriend, I probably would've still done this.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On a Tuesday

The plan during my lunch hour was to shop/clean/do something productive. I have a 3 hour break on Tuesday, which considering my schedule is quite the luxury.

What did I end up doing? I napped.

And it was wonderful.

And I definitely needed it. Seriously, I am going to get more sleep this week that I think I ever have within a week as an adult. Hoorah!!

So what do you do on your long lunches, huh?

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sleeping Sickness...

I do believe I slept more last weekend than I have slept in any full week previous to that since I was 18 years old.

When I was 18 years old I somehow got Mono. No idea how. Kissing a boy was out. Sharing a drink was out. So, yeah, no idea.

Anywhoo, when I got that, I inherited a lifetime of relapses to look forward to.

I believe last week was a mini-lapse. So, I did what I did when I first got it. I slept. A lot. As in Saturday I woke up, showered, got dressed, went to Target, went to football game, and came home from football game between the hours of 3:45PM and 9:30PM. I pretty much slept or laid in bed the rest of the time.

Sunday comprised of choir practice and Sacrament meeting. The rest of the time I slept.

It was suuuuuuper lazy. But you know what, I feel much better.

Hooray for an extra hour.

Speaking of sleep, I should probably head to bed. Meeting at work in the morning. Joy.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sabbath Musings? Roll Tide!!

Well, to me it's still Saturday night, BUT the clock says it's after midnight, so this will count as my post for the 4th.

ROLL TIDE!! Oh my goodness, but that was a nail-biting game!! What an incredible ending! I hope if you were watching anything on TV last night you watched that game!!!

SO glad we won. We barely pulled that off...

And I'm glad next weeks game is a not too worry at all about team.

Yes, I titled this Sabbath musings. If we were in Alabama this Sabbath morning, we would be hearing multiple people bearing their testimonies on the game. Seriously. OR they would tie some aspect of the game into a gospel principle. It's amazing how many principles of the Gospel tie into football.

Anyways. Roll Tide Roll! Congrats on the win! Yeldon, I hope you get whatever you want for Christmas!!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


So, as some of you know, I am on Pinterest. I have a bit of an obsession with it.

Well, I have this stupid wish with Pinterest: to have more people following me than I am following. Stupid right? But, it would be kind of awesome to have more people interested in my boards? Right?

Yes, I want to be popular apparently. Never have been, so it would kinda be cool.

Anyways. I think my boards are awesome. I only pin the good ones.

And there's my two cents for the day.

(Sickness update: about 70% contained I think...not 100% yet)

Friday, November 2, 2012


Did the civic duty today.

Got in line for the early voting. Felt like I was at Disneyland for 2 hours and when I got to the front of the line the ride broke down.

Except apparently I registered to vote a day after the deadline for early voting.


Thankfully, they had an option for you to still cast your vote that day.

2 hours turned into 3.

But hey, I voted, and that's what counts...right?

AND I got the sticker. Huzzah!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Alright, let's get this going!

Yes, I am doing NaBloPoMo. Hoorah!

Planned to post about all kinds of wonderfulness that happened over the last few weeks, but the news items today are as follows:

I really hate being sick.

Slept ten hours, woke up with nasal congestion, headache and a rather unforgiving sore throat that is making life difficult. This started up last night, and I am not at all sad I set up someone to work for me this morning. Working while feeling like this would majorly suck.

Now, if only I could get someone to cover for me at the afternoon job...maybe a miracle will happen and I will feel better in a couple of hours.


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thoughts at Midnight.

The inability to fall asleep before midnight is really annoying.

I read somewhere that the average person falls asleep withing 7 minutes. I think I'd pay a great deal of money to somehow fall asleep that quickly without resorting to drugs.

I really do like sleep. Really. I do. I just have severe difficulties falling into it.

Over The Rainbow is now stuck in my head for whatever random reason.

I did something brave today. I am proud of myself. You know that quote 'All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come of it' from We Bought A Zoo. Yeah, that was me today. Nope, you don't get to know.

I really want to fall asleep.

I am grateful to have the internet back in my life. It really is a wonderful thing.

But still, I want to fall asleep.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here I shall tantalize your eyes with a few of the sights I have seen over the last few weeks.


So...yeah. It's Fall. And it's pretty.

Unfortunately, I do not like the thing that comes AFTER Fall. Especially where this awful cold white stuff falls is rather unfortunate frequency and then melts a little but not all the way and then becomes ice which is even more of a non-liked thing when it's not being put into a drink or being skated on after being flattened by oh so cool Zamboni's. But I digress.

