Wednesday, April 30, 2008

31 cent Scoops of ice cream at 31 Flavors tonight!!!

This is nationwide people, and I verified that it is factual:

From 5pm to 10pm Baskin Robbins is commemorating fallen fire fighters by selling $.31 scoops of ice cream and sending all the proceeds to the National Fallen Fire Fighters Foundation. Check it out:

Have fun!

This will be short: #2

Not feeling good, so shortness is a virtue:


Very sweet
I think he detailed his car for the date (really nice Honda Accord with all the extras it looked like...)
Done with school (I think, if anymore school were in the picture it would just be advanced degrees I think)
Taught me how to fold a burrito (yes, in all my life experiences in the southwest, I have never learned the art of folding a burrito).


Normal first date stuff, like awkward silences and odd mannerisms.
I had originally put down I think I am smarter than him. On reflection, I don't think that I really can judge that at all. BUT I do think we have rather different personalities...but I suppose that is normal...
And the kicker: from what little genealogy we talked about, we are probably cousins somehow. I mean, what are the chances that we aren't: he has just as much if not more pioneer heritage as I do. Chances are we are related.

Verdict: if he were to ask, I would go on a second date...maybe. I improved my original opinion of him in a few areas. And, I mean, he totally cold-called me. I really had no interest in him (to be honest, didn't really notice him that often) and we maybe have spoken a grand total of 2 times...maybe...before this (granted, I own the worst memory ever). Have to give it to you, he did ask on his own. That does say something...

Anyways...not expecting any second dates anytime soon, nor first dates either. I think I met my quota for the year (two a year, I am good until 2009!jk...sort of...).

Night ya'lls.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

NEW TEMPLE IN GILBERT AZ!!! and how #1 went and random observations

Google "two new temples announced in Arizona" and you will by now find about a gazillion blogs and news articles on it. But I seem to be special and in the know about this. Don't get me wrong, I found out today, but I got an extra tidbit:they have a location in mind. AND I CAN WALK TO IT! Yeah, right by my house. When advertising for new roommates I can put: within walking distance to new Gilbert Arizona temple. Dag yo, this girl is SO excited!

No worries, still coming to Bama, but like I have said, I won't be there for long...but I do have plans to go get my PhD starting in Fall 2009, but I have to admit, being here while this temple is being built is RATHER tempting...perhaps I will start an MBA program at ASU once I finish the theory degree...and THEN get my PhD. Yeah, I could be a professional student. And an MBA is a good thing to have. And a lot of companies here have programs where they pay for your schooling as long as it is in a 'related' field, and what company wouldn't pay for a business degree? That's what I thought!


#1 was fabulous, lots of fun. He was already a friend, and it was one of those non-awkward moment, non-weird dates, totally fun dates.

We went to this great place called Organ Stop Pizza which I highly suggest (not for the food, for the entertainment!) to everyone. Great date place I think. You can see the whole organ, from the Wurlitzer keyboard to all the stops which are interspersed throughout the whole building to the pumps pumping away. I can't believe I lived here for so long and never went to this place. Too bad the food isn't better, they would probably get a lot more business.

We then went to see the ASU symphony perform Verdi's Requiem, and it was fabulous. I was having flashbacks the whole time, because I performed this piece with the orchestra 4 years ago. It was amazing then, and it was amazing to get to actually watch it. It really was weird to not go backstage, whip out my cello and join everyone on stage to be honest, and it's been 3 years since the last time I performed on that stage.

We went back to Organ stop for the last organ performance of the night. All in all, a good date. Here's to hoping tonight will be a good one as well...


Random observations:

I need to wear gloves when I mow the lawn.
I really don't like mowing the lawn.
Lawn mowers mow down the oranges that have fallen off the trees and make the air smell like oranges.
I appreciate Air Conditioning.
I don't appreciate my electric bill.
I need to get my hair cut/colored REALLY bad
I love it when my roommate is afraid that I am mad at her and she cleans the whole house because of it (she obviously doesn't know me very well, cause you have to really do something worth me being mad at you for)
I like clean houses in general
I need to go to the temple this week
I wish I had a higher paying job
I need to get ready for my date tonight (wow, it's so weird saying that)
I wish better people were running for president of the United States
I wish I had remembered to buy milk when I went to the store a minute ago.


