Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Adventures in Not Sleeping

My name is Elizabeth, and I am an insomniac.

It's actually fairly rare that I have a night where I get absolutely no sleep.

In fact, the last time was probably in November, so the other night came as a slap in the face.

It was Sunday night, and I had had a 3+ hour long nap. Woke up at 6:30pm, and stayed awake until 10:30PM...the following night...

Yeah, not the most pleasant of feelings.

You feel it more the following day after you do get some sleep. Which was today for me! Yay!

What did I do all night?

Well, watched really lame youtube videos for a while. Browsed Pinterest, Facebook, StumbleUpon...

And I read. I read a LOT that night.

WARNING!! A bit of a spoiler in the paragraph ahead if you haven't finished/read the Hunger Games series

I blazed through the Hunger Games Series in 4 days time. I have to say, I very much enjoyed it...except the ending left me wanting a bit more...I wasn't completely satisfied...I mean, she could've lingered a bit on Peeta coming back to a more loving self and a bit more of a happily ever after, couldn't she? Hope the movie lingers on it once they get there...

Anyways, read Mockingjay all night long, in between stints of trying to sleep. At least I was able to zone out for decently long stints of time.

Then there was work. It was weird. My eyes are effected the most I think from lack of sleep...things were looking a bit hazy. Had to triple check everything I was reading. The brain worked great until about 6:00pm...an hour to go at work and it just wasn't working so well. Good thing it was fairly slow.

And there is my latest adventure. Ta Dah!

Moral of the story: Limit Sunday afternoon naps to less that 2 hours. Otherwise it messes everything up.

Night y'all

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Roll Tide...The Road to Victory

It was Monday, January 9th, 2012.

All in the world of college football knew what this date meant...the BCS National Championship, being played by #1 LSU and #2 Alabama.

I, my friends, am a Crimson Tide fan.

Oh, you didn't know this? Ha!

Well, the game started at 6:30PM MST. I live in the MST geographical area.

AND I work until 7:00PM.

At about 6:30PM, my brain shut off. I told friends to update me via text. As hard as I tried to concentrate on my job, I just couldn't.

Then the work phone rang. At 6:58PM.

Yes, I was ON the phone as I should've been packing up and leaving my last note for the morning person to read.

I left at 7:08PM.

I would've ran to my car, but there was ice and a gate blocking that idea. So I walked. Briskly when I could.

Bless my roommate, she sent me the radio station where I could find play by play action...but the city I work in has radio issues...not sure if it's the mountains or all the power lines or what, but this city has some problems...so it didn't start working until half way to the grill...thankfully I have friends who text me play by play action...(no, I wasn't reading texts while I was driving...I would never do that...ahem...)

So, as I am speeding my way to the grill, every slow driver in the city decides to take the same path I am. The light was green, there was nobody coming, and yet the people in front of the always insanely long line of people turning left from Univ Ave to Univ Parkway thought that they should make me wait until they were the only one who could actually turn. And then the other people didn't learn in driving school how to use green left turn signals.

I am speeding along my merry way when this silver pontiac tiny speck of a car sees me coming and thinks 'yes, she'd be a good one to pull in front of and slow down today'...perhaps that person saved me from a massive ticket, and I should be grateful...but I was not...

Another 3 inept drivers at turning left and a totally packed parking lot later, I am finally RUNNING into the grill...

Then all was well. We ate. We watched. On a VERY large screen.

We won.

#14 baby!!! My, that looks better than 13...

Roll Tide!!!

Now to come off the 2 1/2 tall glasses of Dr. Pepper I drank...dang caffeine...