It's Fall. The leaves are falling and twirling around in lovely dances with the wind. And I like it.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

182nd Semi-Annual Conference

Told ya I was going to be posting. And with PICTURES!

So, if you are friends on Facebook with me, you would know that I was a little obsessed with conference this weekend. Cause I went to the Saturday sessions. The above picture was my view of the first session. And....

This was my view of the second session. We had tickets for both. Well actually, I got tickets for the afternoon, and our friends had two extra tickets for the morning session. So it worked out rather nicely to stay for the whole day! :)

It was AMAZING as usual. Extra amazing cause we were there for the announcement of the change in age requirements for outgoing missionaries. I find it an enormous benefit as all singles wards will soon be bereft of 18 year old guys. All guys in singles wards will now (potentially) be fair game. Not that I am going for an 18 year old, or a 20 year old, but still, now there will be less wondering whether the guy is fair game or not for all the lovely young ladies in the wards.

Super excited for Tucson. Regardless of where my college loyalties lie, it is way awesome that Arizona will have 6 temples! I am calling the next one for Flagstaff. It would make sense to me to put one there. But I am no prophet...or prophetess.

LOVED the talks. So many amazing ones. Saturday was my favorite overall, but Sunday afternoon was rather awesome. Elder Holland was of course incredible. And I need to take Elder Bednar's talk with a glass of hot cocoa and really read it. Same for Elder Hale's I think. Did you notice he was standing for his talk? So glad to see he is doing so much better. He looked a great deal like his old self than he had, but he was still obviously frail.

So what did you like about it?

Thursday, October 4, 2012


The great return to blogging shall!! :)

In other words, I have internets at home now. And the world rejoiced.

Don't worry. Lots of pictures, stories, etc's to share.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fit those glasses...seriously...

Dear Hollywood/TV Networks/Peoples who have anything to do with publishing professional videos for profit:

When putting glasses on a star, you may want to make sure that the glasses actually FIT. Cause about 50% of the time, they don't. The temples are too short, they are slightly crooked (and they didn't just get involved in something crazy like a superhero style disaster). About 90% of the time, it's the temples. They should curve right on the earlobe, not in FRONT of the ear.

It's amazing, 2 years ago I couldn't have cared less about glasses fitting stars, let alone anyone besides myself. Well, it bugs me now! Get an optician, or send your costumers to optician school so they really truly know how to fit them to your cast.

End of bitter diatribe. Back to your regular programming! :D

Monday, April 23, 2012

Ode to a Can Opener

So, I have this pet peeve about can openers...

A can opener should be simple and easy to use. Stick it on a can, squeeze, and turn. And it should have a bottle opener on it.

For the last few years I have gone through ~6 different can openers. I had those awful barely useful can openers that you find in the Church kitchen drawers sometimes, those tiny silver ones that hurt your hands and don't work. I've had the dollar store ones that are worth less than the dollar paid for them. I've had the Kitchen Aid ones...heaven forbid you come across a dent in your can. Cans NEVER have dents in them. You go back and forth about 5 million (exaggerated only slightly) times to try and get it to open and end up using a butter knife or a carving knife to open the stupid thing the rest of the way.

They are awful things.

So I decided one fine day to finally invest in a good can opener.

Where did I go?

Williams-Sonoma of course!! :) I love that store. I NEVER buy anything in there except as wedding gifts for others, but they really do have the best kitchen wares.

I talked with the two lovely ladies working there that day (it was a slow day apparently) and they both swore by this can opener they have. One said she's had it for 5 years and hadn't found a can it didn't work on and that it STILL worked like the first day she bought it. And she has kids.

So, I bit. I bought it. I even had to wait for it for 6 weeks because they were backordered. BUT I got free shipping out of the deal!

When they finally arrived, it was a glorious day. It was almost as easy as putting a butter knife through room temperature butter...tuna can, check! Soup cans, check! Food storage cans, check! I started opening cans for the heck of it...which of course caused totally separate problems...

So, go HERE. Buy one. Promise, you will thank me later. $10 plus shipping. If you go in store and they are out, they will give you free shipping if you purchase it that day in the store btw. Same goes with any other purchases in the store where they don't have it available for immediate purchase.