Well, here's to good date number two...hopefully.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Correction...count them, TWO, one...two

I am going on TWO dates this weekend. TWO. With TWO different guys. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? I was on a nine month roll with no date in sight, and suddenly I am going on two dates. Tonight will be fun, he is a family friend and is totally a blast. He was actually trying to see if I was available to go to the stake activity Saturday night with him.

So, woot for two dates!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Encores are back!!!...and...well...


The above link will take you to a very happy news article where, after years of abstinence, solo encores have returned to the opera stage.

Music history lesson: back in the day when opera was in its heyday, solo encores were the norm. Opera's to an extent were made to show off the abilities of the performers. Within arias opera divas would go off on these incredible cadenza's...

These performances were also social events. People would talk, walk around, travel from box to box to visit, politic, etc. If the music was truly incredible, the audience would notice. If the audience was especially impressed and insisted on it, the diva would either repeat the aria right then and there or come out at the end of the performance and perform an encore...and this would happen quite often, it was a normal thing for an encore to be performed (much like our modern day rock band concerts)

Then, oh, came the, well, I think 1930's where the opera stage became incredibly serious. No more audience participation, you sat stiff as a board as an audience member (and still do) and watched in awe until the end when it was 'appropriate' to clap (btw, it used to be that a symphony performance was really kinda background music, much like a band performing at a club is now; listen or talk as you please kind of environment). Solo encores were few and scarce. If an encore were to be performed, it would be the whole group. The only time encores really happen today are at orchestra concerts when they have a soloist playing a concerto and they do an incredible job (Yo-Yo Ma quite often plays an encore for example)...and usually the orchestra isn't accompanying's a true solo encore.

Now, don't get me wrong, this is a good thing to an extent, that we request the audience to be silent. The problem with audience participation is that you can't hear the music when people are talking at full blast and TOTALLY off topic ('honey, did you pay the taxes yet', 'no, I told you, I will get around to it' 'oh yeah, you will get around to it, on, say April 15th at 10:00pm' 'why don't you ever trust me, you never trust that I will actually do something. Did you ever think that if you actually had some faith in me, I might actually be inspired to do something perfect just for you' 'well, you sure haven't given me any reason to have faith in you, you always procrastinate until the last second...'). Oh, sorry, I am not writing a play right now, I am blogging...

Well, the last time a solo encore occurred on the stage of the Met was in 1994 (Pavarotti, Tosca). So this is kind of a big deal, and should do a great deal for bringing in the audience. Seriously, I think one of the reasons why symphony orchestras/opera houses are failing is they are leaving the audience out of the picture, not including them in the performance, where it used to be you needed the audience to make or brake a performance. For example, the Stravinsky ballets. If you created a bit of a controversy or scandal, you would FILL the theater. As Firebird was being performed, the audience rioted. And it was a HUGE hit. AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION. (NO, I am not promoting riots in the middle of performances, but you get what I mean...)

So, let's just say, I am warily happy that the solo encore has returned. :)


I am going on an honest to goodness date.

I am not interested in him. I never was. He is tall, but I don't know, I never have had a 'hey I am attracted to you' moment with this guy. Don't worry, I won't be all snooty and not give the guy a shot, but...yeah, and anyways I am going to Alabama no matter what this summer, not going to start something here in the mean time.

BUT it's a date. Free food, woot!

It's actually to a guy ask girl stake activity on Saturday night which is being held at the Stake Presidents house, which I think a lot of people won't be at because that is the night of the big Huntington Beach (CA) Regional mid-singles conference (27 through39ish) which is selling out at 1200 attendees...I kinda wanted to go,, didn't buy a ticket, and I am not 27, I am 26. The guys were being majorly pressured at Church Sunday to buy tickets and ask a girl, so I was a last resort I am thinking.

