Friday, July 30, 2010


Well, it's been a loooooong time since I could say this: it's not even 10pm, and I am tired.

Crazy? Yes, I know. I think this job is draining me a bit. For those not in the know, I am temping at an architects office until they get a permanent replacement...they offered me the job, but I am determined to find one that has SOMETHING to do with music.

I go for a 30 minute 'brisk' walk at lunch and then grab something to eat...I am walking in the sun (the farmer's tan is starting to least it's not blindingly white!) which might be part of the cause of this tiredness...but I think it's the fact that I have SO much to architects office is not an easy-peasy (that is my new favorite word) job...

It's amazing the difference between the two architects I work for. One tells me in general terms what to do and he expects me to figure it out. I LOVE that. The other one micro-manages a LOT. It's not so much that he is bugging me, but I do prefer the other method by far. If I have a question about something, I have no problem asking it. But seriously? You tell me to do something, and 99.999999% of the time I will get it done right away.

Anyways. I am tired. I am going to attempt sleep at 10:00pm Mountain Time.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Mom...

Today is my Mom's birthday!!!! She has been the center of nearly everything that has ever made me happy. She was a joy to have as a mother growing up with, and still is today. She was so happy when Emily and I came along, and we were happy to be lucky enough to come to her as her children. She is the best Mom anyone could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday Mommy!!! I love you!!!

(I will edit this later with more pictures and stuff...)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Too many things...

I have too many things going on this week. Mom's birthday, a billion YSA things, two jobs, of which both are wanting me to stay on, two callings...busy busy busy...gonna have to start saying no at some point...

Tomorrow, hair cut (just a trim!) and institute
Wednesday, birthday stuff with Mom
Thursday (her actual birthday) dinner with Mom and Dad (and Emily and Ison if they want to come) which I may leave early for a YSA activity if we aren't done in time (we are watching Singing in the Rain...I am so excited about this) and then Burn Notice at the Hardy's
Friday...gosh, I have a day off, I am sure there was something going on...
Saturday, Santa Fe trip with a group of friends
Sunday (day of rest), Panorama Heights Ward, Eubank Ward, Eubank Ward Break the Fast, birthday dinner/cake/ice cream for Mom with the whole family, movie night at the Hardy's (notice Sunday is the busiest of them all...yeah, so did I...I am not sure I will be making it back to the Hardy's that night, even though this night has been in the works for forever...we shall see how Sunday plays out)

Glad my life is busy. But man it got busy fast!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Shopping...and DIET!!!

I was FINALLY able to go shopping today after being on an extremely tight budget for a LOOOOOONG time....and I totally hit the jackpot on a business-wear outfit!!! New York & Company, brown dress pants (TALLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!) AND a light blue button down shirt...$8 each. $16 and I have a professional outfit. Heck yes!!!

I have needed dress pants in the worst way...I don't have ANY because I wore out my old pairs. And these make my butt look GREAT. I'm serious! And I am not exactly at a weight where it looks good. I have NEVER been able to say that about a pair of pants, but these do. Sorry, I don't have any pictures to prove it. :)

On another note, I have officially lost 7 pounds! I am SO keeping this up...I weighed myself a while ago (sometime after July 4th) and was just absolutely mortified at how much I let myself go. I am only really able to diet, since my stupid feet are so messed up at the moment (although I did play soccer last night...and some frisbee...don't tell Nichee!!!), but it's working. I am holding back on every meal. Not too much, of course. And I am keeping track of every single little thing I eat on, along with any exercise that I shouldn't be doing but am doing anyways some days (sometimes it's for work, since I have to walk to a number of places for one of my jobs)...I am going to beat this battle. The weight gain is probably the reason for my right foot problems in the first place...well, part of the problem at least...the other part is probably that it's had to make up for my left leg so often that it's just worn out.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Work work work...

Last week: worked for a very BUSY office. Busiest job I've had pretty much....the boss offered me the job full time...that makes job offer number three for jobs I haven't even applied for. Too bad none of them have anything to do with music. I would be the office manager essentially. They need someone that is far more organized than I am though. Don't get me wrong, Tamica trained me up well in needing to be organized, but this place needs someone that is anal about it, and I sure am not. Nevertheless, the boss and pretty much everyone else there really wants me to stay. Seems I am a wanted person.

I have a another gig I am doing for a week, but then this last office wants me to come back until they fill the position. The funny thing is that this job was supposed to be a one day deal.

With all this working and such, which is good news since for a while the jobs were VERY sporadic, I have some more good news: I lost 5, that is FIVE, pounds. :) Woot. I am seriously watching what I eat and am taking long walks...although I am not supposed to be doing that due to a new complication...but more on that some other time...(haven't verified the complication yet, and it's not serious, it's just annoying as all get out).

I feel like I am rambling, so this will be the end of this post. Night, ya'll.

Monday, July 19, 2010


I do believe that I might have lost about half of my picture collection...and how or where I lost them is totally baffling me. I moved everything from my old laptop onto my external hard drive. Well, the external hard drive is missing quite a few pictures...