(NO, I am not getting paid by them for this lauding advertisement, although if they would like to pay me for it I wouldn't say no...:) )

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Potential of a Good Dream

I dreamt that this man:

(photo found HERE)

...was interested in me and asked a friend of mine here to introduce him. Friend walked over, told me he was interested, he was walking towards me...and the dream ended when I unfortunately woke up with my back killing me...stupid weird sleeping positions killing potentially super good dreams.

It was loverly...

I went home for the Easter weekend. Barely made it to New Mexico, being that I was thoroughly exhausted. Miracle I made it out, being that apparently Utah got a bunch of snow dumped on it as I was leaving town. I ended up stopping at pretty much every place I have ever stopped along that route because I had to get up and wake myself up.

Got home, said hello to the parents, gave my Dad his (late) birthday gift (crocheted slippers I made myself) which he loved, weeded with my Dad for a bit, did shopping with Mom and then went to Gardunos for dinner.

Saturday morning I went to breakfast with Dad at Golden Corral, which was nice. Then we got ready to go to a gathering. My nephew showed up (oh yeah, so did my sister and bro-in-law) and as soon as he got in my arms he laid his head on my shoulder and cuddled for quite a while...totally made up for lost time over the Christmas holiday where he was scared of me. Thus began us playing, laughing, gabbing, learning bad habits and cute fun ones...(I think the bad habit is way cute and hilarious, but his Mom doesn't think so). Loved loved loved it. Miss him terribly.

We gathered. We ate. We played. Bathed the baby, and then my sister and I met up with our Mom and we watched Mirror Mirror, which is an interesting take on Snow White. Not my favorite movie, but still, it had it's moments.

Sunday, Church at my parents ward, which is always lovely. I love that my Young Women's president is still there. We went home, rested, and then went to my sisters for Easter dinner and an early birthday celebration for me. 30 years old this year. The cake was absolutely amazing.

Monday, my sister joined Mom and I for birthday shopping, then we ate at the Standard in Albuquerque...LOVE that place. It was fun, it was like an old family dinner with the four of us, except Ike (my nephew) was an addition to the party. Of course, a welcome addition. He charmed all the waiters and waitresses, along with many customers. He showed his great ability to do 'Sooooo Big!'. The food was amazing.

I said my goodbyes to Emily, Ike and Dad, then headed to the house to load up the gifts along with other things I keep meaning to bring with me. For my birthday, I got a filtering water bottle from Emily, a teapot from Dad and an ice cream maker from Mom. Going to have a lot of fun with that last one!

The drive home was remarkably better, except for the last hour was very trying. I got pulled over in Monticello because I was speeding, but the officer totally cut me a break since I was honest and nice...he was SUUUUPER nice. He really was trying to get everyone to slow down anyways because this huge herd of deer were going through the town. It was stupid of me, I'd been watching my speed closely the whole trip.

And I made it home. Today was a looooong day. Tomorrow will be a little better I think.

Well, off to bed. Night.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cookie Making

If you follow me on Pinterest, you would know that I REALLY like Pinterest. I mean, I post pins pretty much EVERY day. If I don't post pins, it means my laptop is down or the internet is down...both of which are extremely unfortunate circumstances, as I can't feed my Pinterest obsession.

ANYWAYS, there was this fantastic pin that went through the popularity contest on the boards that shows you a picture with a bunch of different chocolate chip cookies. The first one is perfect. The rest are not. Each of the non-perfect cookies come with an explanation of what went wrong. Brilliant!!

So, I tested the theory out.

Behold, the first batch:

 They spread too much. My initial thought was they were too wet, which in fact my lovely pinned guide agreed with. The dough didn't have enough flour to hold the shape. So I added flour to what was left of the dough, and here is batch numero two:


 AMAZING the difference. I again consulted the oh so great and wise Pinterest, and discovered that refrigerated dough produces better cookies. Stuck the bowl begrudgingly (I LOVE cookie dough...) into the fridge for a bit, then shaped the cookies, and the results were:

Incredible, right?! Not a terrible difference between 2nd and 3rd visually, but these were perfect, chewy with the right amount of crispiness...yum!!

Also, I gave in and bought Ghirardelli chocolate chips...TOTALLY worth the extra $1.50...

And...that's a wrap!

Friday, March 30, 2012

No, I am not going to apologize...

...okay, I am. Sorry for not updating.

Hi y'all.

I will attempt a comeback on this blogging thing.

So, conference...should be fantastic. Going to the Conference Center for all four sessions. Hopefully. Have tickets for one session. Parking for both days (HOORAY for that, don't have to pay for it).