The one good thing: My ward has very nearly 3 times as many active girls as active boys in it. So that says something, doesn't it?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Isn't this cool? I like whoever does the artwork for Google. REALLY pretty, I think. Do something to save the planet! Plant a tree, use biodegradeable stuff, stop smoking, purchase a hybrid...

Grateful for...and the Office...and checking baggage

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't watched the last episode of the Office, DON'T READ the second part of this blog. You have been warned.

Now, I am grateful of course for family, friends, Church, God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost, the living Prophet Thomas S Monson who can WIGGLE HIS EARS (watch it on youtube, it's fantastic!) and who has an incredible living testimony of the Gospel and all the other usual things people are grateful for.

Here are some of the unusual:

-my Catholic friend at work who I have long emailed conversations with (we talked about the irony of Johnny Appleseed today, very interesting actually...)
-nice police officers
-free brownies
-Red lights so I can put my lip gloss on on the way to work
-alcohol free lotion
-pretty pictures
-elevators opening up when you push the button


K, so seriously, don't read this if you don't want to be spoiled...

HE IS GOING TO PROPOSE!!?!?!?!!????!?!?!???!?!!!?!!?!!!!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?!??!?!?


Whoa buddy! She is kinda freaking out a bit I think...

I would be too. I mean, they started dating at the beginning of the season? Which, granted, was last fall, but, you know, writer's strike...did all that time also pass at Dunder Mifflin?

I KNOW, that happened to me, but we knew each other for 11 years...

k, I was an idiot, I know. Not doing that again.

Anyways. Wow, I can't believe it.

Yeah, and there were just SO many great moments in this segment, from Michael threatening to fire everyone if they didn't write down a name and number of someone he could get hooked up with to the parking spaces to the chair lady to his date with Pam's landlord...

my Gosh it was fabulous.

WATCH THE DELETED SCENES. They are worth it.

Oh, and I am thankful for


Five of the Six major airlines, in order to offset skyrocketing fuel prices, are going to start charging money to check a second bag now. Yeah, you heard me right. Or, well, you can't hear me, you are reading my words...but I suppose as you are reading you could pretend it was my voice in your head, therefore making it such that you are hearing me...

Anyways, here is the link to the article I discovered today on break:


So, pack light or mail it. Or do without. That's going to stink for business travelers. Southwest may just get more of them because of this change...I mean...$25 for a second checked bag? PLEASE!! One of the airlines is only charging $10, but still, that's a pretty penny and adds up. Ah well, times are changing.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Alrighty, this is what I got

This is partially to show proof that I actually bought what I was told to buy. I am mailed money rather than gifts, but I have to get what I am told. No Emily, I have not purchased the CD yet. Perhaps tomorrow...

Pearl Earrings. I have wanted some for a long time. They are small, but that is all I wanted. Wore them all day today, and no allergic reaction to the metal, how about that. They came from Helzberg Diamonds. I had been into 3 jewelry stores, and these people treated me the nicest and had just what I wanted. Thank you Becky!!!

A dress shirt, which I wore to church today, a nice wrap shirt (looks really good) from Ann Taylor Loft and a pair of shorts from J.Jill that are comfy, fit, and are long enough. Do you even have any idea how hard it is for me to find shorts? Let me give you one: I haven't owned a pair since high school. They were both on sale. Thank you Mommy!

I discovered that either the guy at Gelato REALLY likes me, or they give two free scoops of Gelato for birthday girls! Woot!! Forest Berry and Chocolate Caramel Brownie's like having chocolate covered berries with a twist! VERY good.

The people on my team threw a birthday...breakfast, finger food thingy for me. This is the card they gave me and the chocolate muffin which I ate all by myself.

Oh, yeah, and they confettied EVERYTHING on my desk. This is a picture a day after they threw the shindig. It was funny, they put a TON of confetti on my chair, which of course I dusted off. As people on my team and I walked around, the confetti spread and spread. It was quite the mess actually. There were also streamers. Unfort, I didn't realize they were celebrating a day early, so I didn't have my camera with me.

Alright, here is your YouTube video for the day...I love it!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

One Year Older...

