Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Deed is done...



What do you think looks better in my messy garage....?


I bought it.

I tell you what though...I wanted to cry while I was signing my life today. I was all by myself. Signing all these papers. By myself. I really did feel quite alone. Driving home I felt like...well, different.

I made a decision: I am NEVER signing a bunch of papers all by myself AGAIN! I need the moral support.

Although...I did do that all by myself. Maybe I will be better next time. :)

Don't worry, every time I get more into the being excited about having a car that runs, runs well, and will continue to run.

(oh, and the drink thingy's...they glow at night when the headlights are on! How cool is that!?!?!)

Monday, January 28, 2008

New Roomie...test drive...and basketcasedness

She has officially moved in! Her name is Diana. She has SEVEN gaming systems...I am going to have to reinforce the fact that I am an incredibly light sleeper...

She moved in and then directly left. But she seems cool. I have a feeling she will be away a lot. But she seems cool.


Test drove the Caliber today. I like it. It handles fine for me, it has a CD player, an auxiliary hook up, room enough in the back seat with the front seat all the way back, room for the cello, and all that jazz. No power windows, no power locks. You have to manually pull up the locks. I could care less about that. Do I need to post a picture of my car? Believe me, this car will be a step in the right direction.


Yeah, I ALMOST cried a bunch of times today. I am like this when someone who means a lot to me dies. It will pass one of these days, I am sure.

Just not today.

A coworker today sent me an email expressing his condolences about President Hinckley. I work kiddy-corner to him, so he might have seen me having problems today.

You see, I have this's called basketcasedness.

Very technical term.

And it hits me at random times.


Happy 50th anniversary Lego Bricks!

(If you haven't gone to Google yet today, you have 55 minutes to see the 'Google' written with Lego bricks and with the Lego man sitting on top!)

EDIT: after writing that I reminded myself that I am AMAZING at copy, paste, and right-clicking. So I copied the Google insignia and posted it for your enjoyment. Pretty cute, huh?

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Homage to the Prophet, Seer and Revelator: President Gordon B. Hinckley

He was the Prophet for most of my life.

He was a good man and a true Christian.

He was one of the funniest people that I knew of.

He knew God. He loved Him, and he showed it through all the good service that he gave through his entire life.

It is because of the inspiration given to this man from God that a temple was built in Birmingham Alabama before I moved out there. Of all the things I am grateful for during the time I lived there, I think that that is the one thing that I am most thankful for.

I am so happy for him that he is now with his beloved Marjorie and that his poor body can finally rest. I am grateful for all the service that he gave. His life was spent in the service of others. His heart was good, his love for his brothers and sisters shown through. He was truly an instrument in the Lord's hands. I know that he was a prophet of God, and his testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ has built me up so many times.

"We thank Thee oh God for a Prophet
who guides us in these latter-days."

President Gordon Bitner Hinckley
23 June 1910 - 27 January 2007

Friday, January 25, 2008

Thanks!!! and I need Opinions, Bloggers!

Thank you to all of you who have left comments on my blog entries. I am trying to be better about replying, and I am so danged tired tonight, replies will come tomorrow...but tomorrow is looking INCREDIBLY busy so at the very latest SUNDAY.


Opinions needed on:

What do you think of this car? I quite possibly will be the owner of this beast in like a few days. It is a Dodge Caliber. I am looking into a 2007 with 15000 miles on it. I have to make a decision quick because:

1. I need a new car

2. My car (the totaled one) will be given over to the insurance company as soon as Mom gives them the title

3. Do you realize what happens to rental car prices when the SUPER BOWL just happens to be taking place in your city? I CANNOT AFFORD A RENTAL CAR this week! Post Super Bowl prices will go down about a gazillion dollars.

Thanks in advance for your opinions, comments, etc.

Oh, I am getting it for just under $13,500. I am adding a 4 year 80,000 mile warranty which is $1200 (you will NOT be able to talk me out of that, a warranty is INCREDIBLY important to me) and w/ taxes and such I am being approved for a $15000-$16000 loan. Haven't actually officially cranked out all the numbers yet, did a little bit of them today. This will take a few days. I just need opinions on the car itself. If you know of any major flaws with this vehicle I need to know now.

Oh, and the color in the picture is the color I am getting. Isn't it pretty?

