Monday, July 30, 2007

Going to bed early tonight

I think I might be sick. I felt very strange all day at work today. Like my brain just wouldn't focus.

There are a bunch of new people at work, some of which are male, rather young...and sitting just down the way from me. :) Yay for eye candy.

I haven't been to FHE in a long time. Probably a month now. I know, terrible, but when you aren't a member of a singles ward, and in the ward you are in the only single people are younger than 18 and older than 40, you have a lot of strikes against you for attending any sort of FHE. I could easily visit another ward. I was going to do it tonight, but feeling the way I do, yeah, wasn't going to happen tonight.

So I am kinda bummed, no institute for a few weeks. Even institute teachers get a break. :) So who knows what I am going to do this week...and for that matter, this weekend. Maybe someone will give me a lift to my Aunt's house in Casa Grande and I can hang with her for the weekend. That would be awesome.

I found out my good friend Rachel is coming home from her mission September 19th!!! Don't leak this to her, but I think I will take a vacation day that weekend and fly myself out to Alabama to surprise her. What do you think? :) I will rent a car so that I can easily get myself around. Who knows, maybe I will take a couple of days off and go to Atlanta? That would be fabulous.

That is, if I am able to save up the money. I have to buy a washing machine AND a fridge, cause they both died on me. I was going to today, but it wasn't able to come to pass. So much for getting a car any time soon.

Last night I read about the strength in weakness. There are lots of references to that phraseology, such as in Ether 12:27, 2 Corinthians, and others. In chapter 22 of the lesson manual for President Taylor, he talks a lot about that. Who knew that we could be strong in weakness. But that is the way we learn to rely on God, who is the greatest and strongest of them all. So it only makes sense that through our weaknesses we become strong.

I just wish I had different weaknesses. :) I suppose all of us do though.

Good night, miss all of you! Muah!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Institute!!! Tall, beautiful, mature men!!! Rowl!!!!

Okay, so I went to the 24-30 year old institute tonight, as I did last week as well. Why did I return? Well, picture this: at least 25 of the guys there are taller than me, most of them are older than me, most of them are finished with school or finishing graduate degrees, AND most of them are RM's/worthy priesthood holders. Yeah, my last post still holds, I still care very much for Warren, BUT I am free, and man oh man did I have a feast tonight. :) Oh yeah, the lesson was great too. It was about having a positive attitude. Very interesting actually.

Ran into a few old friends of mine. Darren for one, who always and forever will remember my name and I will always forget his. Jenn, the oboist from ASU who has turned humanitarian which is totally cool.

And then there is this guy named Mark. I seriously had a crush on him from the moment I laid eyes on him, which was probably 5 years ago now. Very beautiful, has his head on straight, really good guy...and he is SO good looking. Had a good conversation with him after institute. Going to be a dentist. Tried a year of law school, and decided that really wasn't the thing for him. He remembered that I went away for a masters degree in music. I couldn't believe he remembered. Anyways, I swear when I left he had a wedding invitation up on the wall. Obviously something went awry. Well, he was a good friend then, very easy to talk to, so perhaps we can be friends again. I really want a good guy friend here, and he would be fabulous! VERY good looking, intelligent, and easy to talk too. My Tom replacement. :) ( For those of you who don't know, I had a best guy friend at ASU who everyone thought I was dating for the longest time, but we were just friends, although he would take me on Sonic and Applebees dates every once in a while). Gosh that would be great.

No news about ASU, will keep ya'll posted! :) Loves!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Okay, okay, I am posting!!!

One of my best friends discovered my blog tonight, and she told me how entertaining it is. She was referring especially to the hot guy alert post from back in June. I re-read it, and discovered that it was rather comical. :) Maybe I should do stand up? Or not, I think I will stick with writing.

She suggested I write a book. I actually have often thought about that, but I don't think I am ready for such a huge undertaking. I need more life experiences before I conquer that battle. But I do believe one of these days I will write and publish a book.

Okay, so would you believe, school started here in my neck of the woods!!! We have a year round school system in my town, and my word I nearly hit the floor when I saw this middle school aged kid walking down the sidewalk with a back pack! I asked him if school was in session, and he looked at me weird and said "yeah" like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Come to think of it, it really was. I mean, it is Arizona, monsoon season so it is rather muggy outside, and there is a middle school aged kid walking along the sidewalk carrying a backpack. You think he would do that just for fun?
To add to the enjoyment, he then added that he got on the wrong bus. This poor soul had walked 2 miles in the warm soggyness to get to his pad a few houses down. Now, at the moment I was very empathetic, but man when I got in the house I had a good laugh. Poor kid, he will never make that mistake again...unless of course the cutest girl at the school happened to be on that bus that he mistakenly took.

I finished the Harry Potter book, so all of you that have finished it are now required to call me so that we can talk. For the rest of you, you should know me well enough that I am not a spoiler, so don't even try!!! :)

So I made this video with Windows Movie Maker a few months ago using pictures of Warren and I and "our song" (Ordinary Miracle, Sarah Mclachlen, Charlotte's Web soundtrack). I hadn't watched it in a long time, so I watched it about a week ago. I was rather surprised at my reaction. I didn't cry, I didn't long for him at all. I was angry and frustrated with him. Why, I really couldn't tell you. That he couldn't forgive me? Yeah, that is frustrating. That he talks with me about other girls when we actually talk, and because of that our phone calls are fewer and fewer. I couldn't tell you the last time we talked actually. I guess it has been over a week. I probably won't talk with him for a few more weeks. I guess I am weening myself off of him. And yet, I still love him and if he were to land himself in front of me this very moment and try to win me back, I probably would cave in. It's just, I was so happy with him. Immeasurably happy. I really think he was too.

Alright, enough of that.

I got a job at a health insurance company. My cousin helped me get it, she works for the company as well. How long I will stay with it, I couldn't say. I have applied for a secretary position at ASU's School of Music. I think that job is as good as mine if I really want it, and I do. I checked the salary difference between the two jobs, and if they give me the highest payrate they are advertising for the position, it will be the same as the job I am at now. I would LOVE to work at the School of Music. I mean, can you say networking??? And I would have access to that library! Oh, it just gives me chills thinking about it. And dang it, no matter what job I get, I do it well and to the best of my ability. I hope they will give it to me.

Alright folks, that is all. Love to you all!!! MUAH!