Well, dryer just blasted the bell, time to change the load for the last time today. Then sleep shall be attempted...since we are leaving EARLY to try to make this attempt...should be able to do it, never had a problem in the past and we will be there early. I usually am able to find someone with extra tickets actually. :)


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Magical Evening

Ever have an evening where you feel quite satisfied with how it turned out?

Mine was tonight...

I made it through a 2 week challenge of sorts that was stressing me out a, you don't get to know what it was, but let us just say it's quite wonderful that I made it through it with fairly few battle scars...

Being that I did make it through, tonight was going to be a good night anyways.

Then little tiny events made it even better

I did a little grocery shopping, splurged a little on some of those little laughing cow cheeses...I never tried one before, but I like cheese, so I thought what the heck. I also got another container of blueberries, milk, bread, frosted shredded wheat and chicken stock.

I drove home, and decided to break into the bag of cheese, and very glad I did...little ray of sunshine in a little red weird waxy packet...yum!

Made it into the driveway, and was having a serious debate about whether I should drive up to Jordan Commons to see The Artist (apparently it's the ONLY place in Utah that is showing that movie) at the 10:00 showing or to just stay home.

I compromised.

Before taking the groceries in, I drove to the closest Redbox and rented Midnight in Paris and Moneyball, two movies I have been eying for a VERY long time.

Got home, and decided to make a little feast for myself. Grilled cheese sandwich, a large plateful of just perfectly steamed green beans, 1/3 cup blueberries, 4 Dove dark chocolates, some of my amazing lightly buttered/salted popcorn, MILK, and Midnight in Paris. Oh, and a Healthy Choice Chocolate Fudge bar (they are amazing and only 100 calories!!!)

(sidenote: why is this the first Woody Allen movie I have seen? Seriously?? Are they all this beautiful?)

I enjoyed every second of my evening. The food was divine. I am seriously stuffed! The movie was beautiful. Totally buying it.

Seriously a romantic night of sorts. It would've been nicer to share it with someone, but being that for the foreseeable future I will be single, I will take a lovely evening like tonight.

Now to do a little reading, prayers, and hopefully a nice long sleep.

Friday, February 17, 2012

You Were There...

You were there. You were there when I first truly discovered what it was to play music. You were there when Ms. Dollahon told me I could do better than I was with the cello. You were there during many a lunch outside the orchestra room. You were there when we won a National Championship. You were there when I decided music was going to be my thing. You were there when I learned how to drive. You were there when I used the word 'ironic' correctly in a sentence and went a little ballistic about it. You were there on the one and only day I ditched school and I loved every moment of it. You were there for 1 1/2 days of detention that we had to serve for ditching, and then you got out of the rest of it somehow, you punk. You were there during some of the roughest years for me, but ones where I grew so much. You were not the only one who did, but you made me want to be better, smarter, kinder, less judgmental and more open to people...

We were not the best of friends, but you were there. I considered you one of my better friends. I still can't wrap my head around the fact that you have passed on. David, you truly had an effect on my life. When I think of those years, it's hard to find memories that don't involve you somehow. Orchestra, orchestra trips, high school, AP, AYS, All-State, you were everywhere.

Thanks for having such a wonderful impact on my life. You will be missed my old friend. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How was my Valentine's?

Well, let's see.

Yeah, it was a bad day.

Got to work late.

I am sick.

Mother Nature came early...again...

My flirting skills...well, attempts, really, go completely unnoticed, even on Valentine's.

I am STILL single and haven't been on a date since dinosaur's walked the Earth.

And a good friend from high school died today, and no one seems to know why. I feel dearly for his parents and brother who are all good friends of mine from high school as well as his wife whom I have never met. I can only imagine what they are feeling at this time. Nothing like something like this to remind you that this really is a mortal world.


I still think Valentine's can be a really wonderful day. That little girlish hope is in there somewhere. I even poked it out to try and cheer someone else up.

But yeah, it officially turned into a crappy day this evening. At least I was able to use the excuse of being sick to head home early and my roommate gave me a sweet little Valentine and decided for me what I should make for dinner because I was at a loss staring at the innards of our fridge. Small silver linings to my crappy day.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Apparently since I discovered Pinterest, I have found no interest in updating this blog. is a short update.

I LOVE Pinterest. Enough said.

I LOVE my family. I attended my Great-Aunt Margaret's funeral yesterday, and was able to see 3 of my Aunts, 2 of my Uncles and 6 cousins! (I count their kids and spouses). LOVE MY FAMILY. Wish I could get all of them together at the same time. If I get married, I am doing save the date cards and making sure the party will be EPIC but affordable so the family can all come!!

