Thursday, November 5, 2015

Disney World

We arrived.

Today was kind of a surreal day for me. I headed out the door, like most people do in the morning, but with my Mom. I headed to the airport, which is so not normal.
We landed in Orlando, which is an amazing airport with ok bathrooms. We did not have to get our bags, because they would magically appear in our room later that evening (SO AMAZING). We ate enormous meals that were already paid for. I ran for thirty minutes around a beautiful lake with loads of smokers getting their fix, which was not so helpful or beautiful, but at least they were all friendly.
(As a little side note, running in 90% humidity and 78° is no joke my friends. Hoping I acclimate before Saturday night.)

I am at Disney World. Hard to believe after all the planning and reserving and paying, we are really really here.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Together Again

Let's see if I can reignite this blogging thing. NaBloPoMo, I'm coming for you.

Short and sweet today.

It was a nice day. Fast Sundays usually are though. Testimony meeting never disappoints. Lots of changes in the dynamics in the ward I am in, including new move-in's, new presidency in Relief Society, and of course growing children. Had an enjoyable dinner and evening with my sister and nephews. Now off to bed to sleep off the daylight savings time hangover.