Well, good-bye 25. I really didn't like you as an age from the very beginning.


One: halfway point between 20 and 30...yeah, kinda scary to me.
Two: broken heart
Three: depression
Four: TWO car accidents
Five: someone else 'broke up' with me (NOT talking about it, still confused about that one...)
Six: Crazy roommate situation
Seven: gained TWENTY freaking pounds
Eight: see last post

There are others, but that's enough.

I won't mind 26 so much, I think. It can't be any worse than 25 was as a whole.

The best things about 25

One: I recovered from the broken heart much faster than my first broken heart, so that shows movement in the right direction I think.
Two: EASTER PAGEANT!!! Seriously, I can't tell you how wonderful that was and still is proving to be!
Three: new car!!!
Four: I am in Arizona, and am here when babies are being born to best friend, cousins, when they are getting baptized, etc.
Five: I have become SO much closer to God over this last year. Far from perfect, but a whole lot closer. Blessed with miracles as well, for sure.
Six: I have a job with benefits, which I have needed over the year.
Seven: My callings...they really have been challenging and fabulous at the same time.
Eight: Lost 12 of the 20 pounds I gained so far.

There are of course more, but...hey, can't list EVERYTHING on here.

...and wiser too, Happy ME!

(some pictures may be posted addition to this post...)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Food poisoning, cereal recall and sarcasm meds...

Doing my civic duty. If you are a fan of Malt-O-Meal Cereal, follow this link for a food recall:

Web MD article


K, there is one bad word on this, and I couldn't fix it, so you will just have to live with it (please forgive me). But this was just TOO good to pass up. I think the best part of this is the list of side effects down at the bottom. You will probably have to click on it to read them...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The last post on you know who...ever...

Well, it was going to happen one day. I have discovered that the ex-fiance is engaged. Going to be married right around the time we were going to be last year.

Yeah, hit me like a ton of bricks. More like a semi-truck going about 65mph head on actually. It wasn't jealousy. It wasn't hate. It happened. And we are really really really over. There isn't even a chance. Not that I expected it to happen, because I totally and seriously didn't. It's's hard to explain. That episode in my life is officially sealed shut, I guess. My love for him as he formerly was to be my husband, whatever was left of it, is now thoroughly gone.

Yeah, anyways, I can't describe it. But, all I wanted to do was leave work, go to the store and buy a gallon of chocolate ice cream, eat it for dinner, and watch movies so that I could lose myself in them and not think about it and hopefully fall asleep during the middle of one.

I decided that that wasn't a good idea, but that it was still going to happen without help.

Two emails and four texts later my BFF (yeah, I know corny, but really, she is...she might as well be my sister, we already look like we are and get mistaken for sisters still!) calls me at work and, seriously, worked a miracle...

(PLEASE DON'T kill me for the following picture, but it's the ONLY digital one I have of you and you are WAY cuter than me!!! I mean, give us a break, we had had like 3 hours of sleep cause we had been up ALL night talking cause we hadn't seen each other in eons and then she had to leave bright and early that morning)

...she told me some amazing and miraculous things that were happening in her life. I do not have liberty to share them, but...imagine in whatever stage of life you are in at the moment. Now, think of the one thing that you want the most. Now, imagine it happening. Yeah, like that amazingly wonderful and beautiful. Now, make it WAY better than that...k, you are close...

If I hadn't been at work when she told me, she would still have ringing in her ear from the squeal I would've given. Yeah, THAT exciting.

I am right as rain. Seriously. No gallon of chocolate ice cream. I am home alone, blogging. And grinning from corner to corner for her. I watered my little veggie garden and talked to it a bit. Got into my grubbies and am about to enjoy the first movie that I have seen at home for like 3 months I think. Yeah, nutso. Okay, it probably hasn't been that long. In fact, I probably have a blog entry posted recently that I actually said I watched a movie at home.

The Enchanted Party does not count.

Anyways. That's not the point.