Thursday, January 24, 2008

#101!!!...and pictures of smoke, Wii, and ME!

Okay, so post number 101 isn't as romantic as post number 100, but goodness it is a rather symmetrical number.

:) I am one of those weird people that will look at some random number...say on a license plate...and add, subtract, divide, multiply, what have you to see if there is any sort of symmetry in that number.

I am a music theorist. What can I say? :)


On to better and more interesting things, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment:

This is what we did on Saturday in Casa Grande..........

Barron had a bunch of leftover colored smoke bombs from New Years, so we set a bunch of them off.

This is the master mind behind the mayhem. Isn't he cute?

We discovered that if you put three smoke bombs close together, instead of producing the colored smoke (that smells like sulfur...I know cause I have been to Yellowstone where Old Faithful and as beautiful as old faithful is it sure stinks!!!), it burns. The yellow smoke is just gas, and when cause has something to light it, it of course goes on fire. :)

Okay, so I am the proud owner of a Wii console...for a day. I am being REALLY nice and getting my cousin Aimee a Wii. She is lucky I am getting paid tomorrow.

Evidently in California they are having a drought of Wii gaming systems. I guess they are here too. What you are looking at is the LAST one they had on stock at Best Buy.

Here's a tip for everyone if you are going to get one of these babies...go to Best Buy. They don't have them out on display. They keep them in the back.

Go to the gaming area and ask one of the oh so nice employees who are praying that you will just leave them alone cause they are still recovering from the holiday craziness that occurred this year and they just want a break if they have one of these bad boys hanging out in the back. Better yet (this is what I did) go stand by the door that leads to where they hide all the ugly boxes where they are storing things and ask one of the employees on their way back there if they could see if there just happens to be a Wii console hanging out back there. Since they are one their way back there, I am sure they will oblige.

Anyways, she is going to be overnighting a check over to me to pay for it. I am more than glad to do this for her, I can't believe that there is a shortage of these things anyways. I think there is some conspiracy going on. They are not producing enough of these things so that they can keep the prices so stinking high. $250!!! Before taxes!!! Actually, she is doubly lucky...Chandler has the lowest sales tax around I hear. :)

(Confession...I REALLY want to pull it out and play...but I am working on my personal I won't...but I want to!)

Oh, and there is me with my short hair cut. I don't think I posted a picture of me with the shortness yet. Not a good picture of me, but that's okay.

And as promised (like...a very long time ago) here is a picture of me in my glasses. Actually, this is a pretty cute picture. I make a rather dashing nerd, don't you think?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Number 100!!! And Gomer Knows and painting

Well, this is my 100th blog post. It's been real. I mean, it's been real good! Hope ya'll have been enjoying the show so far. And now, on to better things:


My cousin...well, actually, my Dad's first cousin, which makes him my cousin once removed...much much too complicated...has created a REALLY cool website, and I want ALL of you to check it out. It is called:

Gomer Knows

He told me about this idea for a website last time I was in Alabama, and it went live just a few days ago. It is a website where you rate car mechanic shops. Once it has gotten a number of reviews on there, it is going to be a big hit.

Now, I KNOW all of you could use this because at some point you have gotten work done on your car. Some guys take you out to the cleaners and still don't do the job. Others give you a good rate and actually do the job. There are of course others scenarios, but you get the idea.

This is a website where you can get revenge on those monstrous mechanics who charged you WAY more than they should've, smoked in your car while they were fixing it, fixed the problem that you took your car in for but then broke something else so that you would come back in.

This is also a way to promote a mechanic who is amazing and give them the due respect (and business) that they deserve.

And on it goes. I am looking forward to writing a few reviews of my own. Check it out, it is pretty cool.

Also, there are coupons on there for oil changes and such.

Do me a favor and advertise this on your blogs if you could. He is just starting it, and the more hits he gets the better. Thanks!!!


I finished the painting of the side walls in the master and the new room. Now I just need to do the ceiling, which I will start as soon as the brush dries. I want this done now!!!

Bad thing about painting: If you get paint onto your newly manicured and painted fingernails, the only way to remove the wall paint is to remove ALL of the paint off of your nails. Dang it.

Oh well, they were kinda messed up already anyways.