Thankfully I still have my old laptop, but the monster is a pain in the neck, quite temperamental and on top of that is very difficult to start up in the first place. I may have a project on my hands tomorrow...and I am seriously praying that my pictures still exist on there...

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Monday through Friday...worked all's been a while since I did a true 40 hour work week, so I had some growing pains...

Friday night...carpool to NM Tech for YSA conference...barely make it to the carpool meet up in time to ride with them...stay the night at NM Tech, YSA dance...

Saturday...Service project, 4 workshops (FABULOUS of them gave an amazing presentation on the media...he is the screenwriter for the Mormon Messages videos on Youtube...has done a number of movie...incredible), drive back, temple at 6 (we got back at 5:45 and I had to drive home to change, so an hour later I showed up at the temple), and then as I am about to drive home the three people I carpooled with wanted to keep on hanging we went over to this family's house and watched an old Danny Kaye movie...and I actually was falling asleep during it, which N.E.V.E.R. happens.

I am BEAT. Good night. Yay for sleeping in!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Injury Report...

Thank goodness I didn't break anything's just a toe. But it's totally broken. It matches my fingers now...completely crooked.

It's also a rather interesting shade of purple. The entire thing. It was progressive, but it got there.

I was due for an injury. I've had a pretty good run. I am redecorating my toe attacking desks any longer!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am being blessed, although I have no idea why. I haven't done anything particularly fabulous of which I can recall.

I am working for a temp agency right now (just until I get a REAL job), and had a one day job last Friday...which, by the end of Friday, turned into a two day job...the bossman asked if I could come back on Monday...I said YES...the job has now turned in a three day job. I swear, I fly through most of what they have given me. They just keep giving me more things to do. I know for a fact that my morning is pretty much packed.

Hooray for the extra pay! And hooray for unexpected blessings.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I made an executive decision about a month ago. I turned the sound OFF for incoming text messages on my phone. I decided to review my decision a month later to see if I still thought it was a good decision.

My decision? Heaven. Seriously. For one, when a friend (or the bank) sends me a text too early in the morning, I can still sleep. If it's an emergency, the friend or family member will CALL. When I am driving, if I receive a text, I usually don't notice and am able to continue driving without being distracted.

Now, the bad thing is that sometimes it takes a while for me to notice that I have a text in the first place. AND it sometimes take me a long time to reply to a text (or I forget to reply) due to the fact that I don't have an alert for my texts now. But the benefits far outweigh the detractors by far.

When I'm available I leave my phone out where I will visually notice that I received a text. The red light still flashes when I get any message or call, and of course the screen lights up. So it's not like I am completely ignoring texts. I am just treating them more like emails. I will get to it when I have time.

The bank for a while was sending me a text at 4:00am with my account balance. I didn't really appreciate that. I have a hard enough time sleeping, but usually I can get myself to fall asleep by 4:00am...I am NOT a morning person. So instead of turning off the bank alerts, I turned off the text message sound.

Try it. It's a little taste of freedom, in my opinion.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

About TIME!!!

I know...I am finally getting used to Facebook being a part of my life, so I will return to my posting on a regular basis on here.

4th of July weekend was AMAZING. Went to Pinetop and stayed in a cabin with Aunt Nancy, Uncle Kent, Barron, Jessica, Bradley and Lisa...oh, and Little Bear. Had a great time. We even did our nails all patriotic. Well, actually, I didn't do nails because I am the worst at doing nails. Jessica did mine, fireworks on the fingers, flags on the toes. I have NEVER had something quite so ostentatious (ha, spelled it correctly on the FIRST TRY!) on either set of's fun. The fingernail design had to come off today though...didn't think it would be appropriate to do sealings with fireworks on my fingernails...

Sorry, no pictures...I don't have a working camera at the moment. I keep hoping someone will post pictures on Facebook so I can show you what they looked like. Digital camera is on my Christmas list this year!

The Fireworks show was SOOOOO long...mostly because there were about 8 grand pauses during it, with a minute long pause before the grand finale started...oh, and another pause DURING the finale. We were getting a bit miffed that there wasn't a finale when suddenly it went off. Good finale. 

Baby Jacob was blessed on the 4th by a bunch of tall, goodlooking priesthood holders (I really have a good looking family!), and then we proceeded to have a rather entertaining sacrament meeting. Between LB, the twins and Tiberius (all babies that were crawling around or passed around 3 rows during the meeting) and the testimonies made by the kids in Josh and Kayla's ward, it would've been hard to get sleepy.

Then we ate to our hearts content (taco salad, yum!), did pictures, and I drove back to Albuquerque. Got in town just as all the fireworks were going off. Albuquerque evidently is very lenient on their fireworks laws, because it looked like there was an aerial display ALL OVER THE CITY...if you know Albuquerque, you know that when you are driving in from the West on I-40 you suddenly can see the entire city below you as you come over this hill. Well, imagine that with fireworks going on all over the city. It was an AWESOME site. I got my Mom to put some shoes on and come out with me to watch some of them. Pretty fun.

That's all for now. More later...loves!!!