The point is that Heavenly Father knew that I needed something right then. And He blessed me with exactly what I needed. (yes, her telling me her good news was EXACTLY what I needed, that was an answer to lots of prayers and fasting on a number of peoples parts I think)

And you know, if I had found out about the ex sooner than today, I would be a royal mess right now. Heavenly Father really does have perfect timing.

I am fine. Seriously, quite happy actually. Better than I was last Friday night, for sure!


The one thing that does get me though:

he is using the EXACT spot WE were going to use for OUR reception. Jerkface!


Seriously, that's the only one. She is PERFECT for him from what I have been able to find out (which isn't much), and he really is perfect for her. They couldn't be more suited for each other, actually I think, from what little I know. And she is a brunette, which he always wanted.


Thus dies the last blog entry I will ever write out him.

:) Night ya'll!

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Church has a Youtube account!!! and the OFFICE is alive

Guys, check it out! Who knew!?!?

Oh, check it out.....


Pretty sweet, no? :)

Yes, I am home alone on a Friday night. No date, no roomies. And am discovering that the Church has a youtube account. Only semi-lame (only reason why it isn't totally lame is because it is the Church, which is awesome, so it makes up for the abysmal lameness I am otherwise in at the moment).


I just wanted to thank the writers union and everyone working with them for coming to an agreement so that the writers for the Office could return to their offices (HA! funny, right? :) ) and write the scripts so the actors could act, videographers could videograph, producers could produce, directors direct...and so on and so forth...all for the purpose of entertaining me!

Okay, could that show have been more awkward? No, I think not! I LOVED IT!!! Seriously, my favorite episode so far. I mean:

"It rhymes with Parnold Schmortzenegger"


"I have never ever dated or wanted to do anything resembling dating Michael...ever. Not ever, not now not then not now not eve...ever."


"You can buy new stuff, but you can't buy a new party"???

THANK YOU WRITERS, you are SO forgiven for being on strike for so long.

You miss it? That's okay, go ...HERE!!! and watch it. You just have to put up with a few kinda freaky Target commercials and an annoying Remax commercial.

And then watch the deleted scenes. There are two, and both worth watching.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wanted: Someone to go with me to Michael Buble concert

Wanted: Someone to go with me to Michael Buble concert

Here is the full wanted ad:

Wanted: Male or female human being to come with me to Michael Buble concert April 30th in Tucson. If male must be single, taller than me, and willing to put up with the fact that when I am excited like I will be during this event, my voice rises approximately 3 octaves higher than normal; if female marriage status is negotiable. Must love Michael Buble's music (if you like any of the following, you like him: Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Dean Martin, Bobby Darin...and pretty much any male singer you could call a crooner). Please respond ASAP, I am afraid tickets will sell out quickly. Must be willing to split gas, I am willing to drive. Considering my driving record of late, I would be willing to pay a little more than half the amount of gas.


K, I just REALLY want to go. REALLY REALLY want to go.

ahem....REALLY want to go.


Worked 10 hours. Went to student's concert. Hung out at Julie's parents house for a while (haven't done that since she got married, it was nice to be there) and proceeded to go to Walgreen's and purchase Melatonin and Nyquil. Just to make sure I sleep.

Tomorrow:work 10 hours, teach cello lesson, go to temple, go home.

No, not complaining. I think this part of the entry is just for me, to remind myself what I did today and what I am doing tomorrow.

Good night!

Tired but can't sleep

It's 2:00am. I folded all the laundry that I was going to put off until tomorrow. I took some medicine that usually makes me drousy. And here I am blogging. So before I forget, here are some comments about my weekend.

It was wonderful!

Saturday morning I was home, woke up, washed hair, turned on conference. As I was sitting there I felt like I really needed to wear something better than grubbies for the occassion, so I paused the video (yay for internet connections to conference) and changed into Sunday dress, blew dry my hair and bothered with a little bit of makeup. Came back and I was glad I did. What an incredible opportunity to sustain the prophet of God. I cried, which is a rather common thing...but, it was a very different cry than what I am used to.