My chair is broken. Yeah, that blue one that Grandpa bought forever ago. I thought I had fixed it, but it just broke again. I have to take this one to the dump and get a new one.

New car, new chair...if my drier dies, I don't know what I am going to do!!!

My TLC weekend

I went to my Aunt Nancy's house for the WHOLE weekend. Just got back this morning. And you know what I did the whole time???


It was wonderful. I relaxed, I ate, I slept, watched movies, played Bupkiss, went to Church. It was loverly.

I am much better now. The doctor had me get a TON of X-Ray's to make sure my spine is in one piece and gave me prescription strength Aleve to alleviate the swelling and the pain. I can tell when it is time to take another right now, but I have to take it with food.

My left arm is still not 100% but it will be. It's much better than it was. After playing with the kids over the weekend, I have no worries it will be in tip top shape soon.

I love my cousins kids! And I think they love me. It's like a dog-pile when they see me, they come running for me and I get tons and tons of hugs. There is nothing like being loved by these kids. It's fun, Nathan even started warming up to me. He is such a cutie pie.

I will upload a few pictures I took at some point. Not right now though...I think I am going to take a nap. I had to wake up early so my aunt could bring me home...lucky me, I get the day off! Yay for holidays!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

25 years of bliss ends with a bang

I went a whole 25 years...well, okay, 9 years (started driving when I was 16, actually 15, but licensed at 16) of no accidents. No speeding tickets. A stinking beautiful record. Made it to 25 years of age with nothing for the insurance agency to worry about. I even delivered pizza for two full years. I have only been pulled over twice...and they were both for a headlight out.

Well, I think the following speaks for itself:

Think I might get pulled over for a headlight out???

First off, I am okay.

My neck, left shoulder, hands, wrists and knees hurt (I am mostly concerned about the left knee as it is the one that I had surgery on a year ago, but it seems to be doing a little better).

I will be making appointments with the adjuster and the body shop tomorrow. Lucky me, the body shop is just right down the street, barely over a mile away from my house.

I may go to the doctor, we will see how I feel tomorrow. Pain killers are my friend. I can't find my Tylenol, so I will be getting some before I stumble into work tomorrow. Thankful that you can take Advil and Tylenol at the same time am I!!!

Yes, I am driving that very likely totaled car to work tomorrow. Amazingly enough, as horrible as it looks...

it runs.

The tire is fine, it ran just fine. Brother Porter (who happens to be a state farm insurance agent and a bit of a car person) followed me home and said it should be fine driving to work. I am taking the streets, NO freeways for me tomorrow. And I will be driving like a little old woman. I am kind of scared of driving right now. That's probably a good thing, I drive like a maniac.

How it Happened

Went to work,
got off work,
went to temple,
left temple,
on my way to Bishopric interview,
going East on 60,
accident off to the right,
slowing in the right lane,
I am IN the right lane,
they all of a sudden come to a complete
I brake and try to miss the car,

At least if I had died I think I would have been in a good spot...leaving the temple, on my way to Bishopric interview... :)

My left arm goes in between being totally numb and being okayish, but when it is okayish my shoulder hurts REALLY bad. We will see how I feel when I wake up. I still have spouts of shock and shaking. Like right now.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Last night I went out late and finally bought some milk and some bananas cause I was out of both. Went to bed thinking, I can have cereal for breakfast! YAY!

Woke up late!!! No shower, no breakfast, no cereal. I took one long shot at the pantry where the cereal was sitting, and then walked into the garage and drove to work.

All day at work my stomach was complaining. There must be something I really needed from cereal. I was having cravings, dang it! I needed cereal.

I am working in an area that I usually don't sit in, and because of that I don't have access to my email. I couldn't even complain about not having cereal that morning.

The determination came that I, Elizabeth, was going to have cereal when I got home from work.

My car pulled into the garage, I walked into the house straight back to my room to change, and for some reason my body decided I needed to lay down on the bed. "My goodness, it feels REALLY good to lay down, hmm, maybe I can wait just a minute to eat..."

I was out. I didn't wake up until my roommate got home from practice. I think my body was telling me that I needed sleep a little bit more than anything. Goal: get to bed earlier every night until I can get a full 8 hours of sleep. :)

When I did wake up, I walked into the kitchen like a zombie, scared my roommate to death I think, and you know what I did?

