Sunday, November 1, 2015

Together Again

Let's see if I can reignite this blogging thing. NaBloPoMo, I'm coming for you.

Short and sweet today.

It was a nice day. Fast Sundays usually are though. Testimony meeting never disappoints. Lots of changes in the dynamics in the ward I am in, including new move-in's, new presidency in Relief Society, and of course growing children. Had an enjoyable dinner and evening with my sister and nephews. Now off to bed to sleep off the daylight savings time hangover.


Master P said...

YAY!!! I'm here with ya :) What is your calling?

Jane said...

I'm glad someone out there has good Fast Sundays! :-)
And it's good to see/read you again.

Elizabeth said...

Relief Society Teacher and Choir Director. Can't seem to get away from that last calling...:)

Elizabeth said...

Good to be back at it! :)