In between sessions I attempted to write a draft of an email to send out to my ward about getting their 2 week drinking water supply. Have only had one response to the draft so far (waiting for 2 I don't really plan on getting...the other I hope to get). Then I bolted to one of the Angel's houses and watched the afternoon session. The Angel who hosted it gave each of the girls a marble tile with "I Know He Lives" etched into it and painted with gold and a backdrop of the ascension with all of us Angels...yeah, I will take a lazy to do it now, but it is amazing!! Very sweet of him to do that for us.

Came home, took care of a few things and drove down to Casa Grande to spend the rest of the weekend with my Aunt and Uncle. It was wonderfully relaxing. Slept in a little, watched conference, ate good food (I got CHEESE TOAST!!!).

My impression of President Monson: I think I must have had a similar experience to what Elder Holland had. During the middle of his talk, it seriously felt like the prophetic mantle landed squarely on his shoulders. Did anyone else get that? It was amazing! His words had, I don't know, an extra umph to them. Like the words he was saying when straight from his mouth to my heart. Amazing what the Spirit does.

Oh, and he is HILARIOUS!!!

Guys, President Monson asked us to pray for him. We might also include Sister Monson in our prayers, because that would really bless him. She is having a really rough time right now, and will be for a long time. Back problems are nothing to mess around with. My Aunt Pat is going through it right now. You seriously can't bend, twist or left ANYTHING until it totally heals. If you do, a disk will just slide right out of your spinal chord. It can be that serious.

Elizabeth is happy! Sad I can't go to sleep, but happy (I decided that since Sister Monson and Sister Ballard aren't complaining, that I shouldn't either...wish me luck in this venture...).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My FAVORITE picture of Jace and me so far...

K, I am holding off on posting a ton of pictures of the new baby, so here is just one.

Yes, he is a newborn. Can we say CUTENESS??? :) Steven, he seriously looks SO much like you. Congrats to Mindy and Steven!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Pictures!!!

In all fairness, I did warn you: you are going to be inundated with pictures. This is what I have been doing over the last, oh, 2 1/2 months.

This is what the temple grounds looked like on Super Saturday. I compare this to what it must have been like when King Benjamin was speaking to the people for the last time, with all the tents facing the temple and the tower where he spoke. The stage is HUGE, and truly is amazing. I could do a blog entry just on that, but I won't bore you to tears. If you look really close, you can see some of us angels getting used to the stage.
(The REAL temple is to the left, not pictured in this photo).

And there we are. I am wearing a green shirt, dead center.

And this is us again...

Here we are doing the dancing scene for Christ's birth. (I am still wearing green...)

This is not me, but is just cool. This is one of the multitude scenes. This gives you an idea of just how many people were involved in this production.

We performed the ascension scene at the end just for the cast. We are singing "I Know He Lives". (Hard to tell, but I am right of center, kinda in the back...yeah, come see me sometime, I will point me out to you)

And this is the actual ascension. :) Fabulous, isn't it?

This is one of the guys who played Christ. I think he fits the bill so well. He is an incredibly humble guy.

Okay, this was fun. :) Kinda funny, angels in soldier outfits...I wouldn't let them put a helmet on me, cause I had gotten my hair done. But don't we look fantastic?

Close up. Rowr!

This is one of the shots from after the Spanish performances. There are four groups of cast members who are available in front of the stage to take pictures with, but only for the Spanish performances (English nights, we would never get home...).

Angels on the steps of the real temple.

The Angels with Christ. :)

HORRIBLE picture of me, and WHAT was up with my hair, but two of my new friends from pageant (Eve in the middle, surrounded by two angels...). We do FHE together, go out on weekends together. I LOVE my new friends. It was like we all were meant to meet, ya know?

K, SOON you will get pictures of pretty much the cutest baby ever! My cousin Mindy had her baby finally!!! I met him tonight, and he is the chunkiest little guy. He has cheeks that you just want to poke and prod and grab, and OH! Love it! He is nice and pink. He looks JUST like his Dad! TOTALLY a Raisor.

I am giving them their chance to shine with their own pictures out of respect for the new Mom and Dad. :)

FYI: Mom and baby Jace are both doing well, and will be going home tomorrow.