I ate me a very nice bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios. Yum!


Did you know that when you mix no sugar added chocolate ice cream and milk it makes a really bad milk shake? You know how to fix that? :) Hershey's chocolate syrup. Takes care of everything.

I know, I know. Defeats the purpose of 'no-sugar added'. My roomie already pointed this out to me.


A little adventure makes for a good time and randomness

Tonight for FHE they had a soup cookoff. I made record time getting home today, so I decided to use some of the carrots in the fridge and made Carrot and Orange Soup. Yep, Carrot and Orange soup, you heard that right. I tested this recipe out tonight for FHE. It was AMAZING! Butter, Onions, Carrots, sautéed, then mixed with Chicken Broth, brought to a boil, then simmered for 40 minutes, blended in blender, back onto the stove with salt, pepper, orange rind and orange juice from an orange from off of my orange tree. It was really good...the people that I knew who had it LOVED it.

I did some random name searches today of old friends. I searched my first boyfriend's name, and lo and behold I found his family blog! He has a son! Craziness! I am very happy for him. I was amazed at myself. A few years ago I would have hurt to see the pictures that were posted, but I am sincerely happy for him and his little family. They look very happy and cute.

That's all. I am tired. I can't believe I am still awake. Sleep! Sleep! Ah, there you are. Night!

Friday, January 11, 2008

I am up late, I know. Can't sleep yet.

So what do I do when I can't sleep? Well, connect my camera to my computer to let the battery recharge and...oh yes! DOWNLOAD the few pictures I took to my computer. So, here ya go:

This is Wyatt attempting to bowl with Wii. You can see Monique on the couch doing it at the same time. He did quite well!

Here is Steven showing the girls what's what. The kids had a blast!

This is what happens when you give a 3 year old your camera. Hand over lens, and a great shot of someone's rear. :)

Practice does make perfect though. This is the shot that was supposed to happen all along. Nice work David! (Oh, and Uncle Kent really isn't this scary)

These pictures are totally out of order, sorry. One of my favorite things to do is go see the Christmas lights at the temple. I went three times this year! This is the best shot I was able to get this year. I need to practice more with this camera when in comes to night shots...

This is right after I opened the Christmas gift box, pulled out the camera, and installed the battery. I turned to the cutest girl I know who just happened to be sitting next to me that Christmas morning and snapped a shot of her. Isn't she cute???

And this is the second shot. Now, I don't mean to sound prideful, but I think I gave the best gift to Daddy this year. He kept picking it back up and reading it. It's called Presidents and Prophets. It's about all the dealings and interactions over the years between the US president and the Prophet of the Church. My Dad LOVED it!

Back to the New Year's party. This is what I love. Everyone everywhere, talking, joking, having a good time. Oh, and right smack in the middle is my new roommate who came to join the fun. I think she had a blast at the party. I am going to convert her to get a blog, just you wait! Some of you Alabama people should recognize her!

This is another wonderful thing about these gatherings. We have some incredible massagers in this family. Okay, okay, the really wonderful thing about this picture is that beautiful little baby in Barron's hands. Scott and Penny's firstborn son! He is DARLING!!! Jones is just precious!

Oh, and I couldn't not put this picture on here. You see, Robert is ALWAYS afraid that I am going to tickle him. I think I actually didn't tickle him once the whole night. I think it drove him mad...cause I think he actually LIKES being tickled. :) Notice the pillows/blankets that are supposed to fortress him from me. :)

Anyways, can you see the thrill/fear in his eyes? Yeah, totally fun.

Hope you enjoyed the montage!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I figured out why...and painting!..and redheads

Well, it's funny that I mentioned the frozen custard as possibly being the reason why I felt like something bad was about to happen. After writing that blog entry, I went to sleep and woke up 2 hours later having some pretty decent pains in the general area of the digestive tract and other connected areas. No details, but I think I lost about 5 pounds last night. I blame the custard. (which really means I blame my stupidity for EATING that much custard)


Both rooms are painted! Yay! I have to do another coat in the smaller room and another coat just on the new wall in the master bedroom.

