Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's in a name?

Look at all the nicknames for my name I found on Wiki! Cool, huh? I didn't realize Isabel comes from my name, but it makes sense when you think about it. :)

  • Babeth
  • Babette
  • Bee
  • Bess
  • Bessie
  • Bet
  • Beth
  • Bethanne
  • Bethany
  • Bethey

  • Isabel
  • Izabel
  • Izzie
  • Izzy
  • Lib
  • Libby
  • Lidabet
  • Lies
  • Liesel
  • Lili

Monday, September 3, 2007

someone is trying to hinder me...

So I decided that someone was trying to keep me from going to Church today. I woke up sick as a dog, decided to sleep for another 30 minutes, and I woke up feeling even worse. Thought I was dehydrated, and decided that I will fast another day and, yeah, tall glass of water didn't do it. I got to Church and majorly slammed the door on my toe and got a HUGE cut which took all of Sacrament to stop bleeding. :)
I went to Church though, and I am glad I did! I taught my first real lesson in Sunbeams, and it was amazing! I was able to teach the whole lesson, do most of the activities, and do a bathroom and drinking fountain run. I felt so productive! And I think I won the heart of a little girl who was really shy in my class today. I am going to try and stop by her house sometime to see if I can warm her up even more to me.
I still was sick, and I really hope I didn't give the kids anything, but I needed to go to Church and teach class. It felt so good to do it!
I slept most of the rest of the day. I got home, changed into grubbies, turned on a good Sabbath day movie and slept through the whole thing. When I really woke up, the tv room was pretty warm, so I went back to my room and slept some more. Woke up having the weirdest dream. Unfortunately Warren was in it, but it was so strange. I dreamt I was in a large Catholic Church with a bunch of my Church friends, they were having mass, and the priest asked me to help with stuff, and I did a little bit, but I felt uncomfortable so I went back to my seat. Well, the wine cup (which was filled with water :) ) was taken around (NOT at all the way a mass goes by the way, I tell you, it was strange) and then they did the bread, but instead of everyone getting into a long line like I have seen at a mass, they went to the front pew and knelt down. That's when I saw Warren. I was shocked to see him there, because he rather dislikes the Catholic Church, and there he was kneeling to receive the bread. It was really weird. He kinda looked over his shoulder, so he must have seen me (yes, this is still a dream). I didn't partake of any bread or water. I just watched everyone else. And then we all walked out and I avoided him. Kinda like I would now. I doubt I will ever talk with him again. I have no desire to at all.
Anyways...had a good long talk with Heather today. I miss her so much. Her baby was blessed today. I guess the Coles went up for the blessing, totally cool. She is doing really well. I am so proud of her. With all the mistakes she has made, she truly is learning the role of the atonement in her life. I hope her daughter has a lot of respect for her Mom. She may move here to the valley, which would be so incredible. It would be wonderful to have her around here I think.
You know, I think everyone should move to AZ. I really do love it here. So much good happens here. I feel like I am becoming stronger through all the trials that I go through here. Of course, I could do that anywhere, but...there is something special about being here.
I started painting my bathroom yesterday. GREEN! It is going to look SO good when I am finished. I am going to get some beautiful towels and stuff to really make the bathroom look elegant. I will also get another cabinet for when I get roommates, cause I have taken over the medicine cabinet. Oh, I can't wait till I am finished painting. I hope I am all better tomorrow so that I can finish painting it early and then head down to Casa Grande to hang with my aunt, uncle and cousins. :)
That's all folks! Good night.