Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!

Totally did not keep any of my resolutions last year. So. Putting up some basics, some simplistic resolutions, things that are way doable.

Resolved: That I will floss my teeth at least one every day.

Resolved: That I will put the toilet paper roll on the toilet paper ring every time a new roll is needed.

Resolved: That I will get ready for the day within an hour of waking up, regardless of if I have do go out the door that day. (Exception: actual, honest to goodness sick days)

Resolved: That I will memorize a poem a week. A poem that is meaningful to me. Scripture may be put in place of a poem.

Resolved: To find a way to perform music in public at least once every two months. Cannot use Church twice in a row.

Resolved: To write. To write a story. To write my story.

Resolved: To choose happiness. Every day. To have joy. Every day. And to share this happiness and joy every single day with someone else.

Resolved: To get healthier. Mind, spirit, and body. To do a little better with these three areas every day. Just a little.

Resolved: To report on this progress on the first of every month. On this forum.

Yes, I am resolved.

What are you resolved to do this year?

1 comment:

Jane said...

That is an admirable list. I wish you well. Particularly with the dental care. I am such an advocate for flossing and brushing now, I once gave a talk in church highlighting it's importance. (Relating it to spiritual stuff of course.)
Go you!