I couldn't have done it without (1) the roommate who is proving highly entertaining as well as very giving and useful, (2) a girl from my ward who is really fun and sweet and might really want to take cello lessons from me (yay!), and (3) a guy that I have mentioned before here on this blog. I still think he is really sweet and cute. Hmm...well, it was wonderful of him to come over and help paint. I am going to have a dinner party and invite him over I have decided. He did the same for me, so why not for him. :) He is incredibly shy, though, so I doubt anything is ever going to happen.


Despite the cuteness of the painter, there is still this redheaded guy who I have mentioned before too.

*sidenote: can't BELIEVE I am talking about guys this much. Must mean I am really moving on all of a sudden or something...

He is SO lovely. Really. He wasn't at Church on Sunday (sad), but he was at FHE last night (YES!). Ah, he is so beautiful, and a good couple of inches taller than me. He seems to have his head screwed on straight, which is good. I really don't know that much about him though. I would LIKE to.

I was planning on going to ward temple night tomorrow night (Wednesday) but I forgot that I asked my cousin to come over and help me out with my house. I need to get base board put down and the outlets need to be finished in the new wall (he is an electrician and has all kinds of smarts about those kinds of things...I don't). I can't cancel on him, so unless I call and he asks if we could possibly change the date I will be here watching and helping in awe as he does all kinds of cool things with the wires that are currently poking out of my wall. :)

Why would I want to cancel my cousin besides the fact that I LOVE going to the temple...the redheaded guy might be there! That's why! Duh! :)


Monday, January 7, 2008

Do you ever....and Rook night

(Do you ever)...have the feeling that you did something wrong, or something is not going right, or something bad is about to happen and you don't know what and you have this weird feeling for a long time? I started having this feeling about an hour ago and it hasn't let up. Hmm...maybe it was the large amount of frozen custard that I ate tonight. (my goodness, I haven't treated myself to frozen custard in about 2 was wonderful...cookies and cream, yum!)

But seriously, I hate this feeling. I don't know what to do, but I feel like something is wrong, or I did something wrong. Is there something wrong with my head? Well, I already KNOW there is something wrong with it but my goodness! Gah!


Rook is a very interesting game. It is similar to spades, except you can play 5 handed...

How to play Rook: There are 4 different colors rather than suits. One color is called as trump. The cards are numbered 1 through 14. There is one card that is the "rook" card. It is always the lowest trump, but it is worth 20 points. The number one is like an Ace, so it is the highest color card, 14 is the next highest, 2 is the lowest color card. You bet on how many points you can take on a game like in spades. The most points you can make is 200. The lowest bet you can make is 75. Bets are made in 5 point increments. If you are playing 4 handed, the person opposite you is your partner. If you are playing 5 handed, the person who wins the bet calls a certain card, and whoever has that card is their partner. The person who wins the bet also calls trump. You play to get a certain number of points and the first person to get that many points wins.

My good friend Shawn invited me to come and play Monday nights with him and his friends. I was SO glad he asked. When I got there, I discovered that he has a few very tall and good loocking friends of the male persuasion, so I liked it even more. We are just friends, and we have a really good time. I love it. Shawn is engaged to my friend Susan, they are getting married in a few weeks. I am so excited for them! Susan is a beautiful person, inside and out. Salt of the earth. Shawn is such a wonderful and great guy. They are going to have a great life together.

Anyways, I am glad to report that they will continue to have Rook night every Monday after FHE at around 9:00pm. I am very glad of this. It gives me something to look forward to every Monday. I think I am lucky in many ways.

I am grateful for old friends. They are a link to my past and are people I can count on in some ways. I hope I always have a good circle of friends no matter what stage of life I am in.

Time to sleep. I have a headache that hasn't quite gone away yet. Have had it since around 2:00pm today. Yay for Advil. :)

Friday, January 4, 2008

Thank goodness for cousins, Friday and...coaches:)


Michael Buble (supposed to be a thingy over the 'e')


It's simply lovely/spectacular/lovely/wonderful/fabulous/amazing/perfect

Thank goodness for Belle. Kent, can I just say that you married the most amazing woman out there. I don't know what I would do without her. Seriously, while at work, we email each other cause we are both kinda bored out of our minds. :) And she answers questions like 'what the heck is that song'??? :)


Oh, and I have decided that my roommates coach is fairly, totally and completely attractive.