I LOVE Las Vegas. No, didn't gamble once. Didn't even pay for a show. I went SHOPPING. At 11PM. In a mall. Where every store was still open and bustling. Like, seriously. It really was epic. And I even got to see family while I was there.

I LOVE make-up. I have decided to one day attend cosmetology school for make up artistry. Would really love to be good at doing normal everyday where along with super awesome Halloween/Movie makeup.

I LOVE having a couple of crushes. On guys that are my age and taller than me. One is even a ginger. I've missed this. Now I just need one to ask me out and my life would be complete.

I LOVE my singing classes. We are doing a romantic/Anti-romantic recital at the end of the month. My song is 'I Hate Men' from Kiss Me, Kate'. I don't...usually, but the song is challenging and fun to sing.

And that's a wrap. Good night y'all!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures in Not Sleeping

My name is Elizabeth, and I am an insomniac.

It's actually fairly rare that I have a night where I get absolutely no sleep.

In fact, the last time was probably in November, so the other night came as a slap in the face.

It was Sunday night, and I had had a 3+ hour long nap. Woke up at 6:30pm, and stayed awake until 10:30PM...the following night...

Yeah, not the most pleasant of feelings.

You feel it more the following day after you do get some sleep. Which was today for me! Yay!

What did I do all night?

Well, watched really lame youtube videos for a while. Browsed Pinterest, Facebook, StumbleUpon...

And I read. I read a LOT that night.

WARNING!! A bit of a spoiler in the paragraph ahead if you haven't finished/read the Hunger Games series

I blazed through the Hunger Games Series in 4 days time. I have to say, I very much enjoyed it...except the ending left me wanting a bit more...I wasn't completely satisfied...I mean, she could've lingered a bit on Peeta coming back to a more loving self and a bit more of a happily ever after, couldn't she? Hope the movie lingers on it once they get there...

Anyways, read Mockingjay all night long, in between stints of trying to sleep. At least I was able to zone out for decently long stints of time.

Then there was work. It was weird. My eyes are effected the most I think from lack of sleep...things were looking a bit hazy. Had to triple check everything I was reading. The brain worked great until about hour to go at work and it just wasn't working so well. Good thing it was fairly slow.

And there is my latest adventure. Ta Dah!

Moral of the story: Limit Sunday afternoon naps to less that 2 hours. Otherwise it messes everything up.

Night y'all

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide...The Road to Victory

It was Monday, January 9th, 2012.

All in the world of college football knew what this date meant...the BCS National Championship, being played by #1 LSU and #2 Alabama.

I, my friends, am a Crimson Tide fan.

Oh, you didn't know this? Ha!

Well, the game started at 6:30PM MST. I live in the MST geographical area.

AND I work until 7:00PM.

At about 6:30PM, my brain shut off. I told friends to update me via text. As hard as I tried to concentrate on my job, I just couldn't.

Then the work phone rang. At 6:58PM.

Yes, I was ON the phone as I should've been packing up and leaving my last note for the morning person to read.

I left at 7:08PM.

I would've ran to my car, but there was ice and a gate blocking that idea. So I walked. Briskly when I could.

Bless my roommate, she sent me the radio station where I could find play by play action...but the city I work in has radio issues...not sure if it's the mountains or all the power lines or what, but this city has some it didn't start working until half way to the grill...thankfully I have friends who text me play by play action...(no, I wasn't reading texts while I was driving...I would never do that...ahem...)

So, as I am speeding my way to the grill, every slow driver in the city decides to take the same path I am. The light was green, there was nobody coming, and yet the people in front of the always insanely long line of people turning left from Univ Ave to Univ Parkway thought that they should make me wait until they were the only one who could actually turn. And then the other people didn't learn in driving school how to use green left turn signals.

I am speeding along my merry way when this silver pontiac tiny speck of a car sees me coming and thinks 'yes, she'd be a good one to pull in front of and slow down today'...perhaps that person saved me from a massive ticket, and I should be grateful...but I was not...

Another 3 inept drivers at turning left and a totally packed parking lot later, I am finally RUNNING into the grill...

Then all was well. We ate. We watched. On a VERY large screen.

We won.

#14 baby!!! My, that looks better than 13...

Roll Tide!!!

Now to come off the 2 1/2 tall glasses of Dr. Pepper I drank...dang caffeine...