Tuesday, November 4, 2014


I have this lovely app on my phone that tells me how many steps I've taken that day.  And so far, it's been let accurate.
Over 20,000 steps so far for the last two days.

My legs feel great.

My feet do not.

So, we'll see how tomorrow goes!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Conquering Mountains

Disneyland has a number of rides that are mountains. I rode all of them today. I actually want expecting that, especially since Space Mountain was slated to be closed today.
Big Thunder was the first mountain I conquered. Then Matterhorn, Space, and of course ending with Splash.
My poor shoes. I had planned on wearing them this entire trip. But they are sopping wet from having been on Splash Mountain twice today. Love the ride. Hate what it does to my shoes.
California Adventure tomorrow. :) Should be fun!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Spiritual Journeys

My cousin and I ward hopped today. We c visited a family ward that has a hub of mid-singles (the acronym MSA is totally a thing here... cool and word at the same time), and discovered there is a mid-singles ward as well. The building we lamed in first was the coolest Church Meetinghouse I have visited. It had this amazing mosaic on the main street side worth a depiction of Lehi and the tree of life. The building had a courtyard in the center. And we had to go outside to attend the mid-singles Sunday school class. Was really an interesting building. Easy to get lost in. And right next to the ocean. :)
We then visited my cousins assigned ward (YSA) which happened to be meeting with another ward (again, YSA). Got our Break the Fast on, and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.
There was this beautiful bay that had a path going around it, about an 8 mile round trip, that we passed. It was beautiful and inspiring.
Been spiritually fed today. :)

Day two. #nablopomo

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Start of a Journey

A family I once nannied for invited me to accompany them to Disneyland. I happened to have a credit for a plane ticket I never used and family near enough to Anaheim where I could stay.

So, a mere three weeks ago I was suddenly coming out to California. Since I am not fully employed as of yet, I extended the trip so I could spend some time job searching here in California.

I have to say I was thoroughly zenned out during the first leg. The flight was very empty, I listened to orchestral music, and read some General Conference addresses.

We have had a relaxing day so far here. No agenda for today. I am so grateful I will have a bed to sleep in tonight.

Happy first day of NaBloPoMo!