That's all. I have to paint TWO rooms.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Going nuts!!! and chocolate and house

Okay, I can't figure out the artist and the name of this song that is stuck in my head! It's a guy singing, starts out with this cute little guitar and piano ditty I think, he sounds like Jack Johnson but I really don't think it is him because I just went through ALL of the lyrics to ALL of his songs and can't find the song I am looking for. It's a love song, and the only words I remember go "la- la- la- la --la- la- love" and that is at the very end of the song. It is such a cute song, and I wanted to buy/download it but I can't find it. HELP! Belle, I think this was used for your wedding photo montage...I think.

That is what is driving me nuts.

Oh, and the fact that people can't drive. :) The End.


I have eaten so much chocolate within the last little bit...seriously, chocolate is my friend right now. I was going to be SO good today, and then I got home. Stupid song, making me all crazy.

My friend Julie and I went to Whole Foods Market last night just to walk around and enjoy. I really do like Whole Foods Market, but the prices can get you. Some of the prices are incredibly good though. Their ready to eat on the spot soups for example. Very nicely priced. And they taste incredible! Well, we were walking around and came to the chocolate section. My goodness it looked good. But you pretty much have to be a millionaire to afford it. :( We went to DQ afterwards and got sundaes. I wasn't satisfied.


Productivity actually occurred today when I got home. The naval and clementine trees are feeling a bit naked as I picked a large number of them. There is a lot of satisfaction that comes from picking your own fruit. It is also rather humbling I think. I ate one of the oranges afterwards. People, they are GOOD! Next year they are going to be even better! Organic fertilizer, pruning, painting the trunk so it doesn't get sunburned (did you know orange trees can get sunburned?!?!), the works. It will be GREAT!

I also primed the new wall so that I can paint it this weekend. :) Home Depot will be graced by my presence as brewing excitement builds in the air. Swatches are adorning the living room floor as I am deciding which color to use. I don't think I have quite the right color yet.

Tomorrow night I am going to workout with my roommate, or rather she is going to come along as a 'free guest' to 'check out the place'. I am going to be SO intimidated by her workout. Seriously, she is totally buff. I think even the firefighters are going to watch her in awe.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

In with the New...and I am a cry baby

Happy New Year everyone. Hope that everyone had a good time last night with whatever they did. I did. I think I have the most amazing family in the world. I LOVE our New Year's gathering every year. It is so fun. My Dad makes pizza for everyone, we play games, put together a puzzle (goal is to put it together before midnight which we did this year), set off illegal fireworks at midnight, visit, take loads of pictures.

I got my haircut. It's pretty short. Shoulder length with the shortest layer going halfway down my cheek. I LOVE it. I will get a picture up here at some point. My Aunt Linda cut it for me. She is just fantastic. I love my Aunts.

Got to see Scott and Penny! Very excited to see them. They brought their little baby Jones along. He is just so beautiful and precious. I love him. I can't wait til they move out here. Just you watch though, I will be off in New York by the time they make their way out here. I will be back here one day though. I really do love being in Arizona.

The family left about 30 minutes ago. Yes, I cried. I know, yesterday I was saying I missed my privacy...and I did. But, I love my family. Can't help it. My Dad, he was so sweet. He hates coming out to Arizona for the New Year's gathering cause he likes having something useful to do. He makes the pizza, but then when everyone is full, the puzzle is finished, etc, he isn't really into watching movies, playing games, etc. So I had a daddy-do list that I made. :) He built me a wall in the master suite so that it is two rooms (yay for 4 bedroom house!). I have to prime it, paint it, get the base board in and the plugs finished and we are good to go! He temporarily fixed the back gate, hoed half of the garden, mowed the lawn, changed the oil in the lawnmower, fixed the side yard, fixed the master bathroom sink...he also fixed my Aunt's toilet. I think he really enjoyed this trip. I am glad.

The emails asking about whether I still have a room available have been coming in pretty frequently, so I have great hopes that I will have more than one roommate soon! Yay!! I sure hope that it happens soon! The good thing about this house is that it is pretty big, lots of square footage. The bad thing is that I don't have a lot of furniture and it's not really close to ASU. It's not too bad of a drive though. I drove it every day for 4 years when I was going there. Usually every Saturday I had something that needed to be done at ASU and then my ward met at a building pretty close to campus so I made the drive anyways. :)

That's all. Happy New Year!